Friday, September 07, 2007


Tonight I have the urge of wanting to eat 咸鸭蛋. The craze for Tungku Soup is over. Salted Duck Egg (SDE) won the fight against Mushroom Soup (MS) - SDE piaks MS with ham ap dan. The ham ap dan mia egg shell broken and contaminated the tungku soup, giving MS weird and salty taste. that's why SDE gains victory (foul play loh)...

Since this is not healthy stuff, I haven't indulge in salted egg for months. (psss.. the photo was taken few months back). Might be I should buy few 咸鸭蛋 from the market tomorrow morning? Heavenly loh if eating the ham ap dan (not the raw one lah of course) together with white rice or porridge. I still prefer the fatty red-orange egg yolk than the salty egg white.

Anyone heart Salted Duck Egg or SDE or Ham Ap Dan or 咸鸭蛋 or Telur Masin or Telur Asin? Say YES !! (and not forgetting the duck egg char koay teow :P)


Pink Cotton said...

me me me!!

half SDE can last me for one jimat cermat lah me

i still haven got the chance to eat ckt with sde...SOB SOB

Chen said...

pink cotton,
*Pinch PC's face*
Thanks for liking SDE
yeah loh, SDE so yummy that i can eat rice just with it.

Come Come, mari mari datang Penang
Salted Egg Char Koay Teow waving hands and fingers ( = koay teow noodle) at u :P

may said...

harm app daan and harm daan taste the same anot? one bigger, one smaller? still salty, right... kkkkk!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

yes yes...

SCE very nice de...especially when makan with porridge...

yummy oh....*slurp*

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

and and....also with char koay kak...


mistipurple said...

ever try the 'heart-stopping' salted egg mixed with century egg mixed with normal egg, all beaten together and steamed? if only not so sinful.. :P

Chen said...

kakakka, they are identical twins..
flowing the same blood wan
both also very ham..
but not the hamsap type of ham lah

woof meow,
SCE = salted chicken egg?
ham kai dan? :D

seems like everything cooked with salted egg is yummy. Hehhee

Walao, i tried that sinful and heavenly dish before. Hehehhee

giddy tiger said...

YES! I can taste it now...with porridge!

eastcoastlife said...

I like SDE!! aiyooo.... sounds like a sexually transmitted disease. hahaha.....

Makes me want to have it now with porridge. You bad lah, doc! Make me crave for it at this hour! Ok, another few hours to go before I can get my hands on it. :)

Chen said...

giddy tigers,
simple yet delish
feel like eating it now..
imagine the piping hot porridge with salted egg..

aiseh, why u have the same thought as Ah Ben geh? He also told me the same thing leh..
how can u both mistaken SDE as STD?
piak u with salted duck egg for having such a funny thought :P

Must able to stand the temptation mah..
breath in, breath out
inhale, exhale.. :P

Will said...

unhealthy food :P

Winn said...

but how can SDE menang worrrr...mushroom eat dy long life one..:P

Doreen said...

Ar~~~~salt egg york.....sunset~~~~ how romantic.... *Doreen dreaming liao....* Anyway! *quickly come back to reality* Fried together two chicken eggs with one salty duck egg, yum!

ehon said...

Salted fish wins BIG time! :D

Chen said...

BKT more unhealthy :P

coz got foul play mah..
that's why SDE menang :P

*imagination runs wild*
salted egg yolk..
salted egg yolk lotus paste moon cake & salted egg yolk bak zhang..
wah.... so yummy :P

Think of food only geh

u lup ham yue ah? :P said...

As long as you don't ask anyone to sell ham ngap dan :P

Chen said...

kakkakkaa... if saying that phrase to Cantonese speaking people, sure will kena throw ham ngap dan wan. LOLOL
Might be will kena chase 9 streets also. Hahhaha

sengkor said...

like tht the person selling to u is called 'mai ham ap dan' ah?

