Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunny Hill

Yesterday night I browsed through some "old" photos and came across these batch of snapshots, taken in May 2007 during my previous visit back home. I still have vague memories of the following sms dialogues a couple of minutes before we went to Sunny Hill, Kuching.
Ben : Free to go out ah? Chia u eat sunny hill ice cream.
Me : I'm free. OK
Ben : Ask Pink Cotton and see whether she free to join or not?
Me : Ah Ben asked u wanna go sunny hill for ice cream?
Pink Cotton : Now? I'm going to church. u ask him raining eat what ice cream?
Me : Haha, last time winter time also i ate ice cream leh.

Sunny Hill Ice Cream, here we came (together with Ah Ben since Pink Cotton pergi church @ Sunday evening). The sky was dark and cloudy but didn't rain. Kuching folks have been enjoying the popular Sunny Hill Ice Cream, which has been operating for decades but this was my first visit there. Some said that Sunny Hill Ice Cream is the best ice cream in town. Business was good and we had to queue up for the sweet (+ salty) treat.

The creamy and smooth vanilla-flavoured soft ice cream with peanut chunks as topping (or also known as the pam pam pam type of soft ice cream by Ah Ben), which became soggy towards the end. Hehehe

This is something unique - the salty popcorn, which we don't get to see frequently. And up to date, I have never come across any salted popcorn yet in Penang. I prefer the salted popcorn in comparison with the widely available sweetened or caramel popcorn.

*Thinking.. My next visit back home to Kuching, Sarawak, but when?


ehon said...

yeah lor. when u coming back again? come back when i'm back hor! kekekekekee. :P

make ur own salted pop corn lar! :P kekekekekeke

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

salted pop corn? so unique...hehe...must be tatsy...yumm yumm...

how come 2 posts also got salted geh?


Chen said...

Dunno yet when is my next trip back home. Will see how thing goes. U will be back again to Kuching in November? ;)

Leceh lah making own salted popcorns.
Okie, next time i go back to Kuching, u made for me. Hhahahaha

woof meow,
its not that tasty leh. If u have a sweet tooth, then u won't like it. Most people are too used to the caramel sweet popcorns ;)

We need salt to survive mah. Sodium chloride or NaCl is essential for survival ;)

Imagine eating a dish without salt. Tasteless liao :P

Doreen said...

Sunny Hill! (o_o)!! I WANT~~~! Been there several times, everytime I went back to Kch but still haven't got a chance to try their pandan flavour ice-cream... (-_-)

Eee....salty pop corn, don't like! I prefer sweet honey ones which we don't have here. (-_-)

Redsponge said...

u coming back?

mistipurple said...

ice cream slows down digestion in my stomach nowadays. :( but i like i like i misssss ice cream..

Chen said...

Got pandan flavour ah? I thought they only have vanilla and chocolate flavour :P

u coming back to Sarawak next year, right? (If i didn't get mixed up lor, hahahha.. cos chat with too many people liao).

Kekkee.. u have a sweet tooth.

red sponge,
Sor far no plan yet bila nak balik kampung lah. Might be end of the year, might be next year :D

Since there is direct flight available, easier to go back home liao. Dun have to waste so much time waiting for the connecting or transit flight in KL or LCCT :)

Chen said...

ehehehe.. u suddenly pop up geh?
hak sei ngor :P

Ah Boy asks me to convey this message to u. He cakap hoh, if u can't take or finish the ice cream, he will sapu on your behalf, cos he lup and hearts ice cream ;)

Doreen said...

Got got! Rick tried it before but it was like er....more than 10 years ago. Dunno if they still sell this flavour or not lor.

Ya, going back next year. Wah~~still sooo long to go, how to wait? hehehe. I shall eat till I drop! (^_^)

Kok said...

I've wrote a post about ice cream before. Winter should eat ice cream according to my friend cause it won't melt! hahaha!

And the salted popcorn, you can find it here in Australia. Apparently, they like salted pop corn more than the caramel pop corn like you. As for me, I like caramel popcorn! haha! Want popcorn? Chef Kok can make for you. ;)

You Sarawakian also?!?! *HIGH 5*!

mistipurple said...

sometimes can buy popcorn in paperbag packing in supermarket. put in microwave for like 1 minute, then pop pop pop sound, then the paper bag expand fat fat with all the air inside, then instant popcorn come out already!

Chen said...

more than 10 years ago?
wow... heheheh
i dunno whether it's still available or not, cos if i didn't remember wrongly i only saw the vanilla and chocolate flavour :D

time flies, soon it will be 2008 liao :)

kekekke, that's true. I remember eating ice cream during winter in China last year (CNY time).

I will try the salty popcorn if i visit Oz. Better still if Chef Kok prepares wan :D

Yeah, Sarikei is my hometown :D
*High 5*

wah, so simple ah?
Dunno whether it's available here or not liao :D

p/s: Those pop pop sound will give Ah Boy a shock liao. LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

That girl sitting outside the shop wear hotpants is you ah?
How come you go out with us you don't put on hot pants geh?

Chen said...

ini Cocka having illusion liao :D
coz tat day too "hot" mah !!
hot in the sense it's going to rain soon.

