Thursday, September 13, 2007


Maymay has forgotten what is Tapai. Ehon is unsure what is Tapai either (when I yakked with him few days back).

This is Tapai - fermented rice with sweet alcoholic taste wrapped with banana leaves. Don't worry, u won't mabuk nor drunk after eating it. However, there is no $$$ back guarantee either :P

Side Note : Tapai ≠ Tupai. Tapai is not Tupai nor squirrel meat. Rest assured NO Tupai were injured in the process of making Tapai. LOL


may said...

I'm sure I've eaten this before. or haven't I? can't remember liao! really got no Tupai in there ah? got TuPac anot? kkkkk!!

Chen said...

sure u have eaten this before..
Think think think.. :D

TuPac ah?
might be can find that inside KeTuPat? Kkkkk....

Will said...

i think i'd prefer tupai...


Chen said...

aiseh, i dunno u lup tupai :P
Tupai will kiss u and lick u kaw kaw for the statement u made.

Dun run away ah..
Tupai wanna chase u liao :P

Jackson said...

i tried it before but just cannot accept... but they said is good for health...true?

mistipurple said...

bak chang! haha

Chen said...

I remember reading somewhere online that there is a research done recently with preliminary tests showing positive results - that eating fermented tapioca or tapai ubi might help to prevent few types of cancer. Mmmm.. let's keep fingers crossed :)

I thought u will say Nasi Lemak instead, coz judging from the first picture. The wrapping resembles wrapping for nasi lemak mah :D


a^ben said...

when i saw tapai.. i thought u mean the ppl very da pai @ sombong? ahhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

yet another confusing title post

*std std std std*


ehon said...

why i haven't seen that before one?! ok lar. maybe i've seen/heard that before. :P maybe i just forgot. my goldfish memory. :P

angel said...

heh? tapai? tupai? moopai? moomoo? tootoo? kkkk... *3-8*

i din know tapai is this kuih wor... hmmmm... so funny de...

ps: ehon sampat here... khikhikhi...

angele said...

I know that!!But I don't remember how they call it in Mauritius.Here people eat it with a mixture of sugar and crushed peanuts.

I never tried it though.Does it taste gud?

Firehorse said...

I haven't eaten this before, i have heard about it but never tasted it. Hmmm dunno if I dare try it....unless you say it's good.

may said...

you already know this, but anyway... you are LOVED!

papercrazy said...

I tot tapai is a type of rice wine made by the natives??

tapai is different from tupai?? wat about tapaware??

mistipurple said...

tupaware can only 'OPEN' and 'CLOSE' *cabuts*

Giddy Tiger said...

For the life of me, I can't remember ever eating this before? Where can I get it in Penang? Do you have it in your clinic, or do you prescribe this to your patients?

Leonard said...

i'm not sure what is it, sure it could be something like rice dumplings?

i want to eat!!!!

rinnah said...

I never see this before... *blur blur*

Chen said...

kakakakka.. lidat also can?
u really terpesong kaw kaw liao
da pai pulak?
might be later from dapai can deviate further to damacai. Kkakaka
*no horse were harmed in this process :P*

must brain wash u liao..
later u keep on thinking of STD STD STD only. LOL
*bring Chrolox*


Aiseh, u never see that meh? How can?? It's widely available woh..
Abuthen, seems like there are many who never see nor eat tapai before, judging from the comments.

KKkkkkk about the Goldfish Memories. Luckily u r not talking about Goldfish Uncle aka Kam Yue Lou. MUahahahaha

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wahsidis? here got ar? never see b4 geh...

macam bak chang...keke...but sure look yummy to me...

Chen said...

walao... Good lah u
Moo Moo and Too Too also being "pulled inside the water". Btw, i have a toy piglet called Too Too leh :P

This is tapai pulut. Err.. what is your impression regarding tapai earlier on? I wanna sampat :P

Kkkk... Did Ehon behave himself? Got yak and sampat till the cows come back home? LOL

Wow, u know about Tapai !! That's great :)

Tapai is sweet by itself. Wow, eating together with sugar and crushed peanut? The taste will be even more sweet then. Hehhehe

It tastes okie - sweet with tinge of alcohol taste, since it's fermented stuff :)

Chen said...

