Thursday, August 02, 2007

Temperate Fruits

What happened if one has too much of Tropical Fruits? It's time to indulge in something different... namely Donut Peaches, Red Cherries and Nectarines - the Temperate Fruits.

This was my first encounter with the flat Donut Peach/Doughnut Peach. Am I suaku? At least I know I'm not the only one since Maymay is also in the same boat. Please tell me there are more "suaku" out there who dunno the existence of Donut Peach... LOL. I lup the donut peach with sweet and juicy white flesh ~ I'm lovin' it...

Fresh Red Cherry. It tasted different from the sweet preserved cherries which are loaded with sugars. Instead of the boring Forrest Gump's famous quote "Life is like a Box of Chocolate..", how about "Life is just a Bowl of Cherries"?

Nectarines. Mmmm... nothing special. I want my durian !!! Hahhahhaa...


angel said...

I also just saw the donut peach the other day but din buy cos look so pale geh... not sure if it's swee anot... but now u say it's sweet, i'll buy it the next time i see it!

angel said...

waa... my comment so cheng keng geh...... where's my sampat self??? mana? mana???

*goes look for Sampatness*

Dancing Queen said...

I also haven't tasted the donut fruit. Hmm, must try it next time. The other day I bought some cherries from the tamu. I couldn't believe the price - RM60 per kilo! Siow anot! Since we hardly get to eat it, so ma buy lor. Ended up poorer by RM40! :(

may said...

wahahahaha... call me suaku! but I admit I'm suaku lah, 'cos I don't even see it here. plenty of cherries but from US, tho. season not started yet for local cherries. summer time then got lots of sweet fruties to eat!

Chen said...

The anaemic peach.. pale pale tei
but dun expect it to be sweet like sugar lah, hehehhe... different category of sweetness :P

LOL, if u din mention, i also won't notice u suddenly become so cheng keng geh. Kkkk.. *sampat*

dancing queen,
RM60 per kilo? o.O
Yeah, since we don't get to eat it everyday, koyak poket once in a while is acceptable lah :P

Kkkkkk.. I remember u saying tat mah ~ regarding suaku when I yakked about it with u a month ago when I bought the fruits mah :P

I wanna eat Oz sweet fruits. Looking at calendar, seeing whether I can find time to visit Oz, Kkkkkk..

day-dreamer said...

I only saw and tasted the fresh cherries before, of all the fruits you posted! :D

miracle8 said...

love ur pics! Just looking at them makes me drool. heheh

giddy tiger said...

Me! Me! Self-professed suaku!
But I saw the donut peach in 2 blogs today, and BOTH are bloggers from Penang!
So I am going to look out for them this weekend when I go shopping.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
at least u have tasted one out of the three, not bad also mah.. better than none, right? :P

Thanks, I wanna eat your tomatoes too ;)

giddy tigers,
glad to find another suaku ..
Wah.. really ah? Kam ngam geh? :P

Actually hoh, I bought all those fruits a month ago liao, @ the first week of July. Just that i lazy to post them up earlier on :P

Pink Cotton said...


I want!!!!!!!!

i want the CHERRIES!!!! i want the donut looking whatever............

SO NICE!!!!...*drooling*

rinnah said...

Me also suaku... never heard of donut peach before. But I just had fresh peach airflown from Japan last week! Hehehe.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Chen, I blog-hopped from Carcar's blog. Thanks for your suggestion on getting ECL a durian. It seems like she likes it. :)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

apa tu donut fruits? but i just had my nectarine this noon time for 4 days in a row...


yummy...*slurp* =P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Kkkkkk... I habis makan those fruits weeks ago liao since I bought them 4 weeks ago :P

tat is donut peach lah.. nice hoh the name? ;)

welcome to the suaku gang. LOL
wah.. The peach u had, issit yellow peach or white peach? I mean the fresh peach airflown from Jepun kia country :)

Thanks for visiting. U r mostly welcomed. Hehehe, u both really took my suggestion & bought durian for ECL ah? That's great.

woof meow,
That's peach leh, not the normal peach but donut peach. I bought them in early July.

Bengbeng said...

this is new to me too. very new.have to look for it

Will said...

wah you got expensive taste :P

i saw all those in tesco... not cheap

water_angel said...

well, i didn't know about the donut peach til now =p ignorance is bliss??

Simple American said...

*Raises hand high and waves*

Hey doc! I am "suaku" too. So does it taste like a peach?

slurp! said...

not fan of these peaches but love those cherries. but these cherries are expensive lei, another called Rainier cherry costs even more.

i prefer plum over Nectarines. try prune plum if you can find them delicious! said...

Just from Kok's dimsum, now you show me nice fruits.
You two gap mai torture me ^-^

dino said...

they look great..
i nvr like cherry... :p

ehon said...

like that i also suaku liao. -_-" what donut peach. never even heard. :P

but i love cherries! sayang only summer then got. sighs! actually now also got lar but imported one damn expensive.

Bibik Nyonya said...

aiyoh...i also so suaku....never heard of such fruits before. So fancy...the only fruit i know is.....ok i better behave myself and not get carried away. Ha ha ha!

eve said...

Donut peach?..first time see nia..kita ni very much local fruit mia person...rambutan n durian kind..kakkakkaka

Doreen said...

I've seen the donut peach before but yet to try it. So I'm half suaku lah. Hehehehe. I love cherries!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! R u an expert in taking pic??I must say all the 3 fruits pic u take made it look so yummy.In fact I must also say the fruits pic also seem to shown something totally different in an astract sort of way!He!He!But nice pic anyway! Have a nice weekend!

