Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Can u imagine this? Experiencing brief episodes of blackout for 3 or 4 times when we were yum char/chit-chatting inside Star Buck tonight.. Very Ocipala indeed!!! (I had a cuppa coffee ice blended black tea latte together with Moz, after our dinner in the hawker food court in New World Park). Moz showed great interest with my little new toy UMPC ~ the 7-inch Galaxy Black Asus Eee PC 701. Nice meeting u, Moz. Are u going to get one soon? ;)


L B said...

Nothing like that Open Heavens Thunderstorm at Gurney Drive last summer?

And how come? What about the MaBukAir?!!!

angeles said...

YA YA YA!!! I was gonna say, MANA ITU MABUK-AIR??????

Eh eh... Penang got Gloria Jeans Coffee bo? I was at GJ earlier this evening and now they got promotion, buy one free one!! Very 'tai'!!! Until 3rd Feb ;)

No eat Bakuteh? :P

mistipurple said...

i earlier thought that type of blackout which needs whiff of ammonia, hahaha.

kyh said...

cum show us ur new toy!!!

Kopi Soh said...

Oh no wonder din see u in kopitiam, u go to StarBuck, lidat i oso must install wifi liao lar :D said...

so many blackout
So everything free? ^-^

fibrate said...

I thought someone said she wouldn't spend her dollars at Starbucks...

_butt said...

can you show us your new toy? :D

Ångele said...

Your starbucks foto makes me wanna have a caramel machiato!

We have no starbucks franchise in Mauritius :( That's why the first thing I do every time I go abroad is have a starbucks coffee!! ^^

may said...

I only go Stabak-ing when I'm back in KL! 'cos here got no free wi-fi mah... :P

Jason Chan said...

what is ocipala?

kat said...

Here stabak oso no wifi (i think..), so pay for expensive kopi for wat?? :P

Are you in PG on the weekend of 2/3 Feb ah?

Giddy Tiger said...

I have experienced 2 power outages in the last 5 days... geez..
did Starbucks light up 'em candles? I bet they have coffee-scented ones.

Doreen said...

Should have asked Starbucks to compensate with vouchers. Hehehehe. Haven't been to Starbucks for a long time though it is just across the road from my office. I particularly like their green tea frappy! *slurps*

moz monster said...

Today I went back to the same BintangRinggit, and the manager was having a meeting with the contractor about the blackouts !!! =)

I have just contacted all my contacts in KL to find the most 'tai' EPC.

Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC Must get EPC ...

Chev said...

Hahahahha... that one ah (the lomantic wet dinner) is indeed an unforgettable experience. I still remember someone puffing away in the rain. Kkkkkkk...

MaBuk Udara manyak mahal woh.. can bought 4.5 Asus Eee PC with that price liao. Well, Mabuk Air although thin, but it's still bigger mah. Size still does matter. Kkkkkkk...

Mabuk Air is still in the air. Kkkkk... I wait for u to buy the Mabuk Air, then i will play with it loh. Size still does matter leh.. This one is only 7 inch in length and only weigh 0.92 kg ;)

Dunno whether Penang got Gloria Jeans or not leh, as up to this day, I still haven't step my feet inside QueensBay Mall yet woh ;)

No eat BKT this time, but i will do so my next visit there. Slurps...

Chev said...

Hahahhaa, nobody pengsan here lah..
Else will see Skunkie appear on the screen liao. LOL

Kkkk, i haven't tangkap gambar of my new toy yet. Bought it a week ago. If i rajin take photo, then i will show u loh :)

kopi soh,
I seldom visit kopitiam cos i don't drink kopi. Hehehhe, might be a tea-tiam? I love drinking tea leh ;)

Free wifi is good.
Free stuff is always good stuff. Hahhaha

Chev said...

Already bayar everything earlier on liao, so no more free stuff :P The blackout session is very brief, less than 30 seconds, but still annoying lah :D

Hehehhe, i only visit Bintang-Buck once in a blue moon, like once in few months.. whenever i have friends from outstation or inside airport/jetty, such as Kuching Airport or Langkawi jetty. Cos of the free wifi :P

Wah.. today u sehati-sejiwa with kyh. Kkkkk.. I mean both of u have the same request. I haven't take photo of the toy yet. After I do so, I will show u all loh ;)

Chev said...

