Friday, September 21, 2007

Photo Hunters : Paper

photo hunters

Today's theme is Paper.

Since I put up the credit card picture for the theme plastic, what else will I put up for the theme paper if not $$$ notes? This is the type of paper that everyone likes. Do you know anyone who dislikes money? I know money cannot buy everything but without money we cannot buy anything. How to survive if one has no money? What an irony truth. But bear in mind never worship money nor become slaves to moolah.

Do you agree that Money is the Root of ALL Evil? I will modify the statement to The Love of Money is the Root of MOST Evil.


winniethepooh said...

nice papers! wow..can give me some chen? :P

eastcoastlife said...

Lucky, I almost put up 'money' too. I use pang sai chua. hahaha.....

Chen said...

hahhaa... which colour paper u prefer? violet? blue? red? green?

LOL at your exam paper and toilet paper scene. Luckily u dun have to use hand. Ngek Ngek Ngek :P

L B said...

How much is one Lormaikai?

Chen said...

Faint.. I can't remember the exact price of lormaikai liao..

But at least I know we can buy few hundred Lormaikai with the eight hundred bucks :D

angel said...

no marnie, no honey!
so, gimme gimme gimme!!

marnie marnie, wo ai niii!!!

mistipurple said...

pom chak chak, money come money money come come..

may said...

nope... like what Robert Kiosaki says, not having any money is the root of all evil. so gimme more, more, more!

Chen said...

Pom chak chak

somehow seeing the word marnie reminds me of mamee, neh... the deep fried instant noodle snack. Wah.. I feel like eating it now.. Hungwee woh

this reminds me of the taichi dance leh... neh, those money come pom chak chak steps. LOLOLOL

LOL.. with more MooLah, we can buy more stuffs and gadgets. Ah Boy will buy more char siew. And Maymay will definitely buy the iphone. Kekekee..

jmb said...

Well of course you are going to post paper money! Great idea. Are you giving free samples?

ellen b said...

yes won't argue with the good book on that one...

Carver said...

Good post and your money is more attractive than the paper money where I live. We don't have much color on U.S. bills as someone else commented who likes different currencies from their own.

Chen said...

hehheeh... i can only afford to give out free sample of the smaller paper notes, not the 100 bucks notes. LOL

glad to hear that. Happy hunting

I have never been to US yet but I have vague memory how the US bills look like :) Our paper notes here in Malaysia are colourful.

Have a great weekend :)

liucas said...

i dun like money one..

Chen said...

Ooh.. if that is the case, if your mummy or daddy give u money in the future, u can pass it to me or Ah Boy :)

Delima Kesih Manyak Manyak

rinnah said...

Hahaha... I want that paper shown in the picture... can donate some ah? LOL!

Bengbeng said...

wuah yr post leaves me speechless...there are a lot of things I would do for money but there are lots of thing I definitely would not do for money. Money is the root for some evil but not most, in my opinion. Many factors motivate people :)

For example I might 'kok' somebody's head for a bowl of Penang assam laksa now. I haven't taken anything since lunch yesterday hahahaha

Melli said...

LOL! I'm not sure I agree that money is the root of ALL evil -- but you are right - the love of it can sure get ya into trouble! This was a great idea for the theme!

Anonymous said...

You have such colorful paper money. Great idea. Have a good weekend. Mine is up, stop on by.

Chen said...

Kekkekke... I took that photo early this year, in January kua. Now the paper in the picture all gone liao

kekeke... u r not "totally" speechless yet since u can still write something. LOL.

Wah.. whose' head u wanna 'kok'? :P
why u didn't eat anything since lunch yesterday? Fasting or u go on diet ah? :)

Thanks Melli. Have a great weekend :)

Thanks. I will visit yours soon :)

J.T. said...

Hello Chen

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Without money, we cannot live. We all work for money to survive. I believe it is when one becomes complacent about survival, then it moves on to the search for a lifestyle. Some want to live beyond what they can afford and to keep up with it, they will need and want more money.

The evil, I guess, comes in when one will do anything to get that amount of moolahs to keep up with a lifestyle.

CRIZ LAI said...

Very well said. Money IS the root of all evil. It's not evil to ask those shown in the photo with politeness right? Haha.. Nice idea!

Jane said...

I like the perspective in that photo (and the fan shape)and I guess that is how I feel about money. It needs to be kept in perspective. It may be the route of all evil, but it is not the source of *all* happiness!

Chen said...

