Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Unique Plants

Introducing the two new plants I have in da house. Although I don't have green fingers, I manage to grow some unique plants with the limited resources I have. Not easy to grow these plants leh ;)

My Horny Ginger Plant - with buffalo horns
Don't pengsan, okie? And no OMG nor OMGY nor OMS either.

And My Potato Flowers.
Leng Mou? Beautiful leh... Manyak Cantik.. 好靚 !

I can have a mini vegetable garden soon... Hahahhahha

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Wenn Wenn and Eve Eve. I will give these two priceless plants to u both as birthday pressies. Many Endless Hugs, Muacks and Kisses to both the birthday girls. Happy Cow Moo One (牛一).


Anonymous said...

Telima kasi....wahcheh..sungguh terharu aku..*Moo tears*...And Happy Bday to Wen Wen oso..


L B said...

LOL!!! You don't grow Onion Flowers too? Happy Birthday, Wennnn and Eve....

Ehon said...

happy birthday wenn and eve!! :D

u see lar, buy so much and never use! grow kitchen garden liao. :P

Chen said...

Wipe Moo Moo tears with my sleeves
Happy happy "25th Birthday"

Bila nak balik blogging ah?
We all waiting for u leh.. ;)

Hahhaha.. cos i run out of onions liao. Used up all oledi mah, so no left over to grow flowers. Kkakaka

Happy "25th Birthday" to both the Lenglui :P

I wanna grow carrot and other plants too. Kkakakkaka

Selba said...

Waaaaahhhh... got that kind of plants? hehehehe

may said...

lemme guess - you left them out for so long, they "choot yeong" oredi! hahaha! 'cos that's what happened to my garlic!

Happy Birthday, Wennnn & Eve!

_butt said...

Happy birthday to Wen Wen and Eve! :D

indeed you have green fingers! very subur :P

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to Wennnn and Eve! Wah, what very 'unique' plants you have there...

Chen said...

Hahhaha... got
But not every household will have such plants. Only those "lucky" ones.

Are u interested to grow such plants? :P

Shhhhh... Don't say out so loud lah. Everything now Bocor liao.. :P

U have garlic plants in da house too. I hope to have onion plants too, but too bad I have consumed all the onions and there are none leftover. Kkkkkk...

Happy 25th and 26th Birthday to Wenn Wenn and Eve Eve :)

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Wenn Wenn & Eve Eve
Both of them are one year younger liao. :D

Yeah loh, very green fingers.
Too green liao. Hhaahha..
U interested to grow any ginger and potato plants nor flower? :P

Happy Birthday to both the LengLui, Ah Wenn and Ah Eve :)

Yeah loh, We can't buy those plants in the market. Only selected households will have such plants. Kkakakaka

mistipurple said...

SAMPAT LOCTOR!!!! chio ka peng!!
next time you cook fann si soup, i must take a double look see got fannsi children inside soup or not!! *faint*

mich said...

later when i balik penang i give u the indonesia cili padi seed k?wahahah...

Wennnn said...

Thank U veri much to U Chen.. Wah realli priceless picture from U ya ur potato flower n ginger flower... heeheheh.. Thanks... Happy birthday to Eve..

Winn said...


this one grow oredi can eat!
u try not to bath for 1 mth and see can grow mushroom o rnot! then u can ' eat mushroom..

hehe happy bday wennnnnn!

Cocka Doodle said...

The 2nd picture looks like nen nen from side elevation. LOL

angel said...

kakakaka... chen grow mushroom.. and then can kasi as gift... neh, like FB's Grow-A-Gift kakaka :p

Happy Burfday WenWen & LengLeng Eve!!

Jemima said...

Definitely organic. :p

Chen said...

Fear not, my fansi soup no fansi offsprings inside wan. Gina gia are not meant to be cook or eaten wan mah. Kkaakakka

Kekekkee... Thanks Mich. But i have no "real garden" place to grow the Indonesia cili padi woh. Sob.

u r mostly welcome, "25-year-old" birthday gal :)

The ginger plant and the potato flower very nutritious wan. LOLOL

Chen said...