Hehhe, glad u know about this foodstuff although u never tasted it before. I'm pretty surprised many Malaysians are unaware of Tapai after reading the comments :)

U should taste it. It tastes sweet with tinge of alcoholic taste, since it is fermented glutinous rice. Kinda nice :)

Thanks Maymay.
I lup u too :)

Chen said...

Papercrazy Oh Papercrazy, u sure boh? IMHO, the rice wine made by natives is called TUAK leh, NOT TAPAI. Kkkkkkk...

U wanna minum tuak? Now we can even buy tuak in supermarket (in Sarawak lah, of coz) :P

Mmmm.. btw, apa tu Tapaware?
Same as Tupperware ah?
I suaku mah, dunno :P

Kkakakka.. reminiscing the old days


Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Err.. how come so many Malaysians never see or eat this Tapai before? I'm kinda surprised :D

Yeah, it is available in Penang. I bought it from one of the Malay stalls selling kuih in the night market or pasar malam.

Hehhee.. if i own a hawker stall and do side business, might I can keep some in the clinic. Too bad I dun have such luxuries :D

Nope, the taste is totally different from rice dumpling. It is sweet with tinge of alcoholic taste since it's fermented glutinous rice. This food stuff might be available in Singapore too, but Malay stalls lah :)

Chen said...

I really jatuh spectacles liao. How come so many Malaysians here never see Tapai before leh? It's quite a common foodstuff leh.. Hehehe, I have seen it in several states in Malaysia, including KL of coz.

Kkkkkk.. try to look out for tapai in the Malay stalls in the pasar malam, or might be in the Ramadhan bazaar too. Hehehee

woof meow,
aiyoh, u also never see Tapai before? U gotta look out for it liao. It's quite common foodstuff leh. U can find it in Malay stalls. Yeah, i bought it in Penang in one of the Malay stalls selling kuih and other foodstuff.

Might be u can find it in the Ramadhan bazaar too. Get one soon :)

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Dr Chen,

Have not eaten tapai for a long, long time liao. Last time, my old aunt or my momma used to make it but we don't wrap it like that - juts kept in a glass jar. I like it cold, so I always keep it in the fridge.

Pink Cotton said...

what is that??i also dono wo

looks like sour rice...
my eyes can taste wan u kno?? don bliv ask red sponge...i can "eat" with my play2

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Wow.. i presume homemade tapai is the best. Everything homemade tastes superior ;)

Yeah, cold tapai taste nicer. Tell u something, i bought 2 pieces of tapai a while ago and left one piece inside the fridge. And... I have totally forgotten about it till 2 weeks later. LOLOL

pink cotton,
Piak u for not knowing Tapai. Kakakkaka..

piak u again. This is sweet rice lah, apa sour pulak. I know u can eat with your eyes. Like what u did to my baked cheese oyster last year mah :P Abuthen, your eyes this time ti(p)u u liao. Kkkkkkk..

zeroimpact said...

I thought tapai is a drink???

Kok said...

I never have Tapai before. That one seems like a Ketupat to me. kekeke.

winniethepooh said...

never seen this before, does it taste like sushi? :P

Chen said...

From what i know, Tapai = fermented foodstuff using glutinous rice or tapioca. Mmmm... Papercrazy asked the same question too. Might be some places called certain drink as tapai?

Hahahha.. u should buy and taste it if u come across any foodstall selling tapai ;)

Nope, it tasted totally different in comparison with sushi. It's fermented and soggy, with sweet taste :)

Simple American said...

So got squirrel inside the rice. Hee!

Chen said...

kakakkaka... I think I never eat squirrel meat yet. LOL :D