Saturday, September 15, 2007

Photo Hunters : Plastic

photo hunters

Today's theme is Plastic.

Presenting 2 pieces of Plastic that I always carry together with me inside my wallet, which are none other than my Credit Cards. I only have 2 credit cards, one Classic Visa and one Gold Mastercard. Two is sufficient. It is troublesome to carry so many cards around. But we need to have more than one credit card, just in case one of the lines goes cuckoos when paying time, and also for online purchases such as Air Asia air tickets. Thanks to credit cards, we don't have to carry big amount of cash around as the crime rates nowadays are high. But on the other hand, we cannot carry too little cash either :P

p/s: Nowadays, we are often approached by staffs from different banks at shopping malls, offering credit cards with annual fee waiver up to two or three years and even free for life credit cards. Some of them can be very persistent and annoying. One easy and efficient tactic to avoid them from continue bugging (which I had used continuously over the past one year) is to tell them I'm already using that particular credit card rather than telling them I'm not interested. The trick works 100%. Hahhaha..

How many credit cards you have? ;)

*This is NOT a sponsored post* :P


Incog & Nito said...

Ah yes, good ole credit cards. Where would we be without them!! Great take on the theme. Enjoy your weekend.

Bengbeng said...

u sure this isn't a sponsored post? hehe
i had an accident this morning :(

ellen b said...

This kind of plastic is so popular. have a great weekend!

Chen said...

incog & nito,
yeah, hard to survive without credit cards in this modern world. But i still have friends or collegues who use cash all the time :)

hahhaha... 100% not sponsored post. Thanks for the "reminder". I have just included in a caption underneath my post --> This is not a sponsored post. LOL

Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope u are alright. Take care, BengBeng

Yeah, everybody loving it. But we have to use it with great care and don't overspend :)

Have a nice weekend

Moe said...

I think I have 4 or 5, but I NEVER use them. Not sure why I have them...

SabineM said...

I HAVE TOO MANY, but only use two. My ATM and the credit card that earns me points to trade for airfare (actually my atm does that too)...

Patricia said...

We have 1 credit card and 1 debit card and we always pay the balance of the credit card when we get the bill. It is just easier than carrying cash, but we don't buy more than we have the money in the bank to pay for it. Very good photo, too. Pollywog Creek's Plastic Photo Hunt

winniethepooh said...

Thats a good item u picked for the theme Plastic, Chen :) I oso hv 2 onli :) less temptation and less heartbreak (for hubby) at the end of the month when the bill comes hehe said...

Last month, I had to visit so many banks to cancelled my credit cards.

I cancelled 5 cards last month!
Imagine that.
They just send the cards without you even applying.

WFMom said...

Great take on plastic. Never even though of THAT! Cool shot.

pelfy said...

Credit cards. Ha! One of the most important 5Cs (well, that's what others say)

jmb said...

Two cards, just like you. The Visa and Gold Mastercard.
Sadly they send the applications in the mail non stop.

Lana G! said...

Cool picture!

Barbara H. said...

Here it seems like every department store wants you to get their store credit card -- like I need one for every single store I shop in!! I was at a store today where they asked me about 3 times if I wanted a card. We try to keep ours down to just a few.

Great pics for today! That probably should have been the first plastic thing to come to mind, but I didn't think of it.

mistipurple said...

my goal is to start cancelling my cards. when i can. yes. way too many. :(

Nap Warden said...

I have cut back on mine...I think I have 5. Is that alot??? Happy hunting!

Yen said...

Yep! The plastic:) I have the Gold Master too! Nice entry:)

chateau said...

Very beautiful photo as always.

i have an extra credit card with waived annual fees for life. The downside: no reward points. But the plus side of waived annual fees outweigh the down. Anyway, it's only for back-up.
i say that too, and it always works! They could get irritatingly persistent, eh?

ehon said...

got gold summore!

i've got one thousand. hahahaha. i wish. :( i've got 3. two my father pays, one i pay. but i very very seldom use them - except car fuel. i no money pay car fuel! lol. :P

Linda said...

