Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Miss Whatever in Town

Miss Whatever Angel sent me a sms last Sunday "Psstt, u pree to go sampat?". *Snip* She hopped onto the ferry to Penang island, and the journey began.

This is how her NEW nickname Miss Whatever came about (something that i just decided a couple of seconds ago). Thanks to her Miss Whatever Doraemon Bag (according to the fatt hao Ehon, she has anything and everything in there). Since Ehon took a picture of her bag, I die-die also must take one shot :P

What to do in Penang island? What else besides makan-ing? and of coz not forgetting sampat-ing too leh. The sky was dark and I thought it might rain later in the night, hence I chose sheltered eating outlets, but my weather forecasting failed. Mr Rain didn't pay Penang a visit that night. New World Park, Here we go !! Oh Chean, Chee Cheong Fun, Penang Fruit Rojak, Chendol and Ambla Soei Boey. Chow chow chow, Yak yak yak, Eat eat eat, Snap snap snap and Talk talk talk (but we don't gossip, unlike someone.. *ahem*) till the Moos almost come back home. LOL

After makan, it's time to jalan-jalan cari makan again. Of course we jalan-jalan and see-see look-look for a while first before we cari makan again. Wah.. ada fountain inside New World Park, which reminds me of KL. Deja Vu liao. This is quite a happening place. Bakuteh King, 600 cc, Nyonya Cafe, Banana Leaf Restaurant, Sheng Hiang store, NetCity Cybercafe, Old Town Kopitiam, coming Starbucks etc etc..

We continue our whatever-ing session in the Old Town Kopitiam. The night owl, Angel minum kopi and I had non caffeinated drink (if i drink coffee at 9 pm, insomnia will befriend me for sure). Ice cream toast out of stock (bawl) and we settled down with Peanut Butter toast instead. Yak yak yak again.. censored *snip*. Time flies and tick tock tick tock.. almost 10 pm liao, and we had spent almost 3 hours in the airy & spacious New World Park.

Angel, HOW CAN i forget to hug u leh that night? I know why liao, cos I'm driving. LOL.. I must remember to do so when I see u again this coming Sunday. My sampat partner in crime, and the Queen of Rock, Paper & Scissors. &aposHugs&apos (<- U know I know what this means), Kkkkkkkkk.


angel said...

Really sampat talk! Today got Major Sampat Bug bit us, horrr?? kkkkk...

Thanks for bringing me to such a happening World! Really very KayElle liao! I felt like I was in KayElle... got so many makan places... got stage show summore... got help tourist to take pics summore...kkkk... got liulian tao sar pneah to buy summore! BTW, I love the Oren wan! That time they oni hv one kotak left, I sapu liao hehe...

Today I also had one kotak of liulian flavour wan... my parents were amazed to see the many types of flavours of the tao sar pneah! kkkkk... they agreed the liulian wan is sedaps!

Alamak, so cheonghei geh... kkkk... thanks for the company when I was so boringzzz 'overseas'... kkkk...

We'll hug and sampat this wkend! Muaks!

ehon said...

eh, wad unlike me har?! -_-

keep seeing my names!! hmph!

ehon said...

kakakakakaka. angel so sampat!

TZ said...

I been to New World Park during my last trip to Penang... The place is awesome... cool and modern in the mid of Burmah Road.

angel said...

Oi ehon, apa call me sampat?? Chen say you IS the Sampat King! U can eat Bakuteh King, you Sampat King! Muahahaha...

*lost it*

Chen said...

kakkakkaa... yeah loh.. ym and facebook chat, now sampat here pulak :P

Next time we can yak there more often. Bila nak balik Penang lagi?
hehhe, i never tried the orange tau sar pneah yet. Must buy liao since u cakap sedap. How's teh hay bee tau sar pneah. I like that one too.

Kkkkk.. "overseas" pulak :P
Yeah, we will hug & sampat again this coming weekend. Muacks

kakkakkaa.. of coz lah..
who else?
Bluek :P

u r sampat too..

Chen said...

