Sunday, September 02, 2007

On This Day...

Many Thanks to you, you and you for the birthday cards, sms-es, phone calls and birthday song, birthday presents, birthday greetings, endless shoutouts here and there in Twitterland, FaceBook and Blog Entries, and not forgetting all the hatching eggs, growing gifts, cookies, cakes, flowers, superpokes actions and scribbles on FunWalls and Sticky Notes. Terima Kasih Banyak-Banyak.

Happy 26th Birthday? Kkkk.. Thanks Ehon for the card and "persistently" thinking that I'm only 26 years old. *Ahem* LOLOL. Cocka is on the contrary, with the ayam-ified sms.. Happy 60th Birthday!! xxxx (snip) and every other actions by facebook. 60 years old? Faint kaw kaw. Pinch, Kick, KarateChop & Headbutt Cocka (ala FaceBook SuperPoke actions) in return. Hahahahha

*Searching for more Moo Moo*.
Ah Ben, I didn't import any Lembu-s today :P


a^ben said...

1st comment for ur bday!!!

o m g~

ur bday gift? ahahahaha

happy bday chen~

a^ben said...


lucky no lembus were harmed today ahahahahhaha

Jemima said...

26 or 60?
It doesn't matter.
It's only a number.
It's how you live life that is of utmost importance. ;)

Happy a Blessed Birthday, Chen.
May your birthday wishes come true.

may said...

B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

Many Happy Returns and may all your heart's desires come true.

gotta get you down here to Sydney some day. I'll miss you even though we didn't get to meet here in KL or Penang this year. I won't be back next year at all, unfortunately. please come visit? yes?


Chen said...

ah ben,
Kkkkkk... Thanks Ben Ben
u wanna give me lembu as birthday gift? Imported from New Zealand wan, okie? Hahhaa

I didn't import any lembu-s today
Resting day mah :P

curi my lembu phrase pulak. Kkakakkaa. Yeah loh, cannot injure any cows today. Moo Moos are so cute and adorable mah. LOLOLOL

*lembu hugs*

jemima's somewhere in between.
Thanks Jemima :)

Thanks AhMay.
Too bad I didn't get to meet u this time. I will definitely visit Oz one of these days.. just that i dunno when are the dates yet.
*Hugs and muacks*

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you!

mistipurple said...

someone say moo moo cute and adorable ah? *blush*
i THICK Skin hahahaa.

you are the best, the sampatest, the sari-less rolling uphill, the longkang devourer. er.. ok i better stop now. moooooo lups chenliu!!

Will said...

happy b'day sampat :P

_butt said...

eh? not on the 9th?? *damn ter-forgot*

in that case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! doc chen, so sorry that I missed out your blogs and others. hope you had a great time on your birthday ya :D

best wishes and hugs,
ah butt (^_^)V

laundryamah said...

Happy Birthday!!

angele said...

Happy birthday Chen!

*sending you warm wishes and hugs all the way from Mauritius!*


oceanskies79 said...

Happy Birthday Chen.

Gosh, you are younger than me if you are 26.

Doreen said...

Oh Happy 26th Birthday to the sweetest, funniest, sampatiest and yummiest Chen! Hehehehe

More kisses for you. muak, muak, muak, and muakkkkssssss *Chen's face is now full of Doreen's lipstick prints* kekekeke

angel said...

S A M P A T F A I L O K !






Happy Happy, ok?

ehon said...

selamat hari jadi! lol! im glad u got the card!!! :D :D scared lost half way. kekekekkekekekeke!!

david santos said...

Thanks for posting.

Alive 5Oº anniversary of free Malaysia and indepente. Democracy, peace and freedom for all the malaio people! ALIVE MALAYSIA!

Chen said...

Thanks Misha :)

Moo Moo are always cute and adorable wan. Hhahahaha... So chubee
*pinch Moo Moo's face*

Thanks for your birthday post and the tick tock tick tock plus sms. And I saw someone sing "weeeeeeee wish" song leh :P

TQ TQ, I lup u too

Thanks KLC Will Will.
and thanks for the birthday post too :D

Chen said...

Thanks, Ah Butt(er).
Kkkkk... ini ah butt think too much liao, now made u u ter-remember back pulak, okie? :P

All the best to u too in your future undertakings. *Hugs kaw kaw*

laundry amah,
Thanks Laundry Amah :)

Thanks Angele. Grab the long distance wishes & hugs all the way from Mauritius.

Thanks Oceanskies.
Hahha, I'm older than u. I was once 26 years old, but that was many many many many years back. LOL

Chen said...

