Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tungku Soup

Since Winn crazes @ Mushroom Soup, I also want!! But mine is the instant Tesco Mushroom Soup which tasted equally good (Beggar I can't be choosy mah, since I didn't go to Friday's) Yum Yum. Creamy and Tasty also lah.

I also Heart Mushroom Soup. But I not yet Lung them yet. So far I only Stomach them. Kakkakaak. I also lup the one served in JL Gourmet Cafe in Prangin Mall, Penang.

Let's go Mushroom. Let's Tungku. Let's Cendawan. Let's Fatt Mou??
Let's Join the MUSHROOM CLUB !!
No eye see? Winn's punya fault !! LOL


Will said...

hahaha you also tungku tungku ah?

Winn said...

u see, who are more sampat???

chen, today hor, after reading all ur tungku comment..then i wanna google something at work lo..
u know wat i wrote ar in the search field? i typed tungku mistakenly! haha

Winn said...

u see, who are more sampat???

chen, today hor, after reading all ur tungku comment..then i wanna google something at work lo..
u know wat i wrote ar in the search field? i typed tungku mistakenly! haha

Chen said...

i lup tungku all these while liao
so yummy, how can i not loving it leh? Kkkkkkk

Winn more sampat !!! :P

u r obsessed with tungku liao.
I heart tungku and i lung tungku.
Tungku Tungku wo ai niiiiiii

angel said...

Tungku Abdul Rahman ahh?? :p

Waaa!!! Since when JL got open restaurant in penang??? HOW COME???

Student winn, of cos the lokter more sampat la... she's the SQ! (Sampat Queen) Muahahahaha!!!

Simple American said...

Reporting for Mushroom Club. Just keep me in the dark and feed me... uh soup. Yep. Soup.

Chen said...

Kkkkkk... dun say so loud lah :P

JL itu manyak keng wan
Remember to ask for discount card from him next time ;)

Aiyoh, ini Teacher Angel,
dun spread rumours lah
I mana ada sampat woh?
I so serious wan :P

Welcome to the "Dark Side"
And u will get a complimentary soup - The most sinful and delicious out of the world Tungku Soup !!!

a^ben said...

hahahaha no tesco in kch` i like campbel one if compared to vono` ahhah!

i poor man also oni can eat instant one` maybe i should cook it myself hor? teehehehhehe!

ehon said...

hahahahaha. coke zero is nice! i love zit! :D

sampat lar! lol! hahahaahahahaha. or u copycat? aunty winn drink mushroom soup, u also want! tsk tsk tsk!

may said...

I make you tungku soup leh... I forgot which brand, but very nice wan. all you need to do is come on over to Sydney... kkkkk! so sampat!

Chen said...

IMHO, Tesco Mushroom soup taste better leh compared with Campbell or Vono brand. I will bring back a packet for u to sample if u are still when when I flying back to Kuching time :D

Ah Boy is even poorer, coz he didn’t even get to eat the instant wan :P

Kkakaka… mana ada copy cat who?
If copy cat, is salin bulat-bulat liao. The most is copy tungku only, tarak copy cat lah :P

We all like tungku mah, cos it’s so yummy. WE WANT TUNGKU SOUP !!

Wah.. if lidat, die die also must fly to Sydney liao

*Tungku Hugs*

Robin said...


I like your anatomical description of soup.


babe_kl said...

LOL, i will show you how my boiboi drank his tunku soup once i download it.

Doreen said...

wah~~now tunku season is it? hehehe. Got fried tunku? (^O^)

rinnah said...

I like TGIF's french onion soup! Hahaha... no tungku for me.

sengkor said...

i like mamak stall's sup ekor.

Pink Cotton said...


i lagi kesian ah...i only drink the instant mushroom soup...mix with hot water der...hehe

lynnx01 said...

Anything mushroom is yummy! Oh and the Tesco Instant Soup is quite nice. I reckon nicer than Campbell or Carrefour's.

Leonard said...

mushroom soup, always one of my favorite soup.

always ordered in when i a western food restaurant!

Giddy Tiger said...

Did you add chopped mushrooms and garlic for that extra texture?

Chen said...

Hehehe, u noticed it. I'm glad u like it :)

babe kl,
Wow.. That must be a very sweet video clip. Looking forward to seeing that Your boiboi knows how to enjoy good food, just like his papa & mama ;)

Tunku season on the move ! LOL
I have tried the fried mushroom twice in Cameron Highlands. There's also mushroom crackers available too but I don't fancy it.

Kok said...

I wanna join this TUNGKU CLUB! hahaha!

Chen said...

Never tried the TGIF french onion soup leh.. :(

aiyak, u dun like tungku soup ah?
HOW CAN??? ahhaha
u can pass yours to me, i will sapu all :D

sup ekor nothing to eat woh !!
at least sup tulang u can eat (or suck?) the sumsum tulang or marrow

pink cotton,
This is instant mushroom soup also leh, from TESCO. Like what u mentioned, just pour the mixture into the mug and mix with hot water, kao tim ;)

So, we both are very kesian, hoh?

Chen said...

Yeah, Gimme 5.
I prefer Tesco instant mushroom soup than Campbell or Vono instant mushroom soup too ;)

hehhe.. Welcome to the mushroom club. Besides mushroom soup, another western soup that i like is pumpkin soup.

giddy tiger,
Nope, I didn't add in anything extra. Those are pre-packed mixture, straight from the packet. That's why I prefer TESCO brand than other brands. You should try it out too :)

Welcome to the TUNGKU club.
Hahhaha :D