Monday, September 10, 2007

The Exotic Duck Tongue

Does this piece of meat looks familiar? or kinky? Or does it reminds you of something?

Looking at the same stuff but from different angle, and the bony parts resemble the Y-shaped lastik or catapult. *Toink*

Those are the Exotic Spicy Duck Tongues. Something which is not widely available. I dunno how to describe the taste and texture. Kinda unique with fatty texture and slightly crunchy. There are bones inside the ducks' tongues. And you have to nibble the tongue meat off from the bone. That was the first time I tasted duck tongues and I don't mind tasting it again in the future. How about you?

p/s: Up to date, I'm still wondering... why do Ducks have Bones inside their Tongues ??? Why Why Why ?


Redsponge said... first i tot it is sotong!

may said...

hmmm... I'm trying to remember if I've had this before in Beijing. I think I might've. ok to eat lah, but think how many ducks have gone into that one small dish -- just their tongues! LOL!

sbanboy said...

WAh din know that Duck Tongue also can eat ..... hmmmm

Chen said...

Let me look at the picture again :D

Poor duck duck :P

i also wonder, what happened to the tongues of the roasted Peking Duck? They throw it away or make it into dishes too?

Kkkkkkk... Roasted Duck Tongue :P

heheh... I ate this @ one of the Taiwanese Restaurant. Might be u can look out for it next time ;)

narrowband said...

Wow that's the first time I'm seeing such a thing!

Eryn said...

Do we have this in msia? I think it's very 'heng' in HK right?

papercrazy said...

got bone meh???

u know wat ducks eat???? and then if the tongues are not washed properly before they are cooked......

*imagination run very wild into the jungle*

mistipurple said...

i ate some kind of tongue before too. can't remember whether it's duck or chicken or goose, or dunno whose.. not pig's cos that's more common. i suddenly lost my appetite.

Jemima said...

Why? God must have his reasons for creating them that way.

giddy tiger said...

I have no idea why, but I do know you are tagged!

Chen said...

My first time trying it out too :)

yeah, i had it in Penang few months back, in one of the Taiwanese Restaurant in Midlands Park, Penang. Can't remember what is the name of the makan place though :D

Kakakkaa.. this is very mild liao if compared with eating intestines or gizzards or kidneys of oink oink etc. Those organs if not washed properly... u know lah.. Hahhaha

Chen said...

Can't be chicken tongue kua? I presume chicken has tiny tongue? LOLOL

Pig's tongue i makan before too. That one as u mentioned, is much more common and easily available ;)

Hehehe, yeah.. Everything happens for a reason. But it is better if we know the reason behind it ;)

giddy tiger,
Thanks for awarding me with the Nice Matters Award :)

ehon said...

sedap ar?

i think duck has bones in their tongue because they don't have teeth, so they grind their food using their tongue and top pallete. :P i think lar. but i'm not a zoologist hor.

Pink Cotton said...


so jijik wannnnnnnnnnn

eeeeeeeeeeeee u don come near me!!!

Chen said...

okie lah the taste :D

Your explanation boleh di terima buat masa ni. Pandai juga u woh.. Hehehe.. Wanna eat duck tongue? Dunno whether duck tongue is available in Kuching or not tim...

pink cotton,
wat jijik pulak?
yummy also leh... :P

if eating cockroach then only jijik lah ! Hhahahaa

Kok said...

Duck tongue? Eeee! haha! Have you tried pig tongue? My sis, my mum and my mother side's family loves that!

Chen said...

yeah, I have tried pig tongues. Not only once, but several times :)

You mentioned your sis, your mummy and her family side love the dish (pig tongue). How about u? :)

Wennnn said...

hmmm I liek those duck tongue wor!! I like to hv it when I go for dim sum..... dunno why???

sengkor said...


water_angel said...

erm....the second picture looks like fried offence

Chen said...

wah.. your dim sum place serves duck tongue also ah? So geng keh? Here they dun serve such dishes woh :(

dowan meh? :(

water angel,
hahaha.. after u mentioned it, i looked back at the picture again. True also leh. I never realised that earlier on :P

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Dr Chen,

Ho chiak ar? hmmm...I think I'll give a pass.

The bones? Is it to make it firmer and therefore easier for the duck to 'slurrrrppp'/spoon their food?

marsha said...

and you actually ATE it??? You ate someone's....something's....some animal's tongue????? eugh!!!!!

but the pix look nice, tho. don't look like tounge at all. good photog, I guess.

Chen said...

It tasted okie lah. Nothing special nor fantastic though :)

I wonder if ayam has bone inside the tongue or not. Must catch our Kokokai aka Cocka and examine liao :P

Thanks for dropping by, Marsha. Yeah, I ate almost the whole plate all by myself. That was the first time I tasted duck tongues but I had tasted pig tongues several times in the past :)

Kenny Ng said...

Can eat one meh? Got bone somemore... weird!

Kok said...

I don't eat gross food. hahaha! I don't have the courage. :P

winniethepooh said...

the first time i had a tongue was when hubby's friend invited us for dinner..he gave me a ox's tongue. I nearly threw up but still i swallowed it. Not nice to throw up there right :P hehehe

NO MORE TONGUES for me (no matter pig or chicken or duck's) nonono thanks :P

Pink Winnie said...

yi. a bit 'gilik'.. :p

babe_kl said...

the ones i ate in KL no bones one!

Chen said...

yeah loh, kinda troublesome to eat the duck tongue cos of the tongue.
Kacau mah..

Chinese eats basically everything..
Another good example is the pig -> every part of the pig is consumable, including the bones and the tail :P

gross food? hahaahaa

I presume u never tasted the pig brain too? Which appeared gross to many ;)

Chen said...

winnie the pooh,
Hehehe.. i understand what u mean.
Yeah, not nice to throw out in front of your hubby's frens :)

I can't remember whether i have eaten the ox tongue before? I presume it tastes similar as the pig tongue :D

pink winnie,
one can close his/her eyes when eating the duck tongues (to minimize the "gilik"ness) :P

babe kl,
Wah... How come lidat geh?
They remove the bones from the tongue ah? :D

eastcoastlife said...

I love braised duck tongues. In China, I snack on it all day. You can even buy packaged duck tongues, packed in small packets, very convenient to carry around. And oh, the bone is removed.


Chen said...

Trying to imagine how many ducks were killed for those packets of braised duck tongues. LOL. The bones are removed? That's great. Easier to eat then :)

I will definitely look out for that if I visit China again in the future ;)

And, I love their "mah lat" beef :)

Doreen said...

Duck Tongue?!?! (0.0)!! Eee.....look a bit scary leh. Nice meh?

Chen said...

i never eat duck tongues before mah in the past, that's why i tried it out that day. Didn't expect the dish out that way (I meant the appearance). LOL

Taste wise, Not bad :)

angele said...

I didn't even know duck tongues can actually be eaten as a dish!! :O

Simple American said...

I never had duck tongue before. Just duck feet and the meat. In fact had duck last weekend. So yummy!

Chen said...

Hehehe.. u get to learn something new today. I dunno that duck tongue can be eaten in the past too :D

Duck meat is yummy. Duck feet with the webs ah? Errr.. i don't really fancy that. I prefer chicken feet or phoenix claws instead :P

carcar said...

i just had some duck wings today.



Chen said...

For duck meat, I prefer the thigh than wing. The wing meat is a bit "hard" with less fresh compared with chicken wing ;)