Caramel machiato.. I haven't try that out yet. I presume that's nice since u wanna have it ;)

How about Coffee Bean? Most of my friends prefer Star Bucks than Coffee Bean :)

Hehehhe.. the free WiFi is indeed attractive. I went there for the free WiFi too when i was in Langkawi jetty and the Kuching Airport ;)

Ocipala is ocipala :P
very hard to define ocipala..
something like whatever lah :P

Chev said...

Yeah loh, if no free wifi, then not worth going liao. Kkkkk.. Unless one wanna read the magazines there or chit chatting while enjoying the air cond ;)

Yeah, I'm still in Penang during those dates. Will fly back to Sarawak few days later on following that, for CNY :)

giddy tiger,
Geez... I hate blackouts. Used to experience blackouts quite frequently in my hometown in the past.

No leh, as the blackout was very brief, for less than 30 seconds. But still kinda annoying as it occured so frequently :)

Coffee scented candles?
That would be nice.. :D
Can smell coffee instead of drinking coffee. LOL

Chev said...

Hehehhe, didn't think of that at that moment. LOL

I tasted the green tea frappy once, when I was in Langkawi jetty, waiting for our ferry back to Penang few months back.

Hehehhe, u went back there for the free WiFi? or for their coffee? ;)

I love my Eee PC
lup lup lup..
Hope you will succeed in your hunting progress.

Btw, I still haven't take any photo of my EPC yet. Have to do so soon.. Might be i will place it next to my MacBook as comparison of the size. Kkkkkkk.

Wyn said... happening ar? keke...

den jiejie got sked boh? =P

day-dreamer said...

Wah, so suei ar, so many blackouts...

mich said...

good la..
candle-light yum-char..
though is not candle light dinner..
but still can be romantic ma

Jason Chan said...

Thanks for the effort to explain...
ocipala la!

eastcoastlife said...

Malaysian doctor experienced blackout in Starbucks.

hahahaha.... Throw me a iced blended latte! Thanks for the fruit rojak.
*munch munch munch*

Leonard said...

how come blackout?

2 of you exchange electricity till it overpower the power supply of Starbucks?

Chev said...

very happening?
why need to get sked woh?
i'm not afraid of the dark lah :P

day dreamer,
Yeah loh. And this Star Buck is kinda empty. Only few tables are occupied, so we managed to secure a place with the comfortable sofa seats ;)

faint kaw kaw

Nobody supply us the candle leh..
Imaginary candle lights got lah..
Hehehhe.. the blackout is very brief, less than 30 seconds :D
Just that it's kinda annoying as it occured so frequently.

Btw, nowadays cannot visit your blog liao since u "closed" it :P

Chev said...

very ocipala indeed :D

I experienced blackout in several other places too. Very sien leh...

One most memorable one was when i was inside a deserted resort in Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Kota Bahru, Kelantan. And the resort was quite vacant and only two or three chalets were occupied and I was all alone by myself in the chalet at that moment. The blackout lasted quite long, something like an hour..

How about ice blended durian? LOL

Hahhaha, we were busy talking about and playing with the ASUS Eee PC at that moment :P

angeles said...

Sampat partner ah, I saw the EeePeeCee in another blog liao... his was a white wan.. but kenot see the diff in size becos no compare anything. Faster post the pic for me to compare! Size matters! :P

Chev said...

Since u request wan, i will comply.
I baru saja tangkap tu gambar, will post up soon.

Yeah, Size Does Matter ;)

eastcoastlife said...

Talking about durians... are there any famous Penang durians at this time?

Chev said...

Now is not yet the durian season.
I didn't see any durian yet so far.

Talking about durian reminds me of the Durian Egg Tart I had in Pavilion, KL end of last year. Absolutely sinful and mouth watering delicious stuff. RM 2 per tart.

mich said...

didnt update also..
now lagi really not in the mood to blog d..
something strike me badly..