Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

tick tock tick tock...
Tick Tock Tick Tock...

(p/s: Btw, this has nothing to do with Time Bomb)


ehon said...

doktor, apa ni?

Doreen said...

Heh? Er.....?? *scratching head* what's this? new clock?

Redsponge said...

mwheheeh r u flying?!

ah nel said...

so free as always...

counting time to go home huh?

ehon said...

oh, u back home yet?

may said...

oooh, I know what we're counting down to!

tick tock tick tock tick tock...

rinnah said...

Tick tock clock? *looks puzzled*
Me catch no ball... your posts are becoming as cryptic as misti's...

angel said...

Tik tok tik tokkkk!!!

Enjoy yourself!!!

L B said...

MIne's electronic.. it goes... ... ..... .... ... .. .. .. .... ... .. .. .. ..... ... .... ... .. .. ... . .. .. ..... ... .. ... ... .... BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....
*damn the alarm!*

Monk[+]Icon said...

heh? like a song tik tok tik tok, jam ku berbunyi...

day-dreamer said...

Paiseh... little girl catch no ball leh... :D

Cocka Doodle said...

Yes! Thats the sound of Ah Boy's balls as he enters the room. Kakakaka!!!

papercrazy said...

tick tock tick tock

now everyone can fly

Will said...

so liu countdown... hehehe

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

tick tock tick tock....

reached home liao?


nyonyapenang said...

happy holidays!

mistipurple said...

lol at rinnah's comments. i where got cryptic posts wan. :P

reach yet reach yet?

kyh said...

??????????? O.O

Chen said...

tick tock tick tock means countdown
Countdown to what, you should know by now..

It's my traditional countdown method. Countdown to departure time ;)

red sponge,
YES !! Pandainya u
♪ ♫ I believe I can Fly ♪ ♫
Still LOL at Pink Cotton's mentioning wanna throw "red sponge" at the airport floor

Chen said...

ah nel,
ah nel also free mah
yeah loh..
ah Nel very clever :D

Hahha, finally u get what I mean
at this hour (9:04 am) I was home already. Reached Kuching international airport at 11:40 pm. By the time I reached home, it's 12 midnight :)

Maymay juga manyak pandai
tick tock tick tock..
yesterday night I really hoped the time will passed by faster cos I was "freezing" inside the airport. I went to the airport straight after work :)

Chen said...

tick tock tick tock countdown loh
Finally the awaited time had arrived
I'm now in a "far-away" land :)
Flying again loh..

HEhehe, I have fun crapping with u inside the airport yesterday evening too.. I was having peri-peri flamming hot quarter chicken with 2 sidelines (my early dinner)

your clock always very canggih wan
Mine is my "handphone"..
I use that as my watch & alarm clock. Up to date, it's still very reliable.

Alarm is very annoying, huh?

Chen said...

must be an old song then..
I never heard of that song
Can sing for us?

day dreamer,
U should know liao what is it by now, right?
If u still couldn't catch any balls, Then u can scroll down till the bottom of the page for the "What's up" column. Then u will be able to catch some balls liao..

Ah Boy's balls are not so huge to produce such sound

Chen said...

sudah habis tick tock tick tock liao
Yes, semua pun boleh terbang,
but still there are people who never fly leh..
including that, that & that
phobia of flying, kua?

jealous ah?
I know Ah Boy is also jealous

woof meow,
yeah, reached home liao
The flight landed at 11:40 pm yesterday night. Reached home around midnight time. Quite tiring, cos I went to airport straight after work :)

ah nel said...

i whre got pree!

i read ur blog n commenting made me so bz ledi... :P

Will said...

tapau bilin back... kekekekke

Chen said...

yeah, finally it crriinnnnnggggg
and I was freezing inside the airport
then i freeze again inside the flight

Thanks, I'm coming back again on Monday.

Some of your posts very cheem wan
must really think hard wan
Good also mah, good exercise to the brain :)

Reach home liao.. yeah :D

u still catch no ball meh?

dino said...

going for holiday again... so nice lah...

Chen said...

ah nel,
I just had kam puah for breakfast

Ah Nel is such a busy man,
must be earning big bucks liao
Hope u have time to makan despite the "bz-ness" :P

LOL... tapau back for Ah Boy ah?
He prefers me to tapau char siew back than bilin

clearing my leaves or daun.. :P
going back for 4 days only lah..
Coming back here again on Monday

eve said... get to go off work so frequent geh....not fairrr...*wail*...

JL said...

Have fun! :)

Chen said...

u different mah..
u taukeh woh..
tat's why lain cerita ;)
tat's one of the reason i dowan to open up clinic, cos won't have much personal time & free time (although can make much much much more $$$) :)

Thanks. I went back mainly for gathering with family members,
and of course not forgetting the "eating" part :P

_butt said...


have a blast at the gathering!


Pinky_piglet said...

tick ock tick tock, opps, i am going to sleeppp..pp.p..pp.........

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Biological then?

ac said...

OMG!! congrats *big smile*


(or is it totally something else?)

oh pls drop by my new update. u wont be disappointed :D

Winn said...


explode oredi or not!!

Doreen said...

departure time? Holiday? So nice....where you going? Tell liao tell liao

Chen said...

LOL at kabooooooooomm...
sounds like bomb exploding lidat
*kia si lang*

pinky piglet,
so hypnotizing meh?
tick tock tick tock tick tock

Haha,nothing to do with biological
it's just countdown to my departure time. Flying back to Kuching from Penang for few days.

Chen said...

what are u thinking of?
*piak with Sotong*
I'm now in Kuching, till weekends

U finally updated your blog !!
(Finally...) LOL
Great, I will hop over soon :D

Choy.. My handphone won't explode wan lah.. Kkkkkk..
My handphone is my watch, clock & alarm clock mah :P

Going back to Kuching to meet my mum, sister & brother. Will stay till the weekend. Coming back to Penang on Monday. Just a "short trip" back home :D

Selba said...

Ah.. so nice that your tick tock tick tock is a countdown...

As for me, my tick tock tick tock is more likely for a bomb that gonna explode very soon :(

Yeah.. my future depends on the bomb.

ehon said...

wahh! so late?! but better to be home lar. no worries, all done for u. :D I also wana go back ler.. *dreams* I wish I am still in KL lar. Can go back almost anytime I want. Sighs!

Oh, and you know, reading your medical posts helped me so much in my PBL!!! :D

Chen said...

yeah, it's merely a countdown
nothing sinister
not time bomb :D

All the best to u,
hope things will turn out as what u wish :)

or think it this way,
at least u r in Australia and not in UK or US :)
p/s: I hate taking long distance flights

wah.. wonder what sort of PBL questions u r answering

ehon said...

True true. I hate flat bums due to long flights ler.

Today's PBL was about hypothyroidism and viral infection.

We get like Trigger 1, which will normally present us with the symptoms of the patient, and we list the key info and try to come up with possible hypotheses. Then we get trigger 2 which will give us more on the history of the patient and we rule out the other hypotheses and then last trigger will give us more info like blood test/sputum test/urine test result and we come out with the most likely cause and then we read more on that particular disease/infection/etc. lor. :) Nothing like what you doctors do lar. Hehe.

Chen said...

not only flat bums, but whole bodyache, cos of the limited space..
and... boring too

Your PBL sounds similar like mine, when I was still in uni time :)
Haha, that was more than a decade ago..