Yeah, we need $$$ to survive ;) And most importantly one has to get the money through proper and legal channel, not via wicked and illegal ways, and do no harms ;)

hahaha.. your idea is not evil. LOLOLOL. Too bad I have used up all those money since the photo was taken early this year.

Well said, and ai'm sure u r a neat person and keep your stuffs in perspective :)

meeyauw said...

You have re-written it perfectly and it is true.

ehon said...

wahhh!! loktor, where u got so much money? gimme one pls! just one! :D *grins* *fatt hao*


Chen said...

Thanks Meeyauw, glad u share the same opinion :)

pom chak chak fatt hao Ehon.
This is MYR or RM leh, not AUD or Aussie dollar :P

Those are the angpow money i gave to my family members leh during CNY, mainly to my mum lah. If u are my brother, might be i can consider giving u... Kkekekkeke

Queen Of My Domain said...

Very good choice. I thought there may be a few with the paper version of money this week.

Happy Hunting. said...

I only have one line:

sai mm sai ar? :P

Yen said...

Umm..I wouldn't say no to that! LOL Nice paper:)

Mine is up as well! Happy Weekend!

Chen said...

queen of my domain,
Thanks. Yeah, Money paper notes are something essential that we bring together with us daily wherever we go (unless at home).

hahaha... as long as i didn't post up those 阴尸钱 or chinese hell money paper notes can liao. :P

This is the type of paper that everyone loves. I will visit yours soon. Happy weekend ;)

Jhoaniquing said...

yes very well said..nice entry..happy hunting.
mine is up too and pls log on my linky.

mich said...

haha hell notes? lol.. bet everyone run away liao..btw i love purple colour alot..hint hint* hee

Trinity said...

this entry made my eyes blink! Will you send some for me please?


Chen said...

Thanks, I will visit yours.
Happy weekend :)

Hahhaha, that's why i won't put up such entry. Abuthen, I have posted several cemetery related posts with photos in the past ;)

u love purple colour a lot? *giggle*
u want yam mooncake?
it's purple in colour too..

Hehehe... I think u don't mind I sending u the photo instead of the real thing too, right? LOL

pelf said...

WOW, that's enough to sustain me for more than a month! :)

Paulie said...

If money is the root of al evil, I guess I need some evil in my life??? lol I do believe the correct wording is LOVE OF . . . Good choice for this theme because it is interesting seeing the currency of different countries. Come and se mine.

Chen said...

Hehhee.. It is sufficient if I just use that amount of money for food and groceries for a month. If adding in paying back house and car loans, phone & streamyx bill, electric bill, water bill, credit cards bill, petrol, this and that etc, then that amount of money is not sufficient :P

Thanks Paulie. I have just came back from your place. Those girl scout membership card u have are lovely momentos. It sure bring back memories :)

Kucing Mafia said...

You have got 100

I got myself 1,5 an 10

See Kucing Mafia PhotoHunt

Does anyone has 50?

Chen said...

kucing mafia,
I dunno whether is there anyone out there who posted the RM50 notes for the theme, but i do know i have few inside my wallet :D

mich said...

mooncake eat till wanna puke d...sei mm sai... ;p wanna share?lol

Chen said...

hahahha... u overdose of mooncake prior to the actual date of mooncake festival? Share some with me then.. LOL

BlurMommy said...

Hey I need some of that paper for my next trip back to Msia!! :) Great photo!!

BlurMommy said...

Hey I need some of that paper for my next trip back to Msia!! :) Great photo!!

everydayhealy said...

I really can't agree with you that the money is evil! Cuase even seems your brain is full of $$$, as you post all the entries about money! haha... But, I don't think you are evil!hehe....

Anyway, I am so tempting on money now... look at all those RM 100 notes... LOL!

mich said...

still got 4-5 mooncakes at home..i myself not sure..haha

slurp! said...

money isn't evil, human greed IS! :)

Simple American said...

I agree with you sister. :)

Malaysia got pretty monies.

Chen said...

Thanks, BlurMommy.
Hope u enjoy yourself truly @ your coming visit to Msia :)

hahaha, i post things that i see everyday mah. We use money everyday and we bring it together with us wherever we go, don't we? :D

and my brain is not full of money wan lah, if not i will join the private practise long time ago liao, in which i can earn more than double of what i earn now :D

Chen said...

wah.. so much
i dun have any with me leh :(

yeah that is evil..
and money can change a person, from good to evil...
how sad :(

hehehhe... when u wanna come over and use those colourful blue, green, red, purple etc money? :D