Will said...

no way... salted duck egg more unhealthy... bkt is healthy, bkt got herbs... hahahahah

Chen said...

oh ya..
true also hoh?
kesian those salted duck egg seller

wah !! ini really main ti(p)u liao :P
reminds me of the HOLY BKT joke tim

Anonymous said...

I want oni the egg white can? You can have the tan wong..Hehe..


rinnah said...

I feel like having mooncake with the salted egg yolk now! *salivates*

Chen said...

wah, good deal woh
let's exchange telur
i take the ham dan wong and u sapu the dan pat

Mooncake available in the market liao. Let's go sapu. i bought my first mooncake for the year one and half week ago, and have mooncake instead of birthday cake for my birthday. LOL

carmen said...

i've ordered some mooncake frm my colleague, with sde. she said no more sde, almost the whole sgp has no stock.

ask me to find frm my neighbourhood. hahaha...

so kuah cheong.

carmen said...

i think i shall try the SDE CKT.

sound yummy.

carcar said...

sorry, is me.. i logged in with wrong ID :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

adui...tersilap typed...keke

shuld be SDE...=P

so paiseh...

Bengbeng said...

i definitely will cook this tomorrow :) I will come back more often, dont want to miss out on potential cooking ideas from you hehe

_butt said...

I get mine in mooncakes! haha :P

have a great sunday!

Chen said...

wah... SDE out of stock in Singapore ah? very kua cheong liao

Hahahha.. I can export ham ap dan to Singapore liao :P

The duck egg CKT is cooked with "normal" duck egg only woh, not the salted duck egg.

carcar aka carmen,
I know that is u lah..
Carcar = Carmen mah
also = Kereta Kereta :P

Chen said...

woof meow,
Hehehe... not enuff sleep er?
or too lapar liao till salah type?
Kekekeke :P

beng beng,
Hahhaa, glad u find and get some ideas what to cook from here. I'm thinking of eating pig brain now. Hahahha.. haven't have that high cholesterol stuff for ages :P

kekeke.. Mooncake Festival is just around the corner. I had the white lotus paste mooncake just now. Enjoy yours too ;)

Happy Weekend :)

a^ben said...

STD STD!!!! STD ALERT~!!! ahahahahhahahahahaha

I like DECKT~ sedaps!!!

BUT NOT STD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kok said...

got salted egg char kueh tiao ah? I wanna try!!!!

Chen said...

STD your head ah!! kakakaka
Ah Ben needs to wear spec liao :P
salah baca SDE jadi STD pulak :P

I haven't eat DECKT for 2 months liao
Time to have some soon ;)

Kakakkaa, if anyone like STD, then really cham loh --> cari pasal mah :P

it's just duck egg char koay teow, not using the salted duck egg :)

i love the salted egg crabs and prawns. Haven't try out the salted egg sotong yet :)

Kenny Ng said...

Duck egg CKT is the best! Thinking of egg, now I can cook egg without cooker in Dubai... haha

Chen said...

Might be I will have duck egg CKT somewhere next week ;)

Hahahha, the weather must be streaming hot in Dubai. Poor u. I can't imagine myself staying in such a hot environment :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Got extra SDE anot? Rotten ones better! I want to lob at some people. LOL

Chen said...

kakakkaka... wanna relive the throwing rotten egg culture ah?
as long as u dun lob at me can liao

papercrazy said...


I can eat one whole egg with just over 2 tabelspoon of rice....

Chen said...

Quote "I can eat one whole egg with just over 2 tablespoon of rice

Re-read the statement TWICE to double confirm...

Wah... so salty how to eat the whole egg with just 2 tablespoon of rice ah? I salute u kaw kaw liao. Kkkkkkk

Simple American said...


Not supposed to say anymore hor?

*blink blink*

Chen said...

u did the right thing :P

psy00060 said...

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
And I also prefer the eye yolk! hehe...

Chen said...

Gimme 5. Yeah !!
Salted duck egg rocks, especially the eye yolk ;)