Friday, January 18, 2008

Asus Eee PC

Since kyh and Butt wanna have a glimpse at my new toy, and Angeles wanna see the size of my UMPC Asus Eee PC in comparison with my 13.3 inch MacBook, I will comply. Here are the pictures.

My beloved Galaxy Black Asus Eee PC 701. I prefer black-coloured gadget, hence i choose the galaxy black instead of the pearly white colour. (My point-n-shoot camera, prosumer camera and DSLR camera and my pda, Palm Tx are all black in colour) .

So small and light, weighing less than 1 kg, hence portable. Half the size of my MacBook. Yeah, SIZE DOES MATTER !!

And it comes pre-installed with all the necessary software and application (such as Firefox browser, email, word and office documents, power point presentations, photo, movies, instant messaging, skype, sticky notes, dictionary, paint, games etc), with built in webcam, microphone and voice recorder, built in SD/MMC card reader, WiFi and ethernet and 3 USB hub, running on Linux Xandros OS. And, it's affordable, and you can get it at RM 1,299. Although the SSD capacity is only 4 Gb, but that is not a major problem. I can always use a pen drive, external HDD or SDHC card.

Hence, I love my Eee PC ;)


Kok said...

So small your laptop! I also want a new laptop but no money! *SOB* Have to start looking for job. :P

moz monster said...

Man ... it's so small, so handy ... I nearly wanted to rob you of your EEEPC that day ...


Now I want to buy it liao ...

_butt said...

wow! would love to have one like yours, very convenient. not only the size does matter, the PRICE does matter too!! not bad at all. hmmm if I ever have one, I'll have the pearly white one hehe

thanks for sharing it with us :D and happy weekend!

Chev said...

very mini indeed easy to bring around. In fact can bring it with u everywhere u go :)

Hope u can find a job soon.

wah.. luckily u didn't rob my Eee PC that night during the blackout. LOL

yeap, and it has most of the applications and software pre-installed. I can use it to view the photos taken with my camera too on the spot. Nice huh? ;) And yeah, price does matter too :D

Happy Weekend.

Sean said...

Wao~ cool gadget! It is so handy!

day-dreamer said...

Wahseh wahseh!!! Swee...

Btw I like black gadgets too. Haha. Same taste... :P

L B said...

You Gadget freak, you!!! LOL.. pity you didn't go for the MaBukAir... or maybe it's lucky, so I don't have to be jealous at all!!! EFND™....

Chev said...

yeah, handy and affordable gadget ;)

day dreamer,
Very swee huh?
Manyak cantik leh :D

*Hi 5*
I love both black and white things, but i prefer black more than white. And i dislike pink. LOL

Kkkkkk... but i don't have as many pc/laptop in comparison with camera. LOL

MaBukAir is too expensive leh. RM6k Plus. I can buy camera zoom lens and macro lens and other stuff with that amount of $$$$ liao :P

Kkkkkk.. When are u getting your MaBukAir? Let us cuci mata a bit mah.. LOL

angeles said...

Kakaka.. thanks for the pics! I went to their website earlier this evening.. saw got a few colours available, eh?

Nolah, I won't buy... yet :P Unless got durian runtuh, then I buy kkkk... Or else I wait 2 more years then oni buy ;)

But yeah, it looks really portable!

Doreen said...

wah~~~really small wor...does that mean you will blog wherever you go? Hehehehe

Chev said...

Kkkkkk, so u sampat and check it out in their website liao? kkkkkkk...

Yeah, there are few colour available for the 2 Gb model, but for the 4Gb model, only black and white colour available at the moment :)

So, no MaBukAir for u at the moment too? unless Durian Runtuh? :P Why have to wait for 2 more years ah? Kkkkkkkk... Yeah, it's so portable that Moz wanna to have it too also :)

Hahahaha, I won't say I will blog wherever I go, but I can bring it along together with me wherever I go lah (most of the time).. :P

sbanboy said...

Wah a new gadget !!!!! nice .... why did you get it ah ??? Maybe I should get one also .... macbook heavy leh ...haha :)

misha said...

i saw that in HK before .. small and cute!

rinnah said...

