Saturday, September 01, 2007

Photo Hunters : Dirty

photo hunters

Today's theme is Dirty.

Presenting two notorious and infamous dirty insects ...

Cockroach / Lipas / 蟑螂 / Siu Keong

Fly / Lalat / 苍蝇


carmen said...

happy FLY-day.. oops... now saturday jor. kekeke....

hmmm, insect....

this afternoon i heard a cute song frm guo mei mei... 看见蟑螂。。我不怕不怕啦。。。♪

mai ya hee... mai ya hoo...♫

Chen said...

FLY-day fly away liao..
hehhehe... Saturday has crawled here

Ooo... i dunno got such cockroach song wan. Yeah hoh, i dun listen to new songs mah.. I only listen to old songs. Kkekekkee

♪ ♫ 蟑螂, 蟑螂 wo bu ai niiii ♪ ♫

Happy Sat-de-Day :)

eastcoastlife said...

Arrrrgh.... you murderer!!!! Kill two innocent lives!

Chen said...

hahahhaa.. I can send their family members to u for adoption if u r interested !!

*siu sei ngor liao*

rinnah said...

Eeeee... I see cockroach and fly!

*runs away*


angele said...

Ohh that cockroach reminds me of a story.
Some weeks ago my cousin went to a famous steak house here in Mtius and there was a dead baby cockroach in her caesar salad! :/

And she thought it was a slice of bacon until she noticed the cockroach antenna!

Chen said...

u no like them meh?
the cockroach and the fly cry liao.. coz they think they are cute mah, and u hurt their feelings !!

My Goodness...

And this reminds me of another story.. Either myself or my friend found a cockroach's leg inside the dish, but that was ages ago liao.
Can't remember the details oledi..

plink said...

Whee! Happy Sot-derday!

L B said...


angel said...

OMG... Liu lalat killa!!!

FireHorse said...

Must add one more la, tikus...rodents oso manyak dirty wan.

Chen said...

The Sot-derday is indeed very Sot
Sot kaw kaw :P

with extra BBQ sauce? ;)

liu lalat saver? OMG kaw kaw

hehehhe.. too bad I don't have tikus in my collections or photo galleries :P

Doreen said...

OMG.....蟑螂!!! (O_O)!! WAAAAAAAA~~~~ *Doreen run like rocket*

Carver said...

Good shot. A little painful looking but that's not my favorite insect for sure. They are rather dirty.

Mike Goad said...

Nice the "dirty" theme.

Have a great weekend!

archie FCD said...

Ewwwwww. :)

Kucing Mafia said...

keeping them for dinner?

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

ICK! Dirty is right!

Jackson said...

alamak...i dun like cockroach!!!! where do u get this topic ar?

Jonzz said...

Wah, nice close-up photos!

Melli said...


tegdirb92 said...

ewww to the cockroach!! yuck but a great take on this weeks theme.

BirdieRoark said...

eeeuuuuwwwww. gross, gross, gross. at least they are dead bugs. lol

Lynn said...

Ewww, a dead cockroach and a crucified fly. Dirty as dirty gets.

Angela said...

Nice macro shots, I love the pinned fly!

Sin Ling said...

lalalalalala *dancing around*, box the cute lalat... :D

Chen said...

Hehhee.. Running like rocket? The first impression that comes to my mind was Doreen running and speeding like a Road Runner. Beepbeep. LOLOL

Those are the hatred insects.
I hate cockroach the most :D

U have a nice weekend too ;)

If i see any cockroaches, i will see one kill one. Hhahaha, unless i'm empty handed then no choice have to let go :)

Chen said...

kucing mafia,
Thanks but no thanks :)
The first one will enter the dustbin for sure. ;)

Yeah. Those are dirty and hatred bugs. ;)

I hate cockroach too, especially the flying roaches !!

I get the theme from Photo Hunters. There are different theme every week.

Thanks Jonzz :)

pelfy said...

I hate cockroaches! They are the dirtiest insect, ever! (=

Have a nice day.

Chen said...

Another dirty and disgusting stuff are the maggots... which I didn't post up here ;)

I hate roaches too. Especially the flying ones. Hate to think of the possibilities of them landing on my head. LOL

Hahhaha.. If i see any cockroaches approaching or running around the house, I will kill them as soon as possible.. provided I have something on my hand or I'm not bare feet :D

Chen said...

Too many dirty bugs out there :)

Thanks :) I took those shots several months back, or almost a year ago? :)

sin ling,
Hehhee.. dancing around? U get too excited seeing the dead cockroach and pinned fly? LOL

yeah.. cockroaches are disgusting. i hate them too.

have a nice weekend :)

jennyL said...

ewww that's definitely dity !!! great shots


Cockroaches and flies. Kind of go in the same category. Nasty, dirty, creepy, and quick. You can keep them. Great photos and have a good weekend.

Lana G! said...

Yuck - definitely dirty! Perfect for the theme!

mistipurple said...

lucky you're not eating these. :P

Chen said...