Thinking if there is a way for the photographer be inside the photograph for wide angle shot. LOL

Will said...

when you go? can i tag along? hehehe

slurp! said...

no address of sunny hill?
how far was it from kuching town centre?

Bernard said...

Ahhh... another food blog to tmept me?

Jackson said...

wow..... the ice-cream loks good with peanuts on top! Hope to go Kch one day

papercrazy said...

the ice cream there is worth supporting for few reasons:
1) it's healthy as it is milk powder based
2) runs by the seventh day adventist to support their church
3) the popcorn is super yummy

Anonymous said...

Wahhhh...really lau hui sui oredi..Kalau top it with choc , lagi besttttt..


cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc, that's the only ice cream we were allowed.

sengkor said...

ask aben bring us there sin..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

So when u cum back to kch can made a food comparison or not? Have a nice day!

Giddy Tiger said...

That ice cream is looking so good now...but I can't imagine what salted pop corn tastes like. I like mine with loads of butter and sugar! :D

Chen said...

i dunno yet when i will balik kampung. Might be end of the year, might be next year. Tak tahu bila lagi geh :D

I dun have the address. It's located not far away (opposite the road) from Timberland Medical Center. Need to ask the locals there for proper direction.

I think it's around 15 to 20 minutes drive from town centre? Just a rough estimation :)

This is more of a rojak blog leh. I slot in everything here. Hahahha, from maggots, fly, frozen lizard, cockroaches to yummy food :P

Kekekke.. Enter at your own risk.

Chen said...

u definitely should visit Kuching.
There are lotsa different food stuff available there. I have wrote several reviews in the past - the vegetables, fruits etc etc which are not available over here in Peninsular :)

Kekkeke, u are one big "fan" too just like your sister? Everything milk and Moo-moo based is good ;)

LOLOL.. I remember someone hiding the chocolate inside the freezer so that the kids cannot find it. If I didn't remember wrongly, that's you, right? Kekkekeke

Chen said...

Sunny Hill 老字号 :D

yeah, and u can share-share the ice cream with someone tim in Kuching. Very sweet liao :)

hor ny ang moh,
Food comparison of what and what ah? I catch no ball liao :D

giddy tiger,
Hehhehe..substitute the sweet taste with the salty taste and u can roughly guess how it taste like liao :D

Pink Cotton said...

my months long sms still there!!
UR MEMORY!!! can i cut out ur brain???heeheee

the salty popcorn is my fav!!!..only can find there...i like leh!!..yum yum

ya!! when u come back???hmph this time i cannot miss the sunny hill trip liao...u come togeder with those people lor?? u kno u kno?

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Wah.. don't lah cut my brain. :O
Of coz i remember coz u perli us mah.. raining go eat ice cream
Kakakkaka.. This one die die also will remember one. LOL

Yeah loh, the salty popcorn is unique. Couldn't find elsewhere including Penang. (Oz got)

I dunno when is my next trip back home. Hehehehe, u talking about the gang going there in October ah? I couldn't join them lah at that time :P

Redsponge said...

ooo ok lor. if come back, we go makan again lo hiak!

Chen said...

sure sure. If i coming back, i will tell u all before hand. Kekkekkek

water_angel said...

Sunny Hill ice creams are the best! =) It's the only place you can get god quality authentic pam pam ice cream in Kuching. And the nuts are butter glazed, and they taste delicious!

lol....promoting ice cream when I'm supposed to be on a diet -_-"

Chen said...

water angel,
hahah.. even the McD ice cream couldn't fight them? Yeah, I do know most Kuching folks prefer Sunny Hill ice cream much more than other ice cream, that's why it is labelled as the BEST ice cream in town :D

a^ben said...


i name all the flavas: vanilla everyday got, then got chocolate, pandan, corn and strawberry~


yealor that pink cotton got say raining k not eat keh lem meh? ahahhha~

*pam pam pam pam *

Simple American said...

You'll like popcorn over here then. Most times the kernels are salted. In fact most Americans would find it strange to sweeten popcorn with sugar. However, caramel is definitely one of my favorites. :)

Chen said...

wah.. so much flavour available ah? Must pay that place another visit liao! Kkkkkkkk....

Yes, Pink Cotton said that dat day woh. How can u forget ah? Kkkkk... Yeah, u were still driving (near the roundabout area) at that time when she sent that sms. Kakkaka, I still remember the scene :P

Pam Pam Pam...
not talking about pump petrol, okie? LOL

Woo... so I can find salted pop corns easily in USA and Australia?
That's great. *Salivating*

fibrate said...

I remember Sunny Hill ice cream! Used to go there on lazy Saturday afternoons.

angele said...

Ever tried popcorn with cheese?It's so yummy =D

The popcorn is still very warm and the melted cheese is spread all over the popcorn.

Salted popcorn is not as popular as sweet popcorn but for a change it's quite nice to eat.

Chen said...

Sunny Hill Ice Cream is a hang out place for many :)

Err.. The place is opened on Saturday afternoon? I thought it was closed on Saturdays.. Aiyak

Oooo.. I never tried tat.
Popcorn with cheese sounds yummy