OMgawsh! I am sooooo envious of your Asus Eee PC... I want! How's it like for surfing?

Chev said...

Why I get it ah? Hehehhee... u have mentioned the answer liao. Cos it's small and easy to bring around with me wherever I go. And the price is affordable :)

Yeah, it's small, pretty and cute, just as Misha. Happy Saturday :)

With the built in WiFi, surfing is easy, convenient and fast. The boot up time is fast too, within few seconds..

Definitely a wonderful and affordable gadget :)

eastcoastlife said...

So cute! Such a cool mini laptop. I want also!

letti said...

I WAN!!!!

lynnx01 said...

Aha.. this is the one I saw in the shops recently. The tiny laptop. I think it is very handy, indeed.

mistipurple said...

wah, i love your EE leh. so light and good for my back. somemore not so expensive. wah wah wah. drools..

Chev said...

Let's join the Eee PC bandwagon.
Handy and easy to bring around, especially when travelling time.

yeah, get one soon. U prefer the pearly white or the galaxy black? ;)

The gadget was sold like hot cakes over the last few weeks. I love it cos of the size :)

Get one too? Kkkkkk.. then your kaypoh customer won't be able to spy on what u type or what u read on the net liao coz the screen is small. LOLOL

nyonyapenang said...

You think I can use or not? I got old flower eyes wor? hahahahaa...

Kenny Ng said...

So small ah? Can see drawing details boh?

Chev said...

can, sure can wan. Nyonya still young mah. Next time I go KL or u come Penang time, I will bring it out and let u play with it :P

wat sort of details ah?
To me is okie lah..
but if u want to watch those HS movie or HS photo, then i dunno liao :P

may said...

why got EeePeeSee? nor OrhPeiSee? wait, I dun even know how to orhpeisee... LiuPeiSee I know lah...

so liuliu! so ocipala!

got let Ah Boy play with it anot?

Chev said...

LOL kaw kaw at OrhPeiSee.
Haven't LD LD and Lidi Lidi for long long long time liao
today really can Kkkkkkkkkkkk kaw kaw
very liu liu indeed

Ah Boy just gets to look at the Eee PC only, just as how he looked at the Maggi Mee :P

dobbs said...

New toy!!!! Cool :D
Very convenient for someone on the go.

Chev said...

yeap, I love my new toy. I can bring it together with me wherever I go.. including my workplace :)

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

The eee pc is indeed a great little lappie and a super bargain too!

I introduced my skeptical friend to one, and now she, and others, are happily using them now!

They got the blue, white and pink one.

I like it a lot, especially because it's so much smaller and lighter than our Macbook.

Have fun with it!

Chev said...

The Asus Eee PC is indeed a great invention with affordable price. Yeah, I love the fact that it is easy to bring around. I have no regret buying it and I love it :)

I kinda lazy to bring my MacBook when I go out as it is heavy.. and another valid reason is it's "expensive". LOL

Eryn said...

Wah. Very yeng. I still prefer white. Haha.

papercrazy said...

OMG really small...

I din expect it to be that small when told me about it the other day...

how u type??

Chev said...

Hehehhe, one reason why i didn't choose the pearly white Eee PC is that my white MacBook has become a grey MacBook. LOL.. There is discolouration on my space bar and another part of the MacBook. ;)

paper crazy,
Tell u liao mah it's very small and handy. Cute leh my toy? ;)

Can type wan lah.. I will let u fondle with and drool at it during CNY time :P

padi_friends said...

wow, that is a nice and handy gadget but it can't be the only computer at home, do u agree?

Chev said...

padi friends,
That's true. I bought it becos it is handy and easy to bring around wherever I go. I still use my PC or my MacBook/laptop when I'm at home :)

kyh said...

i saw one man using it in starbucks days ago! i was like, wow, so small and classy! I WANTTT!! really that cheap? amazing!

Chev said...

Those who played with my Eee PC are kinda "addicted" to it and they wanna get one too. Hehhehehhe...

Yeah, the price is affordable. Kudos to ASUS for such a magnificent product :)