Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cabbages and Condoms

Why Cabbages and Condoms ?? What has Cabbages to do with Condoms? The first time I came across the name was from Bibik Nyonya's post, featuring the Cabbages and Condoms Potato Chips. Many have been wondering how the name arise including yours truly.
(Photo courtesy of Bibik Nyonya)
A week or two ago, I found out there is a makan place with the name Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. What a name !! It is to raise funds for Thailand's Population and Community Development Association (PDA) and to promote birth control and family planning, to boost HIV/AIDS awareness and other health related issues. How the name Cabbages and Condoms come about? It is to promote condoms usage - to made it as common as and accepted just like cabbages, as cabbages are common food and staple diet in Northeast Thailand.

"Our food is guaranteed NOT to cause pregnancy." Hahaha.. What a unique and eye-catching slogan.


L B said...

LOLOL, EFND™!!!! Get Condom Widget!

may said...

harharhar! I wonder if the condoms taste like cabbages? :P

w said...

That is brilliant! It takes away the stigma from using condoms or being too prude about it. And it's good that the campaign is very innovative and really involving the public.

Your Love Coach

mistipurple said...

i order yattaaa of each.

sbanboy said...


Bengbeng said...

I first read abt this on photohnters post by

they r doing the right thing...take the stigma out of the word condom said...

So, the potato chips also guaranteed not to cause pregnancy? :P

Wennnn said...

I won't wan the condom lor... I wan BB la... hehhehehe

slurp! said...

hmmm ... looks like marketing gimmick than trying to create awareness on the use of condoms

btw, condoms are available at petrol stations for free @ northern thailand

Chen said...

Indeed EFND™, that's why i get to know about the C & C Restaurant. LOLOL

From Sitemeter Widget, now we upgrade to Condom Widget liao. Kkkkkk

Orange or Strawberry or Banana flavoured condom i know lah,
but Cabbage-flavoured condom?

Thanks for visiting. Yeah, that is indeed a brilliant idea. Thanks to Mr Mechai Viravaidya :)

Chen said...

Okie okie...
looking for someone to take down orders :D

Wake up wake up..
if u still continue pengsan-ing, then i need to put u in the recovery position liao :P

Hahha, yeah.. I still remember at that time (after reading the "dirty" entry regarding the cabbage & condom potato chips, most of us were still scratching our heads trying to relate the cabbages and the condoms, and that was just few weeks back. :)

Chen said...

Kkakakka... yeah yeah.
Can eat the whole packet without any worries :D

Hahaha.. Wenn Wenn can eat the cabbage, but no free dom dom for u with the meal then :P

Most of the populations in Thailand are still unaware of the importance of using condom to prevent spread of STD or HIV or AIDS. I have seen several patients (working in the sex industry) with Thai nationality with HIV or AIDS. They are totally ignorant. Although condoms are available, but they dunno the importance and the need to use it. That's why HIV and AIDS are so prevalence in Thailand. Sad cases :(

ehon said...

lol! i thought what's with this doctor - cabbages and condoms. lol!

psy00060 said...

I thought u would talk about potato chips in cabbage shape when I first spotted the pic! hehe... what an interesting one!

papercrazy said...

I dun eat cabbages a matter of fact, i hate the smell of cabbages....


Winn said...

but the food how? wont cause pregnancy but taste like rubber ar?

Doreen said...

What a slogan! Didn't know cabbage is common food in Thailand. Then they should also use Tom Yum and Condom mah. Tom Yum is even more popular, no? Go Cabbages! Go Condoms!!

Chen said...

wat? apa lu fikir?
*sampat* :P
which one u prefer then?
cabbage or condom?

Hehehhe.. If i visit Thailand again in the future, I will look out for this potato chips. Wanna see how it taste like ;)

aiseh, cabbage so nice..
so yummy, especially if cooked with lotsa chillies..
really lau nua ;)
even so, i prefer the chinese cabbage than the ang moh cabbage :)

Chen said...

Hopefully not liao :P
I will tell u how it taste like if i get the chance to visit this restaurant ;)

Wanna visit Thailand?
Can go makan-makan and sampat there

Hhahahaa.. talking about tom yam, now i feel like eating tom yam pulak. The hot and super spicy Thai tomyam - the one which eat till sweat kaw kaw wan. Hhahaha

Go Go Go.... :D

angel said...

Why not tomyam and condom?
Why not curry and condom?
Why not laksa and condom??


Chen said...

reminiscing New World Park
reminiscing the fruit rojak
reminiscing the chee cheong fan
reminiscing the oh chean
reminiscing the chen-dol
reminiscing the ambla soey boey
reminiscing Ipoh White Coffee
reminiscing the peanut butter toast..
reminiscing the sampat session
reminiscing yesterday night..

Ooops, i keluar topic liao :D


Pink Winnie said...

wahaha.. it's interesting and special.. :p

angele said...

If we had something like that in Mtius I bet you some people would have jumped!
They won't be seeing the bright side of it but rather the *condom* side!

But it's a brilliant idea definitely =D

Pink Cotton said...

WAH so good!

if like that durex sure cap lak soon...HAHAHA

Chen said...

pink winnie,
And this is something that we will never get to see in our country. Hahhahaa..

LOL. That is indeed a brilliant idea. Bravo to Mr Mechai Viravaidya for coming up with such an idea :)

pink cotton,
Hhahaha.. Durex won't chap lap lah
The first picture i created myself wan. Dunno what condom they offer there :D

I heard that the diners will be distributed free condoms. Are u interested? LOLOL

Simple American said...

Condoms at the restaurant. So their food must be efing good. wakakakakaka

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Don't u think bananan & con*dom more suitable? But then I suppose the thai don't take bananan as stable food! Have a nice day!

JL said...

pai seh pai seh... lama tak drop by sini... Happy Belated B'day!

Chen said...

might be loh..
Hehhhee.. don't forget to pay this restaurant a visit if u happened to visit Thailand in the future. ;)

hor ny ang moh,
Imagine if someone takes banana as staple food. Hehehe... excessive banana intake = frequent bowel
output and stomach discomfort.

Thanks :D
Late is always better than never mah. Kekkekeke

day-dreamer said...

LOL!!! These people are really creative!!! Hahaha~

Chen said...

day dreamer,
might be.. eating more cabbage will made us brainy? Whatever it is, I still love cabbage, especially chinese cabbage :D

just me said...

Hats off to them for their creativity !

Over here, kangkong and condoms?

Chen said...

just me,
haahah... kangkung & condom is indeed a good idea but very likely this idea will be banned & will never be implemented, since this is Malaysia. LOL