Yep, that's definitely some plastic! Have a great weekend!

Queen Of My Domain said...

How could I have forgotten about credit cards. Very ingenious of you.

Anonymous said...

I tell them I have already..and they asked me if I want to get a supplementary card for my hubby..ymkc...


L B said...

I miss using my Maybank Mastercard.. I only use that when I am back in Malaysia.. Now I have to switch over to Amex... *sigh* liuliuliu...


They do come in handy when you need them the most. Good photo and have a great weekend.

AlvinC said...

too bad i dun have any... i'm still too young to have one... T^T

mine's up too... and i added some info about plastic recycling...

Chen said...

I do have friends who carry quite a number of credit cards with them too :)

Thanks. I have one ATM card (which is different from the two credit cards I have), previously I had two. Trying to minimise the number of cards I have :D

Thanks Patricia. Yeah, same as you, I also pay all the balance of the credit card within two weeks after I received the statement :)

Have a nice weekend.

Chen said...

Thanks Winnie. Two is sufficient ;)
Hehhehe.. u have supplementary cards! Thats nice :D

LOL.. sending cards even without applying? I presume u have several accounts with several banks? It's such a hassle cancelling the cards..

MayBank sent me a credit card ages ago but I cancel it. Other than that, no other banks send me credit cards liao :)

Thanks wfmom :)

Chen said...

Hahhaha. The popular 5 C concept. Nowadays, the trend is more of 5 B - Bungalow, Billionaire, BMW etc.

Two is sufficient :)
Seems like the banks are desperate looking for customers. Yeah, they send application forms to me too, which ended up inside the rubbish bin :)

lana g,
Thanks :)

Thanks Barbara. Nowadays most department store will come up with their own cards. More cards to carry around. I try to minimise the number of cards I'm carrying, else the wallet will become too bulky :D

Chen said...

wah.. i'm curious liao.
I wonder how many credit cards u have *Take a peep* :D

5 sounds a lot to me, as I only have 2.

But know there are some who have more than 10 credit cards - Mmmm.. have they fall in love with credit cards? :D

Have a nice weekend :)

Thanks. Credit card is such a wonder, as long as we don't spend beyond our paying capabilities :D

Chen said...

Thanks Chateau :)

Waived annual fee credit cards are great. Certain banks in Malaysia offer free for life credit cards too, with terms and conditions. Such as having to made a certain number of transactions or certain amount of money.

Hahaha.. Yeah, that statement always work ;)

Gold card only mah, not gold bar. cannot exchange for money wan :P

Walao, u so lucky geh? So young yet you already own 3 credit cards :D

useful pieces of plastic. Hahaha
Have a great weekend :)

Chen said...

queen of my domain,
Hehehe, another two pieces of plastic that i always carry with me are my identity card and driving license ;)

they asked u to get a supplementary card for your hubby ah? So funny. Can i laugh? LOL

Nowadays they are more clever already liao hoh? Soon they might ask u to get one for your kids or your parents. Kkakakka

AMEX sounds so.. amex
so different... from the other side of the world :P

u miss? I miss !! of coz ;)

Chen said...

Yeah, and especially we need to buy something expensive. Nowadays, it's dangerous to carry a large amount of money when we go out.

Thanks. Have a nice weekend too :)

It won't be long. Time flies very fast.. Soon u will be eligible to apply for one :)

I will hop over to your blog soon. Have a nice weekend :)

galeria said...

nice idea!

i have one with limited account. afraid to have a lots of credit.

sengkor said...


eastcoastlife said...

I have several but don't like to use them because I always forget to pay and kena charged interest. ish.

Chen said...

Thanks Galeria.
Yeah, we need to have at least one credit card.

UNO? really ah?
or u just habis main UNO card game?

