Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bo Lak...

No Energy Liao.. :(


zeroimpact said...

I feel exhausted too
I want to rest!!!


go sleep~

angel said...

kkkkk! Sampat rocks! :p

Ei, not "bo lat" meh?? O.o

*sings boring songs to make u zzzz*

Sometimes bo lat also cannot zzzz, hor? Jialat...

*goodnite hugs*

Cocka Doodle said...

Take Yomeishu...1 bottle a night for the next 7 mights. I'm sure you can kill tiger liao.

Kenny Ng said...

me too... just kao tim my work... come... u drink kacip fatimah i go drink tongkat ali... LOL

Simple American said...

Please get some rest. *tucks loctor in bed*

ehon said...

u know, just told u i wanna go kayaking one day, today i went kayaking liao. last min arrangement. hahahahaha! but now tired liao

Jemima said...

I am sure you're not as exhausted as me. :((

Hope you have rested well by the time you read this.


mistipurple said...

sings... "lullaby baby on the treetop.. when the wind blows, the cradle will rock.."
blows purple moo mist to calm and soothe bedroom... sleep... sleeeeep chenliu sleeeeeep... *snores*

day-dreamer said...

Doctor doctor are you okay??


Rest well, okay? ^^

may said...

I also bo lak... bo heart also... :'(

cum cum, we bo lak togeder-geder, go zzzzz in la-la-land ok? one... two... three!


Winn said...

me tooooooooo i wanna sleep in ahboy's bed!! but i scared got kutu

Will said...

me too me too... i need a vacation >_<

babe_kl said...

i always feel like this all the time, like clockwork :(

yenjai.net said...

Go for a holiday to refresh?

a^ben said...

minum red bull` ahahha :D

rinnah said...

I am tired too. :o(

may said...

I spam liu...

may said...

'cos I lup liu...

may said...


eve said...

Kita pun ler..sama sama je..Jom kita ponteng kerja , gi jalan jalan?..kakkakkaka

Chen said...

I want to rest
I want to zzzz
I want to have a body massage
I want….

Zzzz already, and wanna continue zzzz.. Too bad time doesn’t permit me to do so :(

sampat rocks
tiga lapan batu

Yeah hoh, should be Bo Lat..
I too tired liao mah yesterday night..
Cannot think properly liao
Salah eja tim, Paiseh kaw kaw :P

*batu hugz*

Chen said...

Take one BOTTLE yomeishu per night?
Drink lidat sure nose bleed wan.
Not only kill tiger, might be kill mosquitoes too. Cos insomnia kaw kaw liao :)

drink liao later cannot sleep then lagi cham woh..

Thanks SA :)
I zzz on sofa earlier on yesterday night (cos too tired liao). Later in the night, then only I zzz on the comfy bed ;)

Chen said...

wah… so syiok
si beh syiok liao
kena sun burn or not? :P
I wanna go kayaking again too..

wah.. u r still awake at 3 am.
Hopefully u get yourself some good rest too. I slept early yesterday night but still feel tired..

Kkkk…. I have a koala bear mummy & baby soft toy that sings the same song when pressed on the tummy..
LOLOL… So sweet and so lummm :)

I sleep kaw kaw liao yesterday night. But still feel tired leh… :(

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I am mentally and physically tired.. Still surviving :)


Poor maymay.
Bo heart ah?
Wah.. who so nottie, steal your heart woh? :’(

I zzzZzzZZzzZzzzz till lazy to wake up this morning.. How nice if I dun have to go to work today, huh? :)

His bed is very comfy wan..
Got pillow and blanket..
And soft toys too..
dunno whether got food or tit bits or not? :P

Must inspect whether got kutu or not liao… :P

Chen said...

I wanna zzzzz kaw kaw :(
Dreaming of my bed..
And my pillow..
And my bolster…

Poor Babe.
I’m now thinking of my comfy bed.. :)

hehehe, I feel equally tired too after coming back from holidays.
Especially those "packed" hols.
U know lah.. spending long hours in the flight or travelling on the road. And rushing here and there..

I prefer those relaxing type of hols :)

Chen said...

Mmmm.. itu minuman manyak manis woh . I drank once several years back and that was the first and last time I drank it :)

Poor Rinnah :(

Thank you for lupping me kaw kaw
So lummm…
So happy
Insomnia kaw kaw liao, hehehe..

ponteng kerja gi jalan-jalan?
Hahhha… what a brilliant suggestion
How I wish…
but i prefer zzzz leh :P

King's wife said...

How? Still have to keep going hor?
Take it easy, and hope you catch up on some much needed rest. :)

nyonyapenang said...

bo lat cho kang.....go mum-mum then oo lat liao lar.

Doreen said...

Berocca to keep you going? Or just take tomorrow off to sleep through the day lah. Hehehehe

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

jie wan massage?


Chen said...

Thanks, KW :)
Still keep going. Too bad I'm not as energetic as the energizer batteries :P

nyonya pg,
When too bo lat, dun have energy to mum mum also. Kekeke, too kua chiong liao hoh?

Aiyak, i dun have Berocca woh :(
Even if I take day off tomorrow, I still have to go to hospital leh for a while leh :P

woof meow,
Want, but i sked if i wait for u to come, i might need to wait till the cows coming back home woh :D

mistipurple said...

take multi vitamins boh? i got one with ginseng. very helpful. Neovita - fortified capsules with vitamins and minerals and iron and ginseng. (paiseh, know you know better, but my doc also taking this.) :P

Chen said...

Thanks for your recommendation :)
Today i very bad luck woh. Now my right elbow very painful leh, especially if i straighten my elbow. I think I must have accidentally sprained it this evening :'(

water_angel said...


take enough rest k..*hugs*


_butt said...

come, I sponsor free massage and spa session for you, wana? :)

Chen said...

water angel,
Thanks. I'm more recharged now :)

Wah.. so nice of u.
*sayangz Butt*

Psss... Btw, I went for shoulder massage today ;)

Simple American said...

Awww! You poor baby. I hope you are rested now. :)

Chen said...

Thanks SA. I felt better already :)