Yeah, that is indeed a happening place in town. Now Penangites has a new place to hangout. I recommended the place to few of my colleagues too :)

yeah, Ehon is not only sampat, but fatt hao also (better run before he piaks me) :P

Kkaakka, next time when the Sampat King comes to Penang, must drag him to BKT King liao. Then baru in par hoh? King & King mah. Kkakakka

*lost apa*?

ehon said...

hahahahahahahaha! ur comment so long ler. longer than your own blog entry ar!! tsk tsk tsk. :P

*piak Chen with a sotong*

Chen said...

piak ehon with char bee hoon :P

Angel today happy mah..
that's why :P
(nothing to do with CH3CH2OH, i presume?), blame it on the liulian tau sar pneah then. kkkkkkk

mistipurple said...

i want tao sar pneah! any flavor also can!!!!

L B said...

I want to live inside Miss Whatever's Doraemon bag...

Monk[+]Icon said...

Gero gero... can i join to sampat or not ah Lokter when I Penang someday? gerori~

Simple American said...

A park that only has food. I think that is so Malaysian. kekekeke

JL said...

ANgel has a pair of wings mah... can fly here and there anytime :P

keeyit said...

I miss penang. I have been long time not go to penang already.. And those food...

may said...

waaa!! so if I call you, and ask "psssst... are you free to sampat?" does it mean you'll come to Sydney and sampat with me ka? :P

Anonymous said...

Eh tak pernah try the oleng tau sar peng..Tapi ntah bila la got chan go wan go KL oso got problem..*wink wink*...


eastcoastlife said...

My Angel is in Penang!?

I forgot to get the tau sar pneah the last time I was there. :( Famous and popular. This new place I'll go next trip. hehe.... tao pao lots of food back.

Love Angel's Doraemon bag. So pink!

mudpie said...

i know that bag too!!! can i try diggin in to see what she has???

Doreen said...

I also wanna look look see see jalan jalan cari makan. After makan then go cari dessert, then cari drinks then makan again then go tidur. Hehehe

Chen said...

cappucino flavour tao sar pneah?
Tat one tasted okie also :)

Err.. u only want tao sar pneah and not other things ah? kesian u, give u fruit rojak also. Since we all likey fruit rojak, i presume u will love it too ;)

Kkkk... Miss Whatever Doraemon Bag very cosy wan. Can stay inside there for hours and hours. Dunno whether got endless food supply anot inside there? :D

Can, of coz can (provided if i'm free lah) :D

Chen said...

Hahahha.. There's a stage for performance and cybercafe also leh, so not 100% food. LOL

We all love to eat, don't we? ;)

Hahhaha... But that day she hides her wing and she walks instead. Might be hoh she only flies when no one is watching? LOL

Any plan to visit Penang in the near future? Lotsa people visit Penang just for the mouth watering food. Well, that's the major attraction here. LOL

Chen said...

Kekeke... if i have a flying carpet then i will definitely do so :P

*carpet carpet, where are u?*
*carpet carpet, wo ai niii*
(The flying one lah of coz) ;)

Kkkkk.. i also never try the orange flavour yet. There are several different flavours available nowadays (and of coz these are more expensive compared with the original flavour) ;)

I have tried the durian, cappucino, yam, sambal, nutmeg tau sah pneah and of coz the original wan loh :P

i know i know, u are one super duper busy woman mah. Hehhehheh. :D

Chen said...

Your Angel is now back in KL liao.
u didn't buy tau sar pneah ah during your previous visit to Penang? HOW CAN? LOL.. Must buy tau sar pneah and nutmeg when u visit Penang. Must write this down on your list of things-to-buy liao ;)

you should !! I wanna take a peep too, but i don't have the chance. LOL. But my umbrella hide inside her bag in the past. Might be i can ask my umbrella what she keeps inside there. LOL

If we can lead such a life, then syiok loh.. can start dreaming now (till almost lao hao sui.. LOLOL

rinnah said...

So if I come to Penang I can call you annot? *grin*

_butt said...

so Angel is in Penang now ar? so suang, so happening, so nice!!!!! :D

I know, my turn to Penang is not here yet. someday... I must... must... mussst...

Chen said...

of coz u can.
i will welcome u with opening arms
and ah boy will say "Woof" ;)
i will surely meet up with u unless if i'm busy lah :P

Angel now back in KL liao. She was here over the weekend to attend wedding dinner on Saturday night ;)

Still waiting..
Bila Butt Butt wanna visit Penang?
Ah Boy waiting too ;)

Pink Winnie said...

o.. this fountain makes me think of a fountain that looks like in Bugis,Sigapore.. :p

Chen said...

pink winnie,
issit? i only been to Singapore once, and that was.. 20 years ago :D