Thanks Doreen :)
err.. yummiest Chen? u wanna makan me ah? hahhahaha.

wah, now my face is full with Doreen's lipstick prints liao. Die-die also must take one photo for remembrance. Kakakakka

Thanks Angel for the sampat call and the sampat camera cake birthday post. Kkkkkk....
And the sampat Kkkkkkk too :P
*We talk about camera some other day, okie? LOLOLOLOL*

Thanks Ehon. The card arrived "selamat & berbunyi" on Thursday evening. Kkkkkk.

plink said...

Happy Happy ChenDay!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Birthday again, Lokter!
Greet you here and there still cheaper than sending gifts.

Chen said...

thanks Plink

hahaha.. sikui Cocka
where's my birthday gift??? :D
my lunar calendar birthday is coming in two weeks, still got time to send !

thanks btw, LOLOLOL
*pinch Cocka*

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Burfday Chen!!!
You're 26 yrs-old! I'm still younger. kekeke.....

L B said...

Tanti auguri, tanti baci, e tantissimi lormaikai per tuoi compleanno, cara Chechen amore mio!!

kat said...

lokter, lokter!! Hepi burfday!!! May you be younger and lovelier year after year!!

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday Chen Chen!

Forever 26, forever young!

water_angel said...

Happy birthday!!!! =)
hOpe you had a happy day today


Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Happy belated birthday, jiejie...

May all your wished come true and many happy returns....

Wennnn said...

HAppy birthday to U Chennn!!

slurp! said...

oh .... A Virgo
woooo so young, only 26, every year :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEN!!!

zewt said...

loktor... happe birday... hehe...

Anonymous said...

happy monday to jiejie chen !

papercrazy said...

Happy belated birthday to lokter

I die liaw....I keep on thinking yr birthday is 2moro and i am planning to do something at 12midnite 2nite.....

All plan down the drain.....

Chen said...

Thanks ECL
Hahahaa.. I know u r younger
U r only 21 years old mah..
Or issti 18?
Hehhehhee :P

*scratch head kaw kaw*
just reading taugeh words liao..

I can recognize something there
LORMAIKAI !! kakakka
Fast-fast open up google translation page

Thanks Kat :)
How’s life in Dubai?
I heard from Kenny he met u and your hubby/kids on National Day
What a small world, hoh? :D

Chen said...

Thanks Rinnah
Hahhaa.. your statement reminds me of Alan Tam pulak. Coz He is forever 25 mah, since the 80’s.

water angel,
Thanks Water Angel
I had seafood birthday dinner yesterday night :)

woof meow,
Thanks Woof Meow

Time really flies hoh?
U still haven’t collect the thing from me leh..
4 months plus liao woh :(
Dunno sudah expire or not..

Thanks Wenn Wenn :)

Chen said...

Thanks Slurp
Hehehehe.. If there is time machine
Then I can celebrate the so called 26th birthday again

Thanks Zewt :)

Happy Monday to u too, Misha :)

Thanks Papercrazy
U won’t die yet.
At least my Chinese or lunar calendar birthday is not over yet mah. Hahahahha.. And summore falls exactly on "Malaysia Day" leh..
The date when Sabah & Sarawak joined Malaya to form Malaysia

Btw, don’t tell me u wanna ask Ah Boy to pee in the kitchen at 12 midnight tonight !

Leonard said...

happy belated birthday!!

"26 years old" every year!!

Chen said...

Thanks Leonard.
yeah yeah, 26 years old every year.

FireHorse said...

Aiya, i so late coming here, soli soli, Happy Birthday Chen, may you have all the wonderful things in life, good health, and lotsa happiness. Errrr....still got cake ah? :P

giddy tiger said...

Happy Birthday (belated)...did you get my *present* on facebook? :D

Chen said...

Thanks Firehorse.

hehhee.. u r not late :D
Birthday cake ah? No woh, i didn't eat birthday cake this year but i ate moon cake instead :P

giddy tiger,
Thanks Giddy Tiger :)

Yeah, i received the grow a gift and hatching egg gift liao. Now watching the plants growing day by day, and the egg started moving liao. LOL

Kok said...

I know I'm super late! I'm sorry! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you have a great moo-day!

babe_kl said...

opps happi belated burpday!

Chen said...

Thanks Kok, u r not late :)
considered still early..
cos we celebrate birthday for one whole month wan :P

babe kl,
Thanks Babe :)

KittyCat said...

Hi Chen,

Happy belated birthday!'re so young. Enjoy it! Do whatever you want - make it your birthday week =)

Chen said...

Thanks Kittycat :)

Hahaha, i'm not that young in real life lah, that's just an "illusion" :P