Kkkkk... OML, OMAB :D

wah.. no need to wait till one month leh, dun bath for one to two weeks also can grow tungku liao.. Kkkkk...

Enjoy kuchinging to Pussy City ;)
Meow and pet more cats :D

Happy Burpday Wenn Wenn and Eve Eve

Ini cocka too hungwee liao ah? Feed kokokai with susu ayam :P Kkakka

Yeah loh, grow your own gift. Muahaha.. Next wan, i will grow wat ah? Tungku? as suggested by Winn?

Enjoy kuchinging to Pussy City ;)
Meow and pet more cats :D

Happy Burpday Wenn Wenn and Eve Eve

101.11% organic stuff. Hahahah..

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday Eve and Wennn!!!

Maybe you have a brown thumb doc. You can grow those roots and tubers. :)

babe_kl said...

LOL hoe leng arrhhhh!!!

Giddy Tiger said...

Can I come over to your house to get some ginger for my cooking? They look so fresh :D

keeyit said...

Next time you can take bean sprout grow with leaves..

eve said...

Thank you everyone for the bday wishes...26th bday..woo hoo...

Chen said...

Happy "25th & 26th" Birthday to both the birthday gals :)

LOL at the brown thumbs. I'm thinking of how to grow MooLah now. Kkaakkak... Dunno have to plant how much money as seed before the plant will grow :P

Thank u thank u. I guess u dun have such plants in your kitchen hoh, since u cook so frequently. LOL

Hahhahhaha... Can Can.. But those gingers chao pei already loh, with so much wrinkles liao woh. LOLOLOL

Chen said...

Hahhaha, i tried that before, during the early days (i think more than a decade ago). Letting the bean sprout grow into plants (just for fun) :P

syiok also seeing the "growing process". Definitely no growing pain :D

Happy 26th Birthday again, Eve Eve.
Today ada special celebration or not inside your clinic? :P

Your daughter and your son sang birthday song for u liao, i presume? Kkkkkk..

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Jie, if my mum need ginger or potato, can ask from u ar?


mich said...

dump into the
find a way to let u grow..
i will go read things abt growing seeds..
then let u know..haha ;)

mich said...

dump into the
find a way to let u grow..
i will go read things abt growing seeds..
then let u know..haha ;)

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Birthday, Wennnn and Eve Lengleng!!

I have ginger and potatoes at home but they never grow liddat geh. You so cleber! hehehe.....

Selba said...

Done my other homework :D

Please check it out and collect something in here ;)

Chen said...

woof meow,
hahha, i only provide ginger plant and potato flowers :P

very troublesome to grow plants leh.. Need to water them every now and then, which i tends to forget. Hehehe, that's why i dun keep plants except one weird plant which doesn't need regular watering :)

Thanks by the way and i really appreciate it :)

cos u dun have green fingers mah, tat's why your potato and ginger never grows and produce offsprings. Kakkakakaka

Thanks for doing the tag and the award. I actually read your post before u left the comment here. Hehhehe.. That means we were at each other's place almost at the same time :D

mich said...

hahha..the chili plant nobody water it..
only rain water..hahah
no fertilizer

Chen said...

米歇尔小姐, but i dun have garden or land woh. So rain water definitely won't play any role :D

mich said...

i dono how to read chinese ler

Chen said...

Those chinese character = your name lah. Piak this banana using the pink banana :D

Doreen said...

Oh my DaBuoGong! Hehehe

Your horny ginger looks like the yummy crabs and the potato very very cute!

Happy birthday to Wennnn and Eve!

Chen said...

LOL. now u made me feel like eating crabs tim, especially when Moz talked about the yummy Shanghai Hairy Crabs with me earlier on.. :P

At least I ate prawns today.. Still not so bad, huh :P

mich said...

ha?my name?

Chen said...

that's why lah..
dowan to study chinese, now become banana liao.. hehehheh

米歇尔小姐 = Miss Michelle