Chen said...

beng beng,
have fun searching and savouring the fruits. (btw, I still prefer our own local fruits in comparison with the temperate fruits):D

I dun eat those stuff everyday mah.. Only eat it once in a while.
Btw, nowadays ocal fruits are not cheap too leh.. :P

water angel,
don’t worry..
although u dun know about it yesterday, but now u know about it liao :D

Chen said...

Kakkakak… welcome, welcome
Welcome to the suaku family :D
You are mostly welcomed to join the gang

It tastes similar like the other fresh white flesh peach. I have never tasted the fresh yellow flesh peach though, except the canned fruits ;)

Yeap, those cherries are pricey..
But no harm giving ourselves a treat once in a while :D
I have eaten the plums before but unsure those are from which subtypes.

Kkkkk… so I shouldn’t visit Kok if I’m hungry? Thanks for the "warning, hahahha…

We didn’t hup u leh..
We are not hupper btw..

Chen said...

Thanks :)
Huh? U dun like cherry ah?
U can give me yours.. :D
Hhahaha, Ah Boy loves cherries too
(both fresh & preserved cherries)

Welcoming another member to the suaku gang
Hhahaha.. The more, the better
We are one big happy family liao :D

I feel like eating the fresh cherries again… Too bad I habis makan all liao :(

bibik nyonya,
kekkeke, we have more and more suaku joining in
As I mentioned earlier, the more the better.
That’s good :D

The only fruit u know is..
the red cherries?

Chen said...

and not forgetting the local banana, pineapple, starfruit, jackfruit, chempedak, mangosteen, langsat, chiku bla bla bla..

Better stop here before being labeled as cheong hei again..

lol.. half suaku ah? Welcome to the family of suaku too..
we welcomed every suaku members to the family. be it 5% suaku, 10% suaku, 50% or 100% suaku, all are welcomed..

hor ny ang moh,
Thanks for dropping by :)
Glad u love the pictures.
I’m not an expert yet, but photography is one of my passions
I enjoyed taking snapshots of everything.. Be it still objects, living objects, landscape etc :D

u have a nice weekend too :)


i LOVE peach!!!! yummy~

i hv a Freeman facial scrub.. (it's peach too) =)

eastcoastlife said...

I dun find the donut peaches sweet. In China, they are sold less than RM5 per kilo. Cherries are sold RM10 per kilo. Can eat until lao sai! hahaha....

Thanks for suggesting durians to carcar. They bought a fantastic one for me!

Cocka Doodle said...

Wait til the nectarines go bad..then lob at passing cars...damn shiok! LOL

Mr. Goober said...

gimme anything with the word ..peach at the end anytime!

a^ben said...

call me suaku too~! ehehehhe :D

carcar said...

last time i saw my fren blog bout peach donut, then i ask her where to get...

so we fix up one day as our 'supermarket shopping day.'

she literally brought me there, sigh... no more donut peach.


now i seen them here again.


carcar said...

oh is ok...

i adak manyak liu lian...


carcar said...

ECL... those durians tasted good? really hope u enjoy it...

hehe.... thanks chen for the suggestion oh!~

carcar said...

so syiok to see my comments in bulk here.

carcar said...

waa... my comment so cheng keng geh...... where's my sampat self??? mana? mana???

*goes look for Sampatness*

Chen said...

I love the fresh peach from China too. Ate it in 2002 during my first visit to China. The gigantic sweet and juicy white flesh peach.
Yum yum :)

hahhaa, cannot compare the price here with China though. Most of the things there are generally much cheaper. Hehhehe.. I remember buying a big packet of big and juicy strawberries for just RMB10 ;)

I know u love durian mah. That's why I suggested durian to her when she asked me what to get for u. hehehhe..


Chen said...

Might be I can try that on your car when u drive passing by ?

besides donut-peach, might be we can have curry puff-peach, pie-peach, sandwich-peach etc etc in the future?

suaku Ben
nice name also huh?
Welcome to the suaku family :D

sing jipaban song to welcome Ben Ben...
sampat mah :P

Chen said...

very hard huh to find the donut peach, just like the phrase, now u see it, now u don't..

kkkkk.. wanna exchange fruit?
Liulian with donut peach?
Deal? :D

Carcar become spammer here? :P

Kkkkk... u curi Angel mia phrase ah? got kopi-right wan leh..
must treat her drink kopi then only u can use it..


_butt said...

*hands up*

I might've seen it somewhere... but I didn't know it was called doughnut peach! how cute!

agree with you! life is just a bowl of cherries... sounded more sweet :)

happy weekend!

angele said...

Never ever heard or seen the donut peaches before!Hahaha

Wowww those cherries seem so big and red and juicy!

*me want!*

Chen said...

my beloved partially suaku Butt, welcome to the suaku family. Kkkkkk... at least u saw it before.
Still not so bad, huh? :)

Happy weekend. Did u visit the PC fair? :)

Hehehe, seems like there are many people out there who are not aware of the donut peach. I lup those cherries too. Might be I will buya the fresh rasberries the next time I go shopping ;)

oceanskies79 said...

Yes...we did. It was a helpful suggestion, so we took it.

Chen said...

I presume u all took cab instead of public transport to visit her then. Luckily Carcar didn't claim the taxi fare from me. Hehehhee :P

_butt said...

no wor. I think I'm crowd-phobic. haha.

Chen said...

yeah, it's always people mountain people sea wan. I visited the fair this year and bought few things..
Now pocket koyak liao... :P

oceanskies79 said...

Eh, we took the bus. The durian seller opened the durian for us and keep in those styrofoam container. Then he helped us tie a knot at the opening ends of the plastic bag. Luckily no one on the bus complained of durian smell.

Chen said...

Haha, that's great. Can save some moolah by taking the public transport. Might be the bus passengers were curious, wondering where the durian smell came from :D