Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Handphone Tag

Wenn Wenn tagged me something ago with the Mobile phone or Handphone Tag, created by Leonard. This is quite a simple tag, and brings me down the memory lane again..
List down the following:
1. The phone(s) that you owned previously
2. The phone(s) that you're using now
3. The phone(s) that you're looking at to replace the current phone

1. The phone(s) that I owned previously :
1. Philip Twist - in January 1999, my first mobile phone several months after I started working.
2. Ericsson T10 T18 S - Few months later I switched to Ericsson T10 Ericsson T18 S (this is the correct model, I remembered wrongly earlier on), and used this phone for several years till the flip patah and the battery koyak .

3. Siemens 3508i

4. Nokia 3350 - and I have been using Nokia mobile phones from that day onwards...
5. Nokia 6610i - My first camera phone.

2. The phone that I'm using now:
I have been using Nokia N 73 since September 2006 till now (so fast one year liao).
3. The phone(s) that I'm looking at to replace the current phone?
I love my Nokia N73. So far no plan yet to replace my current phone. Hence i don't have any model in mind. :)

Whom i wanna tag?
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* Giddy Tigers - Phone Tag
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* Rinnah - The chronology of my mobile phones


angel said...

chup sin :p

i hv not published this tag altho' sudah buat :p

Jemima said...

Thanks for your history "lesson"
of handphones. :p

Doreen said...

Nokia used to be my favourite (^_^). Thanks for the tag and the "gift" (facebook), will do the tag soon.

Giddy Tiger said...

Hey, we are using the same phone model now! :D

may said...

am I the only one who has used only 3 mobile phones in my current lifetime so far? LOLOL!!

sure you don't want to replace your Nokia N73 with the new iPhone? soon soon!! kkkkkk!

rinnah said...

Thanks for the 'house warming' gift tag! Kekekekeke... it's in the queue right now... I still owe GT two tags!

ehon said...

i see my phoneeee! hahahahaha. :D :D

i only used er.. three phones? or 4 in my life!

Kok said...

Which phone do you dislike most?:P

Chen said...

kekeke.. waiting for u to publish your tag. While waiting, I will eat popcorn and drink diet coke :P

I did this tag few nights ago too but only publish today. :P

Hahaha, Hope u enjoy the history lesson ;)

"used to be" your favourite? Wah.. now u found "new love" liao? Hehhehee..

Thanks. Looking forward to reading and seeing "which one" is now your new love :P

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Yeah, I remember reading u r also using N73 in one of your earlier post. Nokia N73 is a great phone. I have no regrets purchasing this phone although it was pricey when I first bought it as it was just launched in the market :)

Hiaks.. It's time to get a new phone liao. Hehehe, abuthen I know u r waiting for that iPhone. Kkkkkkk... I will give iphone a pass first at the meantime :P Spending too much money on gadgets liao over the last few months :)

Kkkkkkk.. what a timely "blog warming" gift. LOL. I have few tags queueing up too. Hehehe, one of these days I will do it :P

And wait.. I saw u tagged Ah Boy!

Chen said...

Kkakaka.. seems like Nokia N73 is a popular phone hoh? Hip Hip Hooray :)

Your 3 or 4 phones is over how long ah? I mean the time frame. Mine is over 9 years since I had my first mobile phone in early 1999 :)

Kids nowadays so lucky hoh? Can own handphone at such a young age. Even primary school kids also have handphones. Last time I had to queue up in the public phone booth during university days if i want to make phone call :D

Mmmmmm... If i have to choose one, I will choose Siemens 3508i :)

My favourite one dun have to elaborate further, my current phone of coz. LOL

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said... mama use that T10 b4...=P

jiejie used so many phone b4..i only used a few phones b4 nia..

i wana change phone...!!!!keke...=P

a^ben said...

kaya hor~! everyday change hp ahhahaha :P

Wennnn said...

Heheheheh thank you for doing the tag... SOooo pei min.... hehehheheheh said...

I am still using a phone with no MP3 or camera capability :P

Chen said...

woof meow,
Kekkekke... I just realised the phone i used in the past was Ericsson T18S, not T10. Silap Silap...

Those phones were over a long period of time leh.. over 9 years leh.

At least u get your first phone early. I only have mine after I started working, with my own hard earned $$$$ leh :D

Kkekee.. ask your Woofy to sponsor u a new phone loh.

I mana ada kaya woh. :P

The phone that i changed in the past are mostly not expensive phone leh, except the Ericsson T18S and Nokia N73. Others all below 1k. The Nokia 3350 I bought was only RM300+ mah.. :P

Chen said...

Kekkeke.. This is relatively a simple and easy to do tag mah. Hehehe, just had to reminisce and walking down the memory lane, but i salah ingat the model of my Ericsson phone. Kkakakka... I just realised the correct model was T18S instead of T10. LOL

Time to upgrade? I don't have to bring my digital camera with me out nowadays as my mobile phone can do the trick ;)

Normally I seldom use the mp3 function except when waiting for my flight or transit flight in the airport in LCCT.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

So when do u next change ur phone?? Have a nice day!

Chen said...

hor ny ang moh,
I guess i won't change phone so soon (at least in the next 2 years or so), unless my current phone give problem lah.. *touch wood*

water_angel said...

Seems like everyone is using N73 nowadays..even ehon also using it...

Chen said...

water angel,
Nokia N73 is a great phone.
Ehon is so lucky to get it free :D

keeyit said...

My current record is I changed 4 phones.
1. Nokia 3310 - Spoilt
2. Motorola T31- Stolen
3. Nokia 8250 - Spoilt
4. Samsung E720 - current I am using now..

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry to hear that one of your previous phone was stolen.

I dunno the other phone models u used except Nokia 3310 - that is similar to my old phone Nokia 3350, which is a very durable phone. I accidentally dropped my phone several times on the hard cement surface/floor in the past but the phone still functioning well.