Monday, September 03, 2007

The Cows finally come home

The beloved Cows have finally came back home. Despite stepping their feet in Penang last Thursday, the Moos were notti and wanna spent the long Merdeka weekend inside the Post Office. Hahaha, actually hoh, they visited my house last Thursday but I was not in.. Too bad I was busy with work mah, coz have to earn more MooLah (搵食根难), hence no time to bring them back home that day. I miss them :(

And the Ah Moo Moo are not stew-pig wan. After staying few days (and nights) in the post office, Ah Moo managed to find friends to accompany him back home together. More Moo Moo on the loose. Kkkkk..

I heart Moo Moo and Moo Moo Rocks. Many thanks to Papercrazy and Angel for the lovely and adorable Moo-s. Anyone wanna donate more Moo Moo for me? :P


papercrazy said...

me first!! me first

wah...the card look nicer in photos hor???

Take good care of my mooo moo *singing to the tune of take good care of my baby*

angel said...

3-8 moomoo! Sampat but definitely not Stewpig ohhh! Cos they Moo, they not Oink kkkkkk...


Yeee... u so bad geh... let em stay inside yr mailbox so many days... they hungwee liao! Faster feed 'em!!!

*lagi sampat*



Chen said...

kekekke... congrats congrats. Thanks for the leng leng MooMoo card. The real card also looks nice leh. so nice till i wanna cubit the Moo Moo's face :P

I will take good care of the Moo Moo wan..

*Sayangz Moo Moo*

hehehe.. Thanks for the 3-8 Moo card. Me no bad. i just received your card today leh.. It's not inside the mailbox earlier on, cos I checked my mailbox on Sat :P

The first one is by registered post mah, that's why have to stay in the post office for so long. Kkkkk.. Summore the post office was closed on Sat :(

Feed the Moo-s with chempedak, and duku langsat. LOL

*Sayangz Moo Moo*

may said...

I send you belated one from Oz, ok? I already bought it ages ages ages ago, but forgot to bring it back here to post instead! kakakakaka!

nyonyapenang said... have been kept very busy by all the moo-moos.
err...ah boy got jeles or not?

A belated Happy Birthday to Dr Chen aka friend of the moo-moos. :)

Chen said...

Can, of coz can :P
Kkkkk.. hopefully no roaches in Oz curi makan the card when u r not around. LOLOLOL

nyonya pg,
Thanks Nyonya.

Ah Ben said I'm "Pengimport Lembu" !! LOLOL Wanna have a Cow Farm now and keep myself busy with all the MOooooos

Ah Boy won't mind if I feed him beef satay and he would be happier if he is given steak. LOLOL

L B said...

OOOooooooooom..... more steaks!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!!

Kok said...

You're the moo moo fans?

Winn said...

the moos leftover can? hehe:P

ehon said...

hahahahahahaha. banyak the moo. can sell beef and milk liao! hahahahahahahaha@ said...

You have a lot of moo moo fans wor

rinnah said...

So cute, the moo moos! So now you have lots of milk hor? *grin*

sengkor said...

yay, can make into steak..

Doreen said...

The moo moos so should come to live in NZ. A lot of moo moos leh. You see moo moos in the morning and before you go to bed. moo~~~moo~~~~~ can you hear them? They calling you leh. Come come, let's go feed moo moos some hay.

angel said...

You have been tagged!

Chen said...

don't murder my dear Moo Moo
don't makan my Lembu

abuthen, steaks are yummy
*curi makan steak* :P

Moo Moo are so cute ;)
These are some of the Moo Moo collections I have :)

Faint kaw kaw
that one i dowan liao

Chen said...

sell milk can lah
i tak sampat hati kill the Moo Moo leh, they are so cuteeeeeeeee..
Summore they can cry wan if they know u wanna slaughter them :(

Moo Moo rocks mah :D
Lembu BOLEH !!

Kkakaka.. I lup drinking Milk
My all time favourite
so yummy
*slurp* ;)

psss.. i dun drink kopi wan :P

Chen said...

can made into lamb chop or not leh?

Yeah loh, NZ so many Mooo
i sked later i dowan to come back home liao after seeing all the cute and adorable Mooooooo

I wanna drink Milk liao ;)


Thank u for lupping me
u tag me coz u lup me mah :P
But i did the tag liao in January 2006 :D

Will said...

why you like moo so much? because you like cow milk? hehehe

mistipurple said...

so cute!!! cubit the moos cubit chenliu and runnnnn away fast fast!!

Pink Cotton said...

how come i don have piggie card on my bday???

*complain complain*

Chen said...

Moo is cute mah
Moo is so adorable
Moo is so sweet
how can u dun like Moo?

walao, dun cubit so hard leh !!
Poor Moo Moo mia face oh cheh liao
Bruise kaw kaw liao

pink cotton,
point point finger.
Ask her :P

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday Chen. I am so sorry to be such a tardy one. *hugs*

Chen said...

Thanks SA
Don't worry. u r not too late yet ;)
My chinese lunar calendar birthday is not over yet leh. Hehehehe

*Birthday Hugs*

water_angel said...

i love moo moo's too!!!!! you can have the pic on my blog =)

*hands over moo moo pic to chen* ^_^

Chen said...

water angel,
hahaha.. yeah, I noticed the cute Moo Moo pict on your blog long time ago liao. Thanks for the cute & adorable Moo picture :)

stev said...


you really love them cows dontcha :P

Chev said...

haha, yeah. I love cows
And my fren gave me a cute porcelain cow as Christmas pressie :)