Thanks. Those two were the dirty and unwelcomed bugs.

yeah, i presume nobody likes them. But weird though, there are people who actually eat cockroaches. Yucks..

Thanks. Those two were the dirty and unwelcomed little fellas.

o.O eat those?
faint kaw kaw...
faint big time liao !!

Bibik Nyonya said...

eeuw eeuw eeuw....lipas is G-R-O-S-S!! check out my dirty...ha ha ha!

Che-Cheh said...

Hahaha...good idea for this theme. There DIRTY creatures. Yuckk!

Come visit mine. :)

Chen said...

I can't imagine how some people can eat the eerie creature. Eeeeee...

Hehhee.. your "dirty" entry is kinda unique. Cabbage and condom potato chips. hehehe :D

che cheh,
Those dirty creatures, see one must piak one. Hehehe..

I just came back from your blog. Hopefully the downpour will help to wash your dirty car. That is what i do at times too. Hoping for the rain water to clean my car. LOL

Bengbeng said...

hahaha i spent some time looking for dirty cockroaches last night but wa sunsuccessful so i recycled some pics :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmmm.. there are such things as Sheildtox or Baygon. I won't let those dirty creatures get near me.. Haha

Dragonheart said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck! Dirty insects. Blech. But great photos.

My Photo Hunt this week.

Chen said...

Hahhah.. u can't find cockroaches in your house means.. your house is clean, which is good :D No dirty insects roaming in the compound ;)

The cockroach picture I posted here was taken more than a year ago :)

hahaha.. yeah, have no mercy on those dirty bugs. Sprayyyyyyy..

u don't like them too, don't u?
My dog will chase and bark after them, if he sees any :D

Michele said...

Ok, pass the chocolate sauce!
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

mistipurple said...

tic toc tic toc ..

YTSL said...

Ewwww re those insects but, actually, still can appreciate that the photography's pretty nifty there! :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Why your house so dirty ah?
You didn't train hubs to take the garbage out, clean the toilets, scrub the bathroom, disinfect the floor, wash the dishes, do the laundry meh?

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Dr Chen!!!!
wheeeeeeee!!! so kancheong look at tic toc tic toc just now!!
wish you happiness always!

may said...

eek! kah chuak!!

*runs away*

a^ben said...

I just splat a siu kiong until his sai fly everywhere just now! o m g.. so grosss can die

Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

Oh, that 1st picture is giving me the willies!

Mama Bear June said...

Photo Hunters

Doreen said...

Happy Birthday Chen. Have an enjoyable day, and may all the happiness be yours. I love you. Muaks!

L B said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y C H E N L I U L I U I E S T !
M A Y Y O U R D A Y S B E K A C H A T F R E E & A L L Y O U R D R E A M S F L Y L E S S !

Selba said...

Selamat Ulang Tahun, Chen!
A happy happy happy birthday to you...

*hugs & kisses*

Chen said...

Pass the chocolate sauce? ahem...
I'm amazed :D

Kkkkkk... TQ TQ for the countdown
I tertidur yesterday night woh..
Now i know why liao..
cos I took piriton earlier on around 9 pm. Hahhahahha
No wonder I fell asleep :P

Hehehe.. I won't take picture of the alive cockroach cos i don't want to take the risk that the cockroach might run and climb on my hands while I was taking photo. LOL

Chen said...

Kakkaka.. Can I hire Cocka, the super engtau housemaid to do all those stuff? LOL

Thanks Misti. I tertidur yesterday night, blame it on the sedative effect of Piriton. Kkkk, summore heavy downpour mah.. Nice to zzzz :P

Kahchuak reminds me of KahLua again. Ngek ngek ngek..
me bad :P

Chen said...

u killed another siu keong ah?
Give Me Five !!!
Must piak and stomp and spray all the kah chuak !!
Abuthen, Wong Chi Wah will feel sad liao woh. Hahhahhaa..

At least the roach was dead ;)
I won't take the risk of taking photo of an alive cockroach, just in case it might crawl on my hands. LOL

mama bear june,
Have a nice weekend, and happy wedding anniversary to u and your hubby :)

Chen said...

Thanks Doreen. Hugs and Muacks :)

Thanks LB for the greetings, phone call and birthday song. Hahahaha.. KFC all the days ahead will be kachat free and flyless. LOL

Thanks Selba for the birthday greetings and phone call. Sorry as I couldn't recognise your voice earlier on. Hugs and Muacks :D

Paulie said...

If there was a prize for this contest, you should get it for dirty entries! YUK!

Come see mine.

water_angel said...

A cockroach crawled on me on two occasions!!!!! They have a distinctive cockroachy-like smell.

utterly distasteful!

Chen said...

haahaa.. luckily the dirty enries didn’t dirty my blog with stains

Thanks, I will visit yours soon :)

water angel,
It’s geli thinking of that.

I really salute those Fear Factor participants who ate the live cockroaches. So disgusting. I will vomit big times, hahhaha