There was once or twice I forgotten to pay my credit card too. I only realise when I received the credit card statement for the subsequent month. Luckily it was just a small amount, or else jialat loh :D

may said...

my favourite kind of plastic! but here hor, they charge you extra for using credit card wan. we pay the 2.5% or whatever it is that merchants back in KL pay on our behalf. cheh... no fun liao. I'd rather use my debit/savings card here...

pelf said...

I'm a poor poor student, and I don't have a plastic card, LOL.

Woodlandmama said...

I have two normal cards, and store cards for the places I shop online, because often if you have a store card, you get free shipping and other discounts. You just have to pay off what you spend.

Sanni said...

HA! I nearly posted a picture of credit cards, too. But mine wasn´t as great as yours. So I´m glad Octo-Pussy moved into our home. I´ve posted some pictures of her instead =)

Have a great weekend.

jams o donnell said...

Great photo. Credit cards are a fact of life now even if it is all too easy to go mad with them (been there, done that!). Have a great weekend

Mags said...

Ha! My post has a little something to do with this kind of plastic too! 8)

Rach said...

My favourite type of plastic, shame you have to pay it back tho! happy weekend :-)

Paulie said...

I se that you and several others thought of the same thing. Good thinking! That never even crossed my mind. lol Come and see mine.

Chen said...

lidat wan ah? then no fun liao
i have a ATM/debit card but i never used it before (i mean i use the ATM card only to withdraw money from ATM but never use it as debit card :P)

hehhehe.. i was once in your shoes too. I only applied for my first credit card after started working for 4 years plus ;)

I have few departmental and store cards too with extra benefits for members such as sales, discounts on selected items etc :)

Chen said...

Hehehe, Your Octo-Pussy looks great too. Luis sure has a good time playing with it. I can even imagine him squeezing the Octo-Pussy. LOL

Yeah, we need to be careful with credit cards. Most importantly spend within our payback capabilities and don't over spend ;)

oh.. okay. I will visit your place soon :)

Chen said...

Hahha, using credit card is similar as spending "future" money. A common scenario is.. Most people won't feel the pain when swapping the card and tends to overspend.. when the credit card statement comes at the end of the month, o.O...

Happy weekend :)

Hehehe... Yeah, there are so many plastic items that we come across in our daily lives. Countless... plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic card.. At the end I choose to post up plastic cards aka credit cards ;)

YTSL said...

I have two credit cards but tend to just carry one around. Also, try to use cash (and my ATM card) more than my credit card. In general, find that this strategy helps me to spend less!

Chen said...

I see. But u need to carry more cash with u then. I feel insecure carrying so much cash together with me :)

Doreen said...

I also got two. One Master and one Visa. Master one has smaller credit used only for online purchase. Visa for day-to-day purchases. Hehehe

Chen said...

So far the only online purchases i did was buying Air Asia and Mas air tickets. LOL

Simple American said...

I have too many credit cards. I think I have four at present. But I use them for special situations.

One is for common expenses. Two is for the rare occassion I am at a store that will note take one. Three is just because I want to fill special by having this one. Four is used only for internet purchase.

I also keep the credit limit to a low value. Don't want a thief to spend a whole lot if I can avoid it.

Chen said...

4 credit cards = u have to pay quite an amount of annual fee for all the cards? Does US offer free-for-life credit card or waived annual fee cards? :)

day-dreamer said...


It works 100%: tell them you are using their cards already!! Haha.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hahhaha, it works for me all the time too. But this trick doesn't work for Eve, as after she mentioned she already has the card, mana tau they asked her to get a supplementary card for her HUBBY pulak. Hahhahahhahahhaha..

Really siu sei ngor after reading tat.

Simple American said...

I pay no annual fees. If the credit card wants to charge me an annual fee, they can keep their card.

Chen said...

so nice :)
any terms & conditions for those free cards? such as u need how many transactions or any certain quota u need to fulfill? :)