Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Grand Old Lady

Yeah, I had been to Canada, or more precisely Canada Hill. Hahhaha, not in Canada but in Miri, Sarawak ;) Why is it called Canada Hill? Might be there's a Canadian who stay there in the early days? Ask the expert (I'm not expert, so don't ask me..)

Presenting The Grand Old Lady, situated on top of Canada Hill. Don't be fooled by the name. The Grand Old Lady is not a nenek or ah mah or Poh Poh. It's not a woman nor human. It is none other than The First Oil Well in Malaysia.

Back to the early days, "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah"... "The Grand Old Lady" represents the petroleum history of Miri and has been declared as a protected historical site by the Sarawak Government. The "Grand Old Lady" of Miri had been working hard & non stop for 62 years (no lunch break nor tea break nor toilet break.. Cham hoh?) , from 22 December 1910 till 31 October 1972. She produced a total of 660,000 barrels of oil.

Human statues of oil drillers are sculptured at the bottom of the well, depicting the old days when drilling was not aided by modern equipments.

Closer view of the "oil drillers" statues. Remembering those ancient days, whereby everything have to be done manually..

Next to the oil well is The Miri Petroleum Science Museum.

A bird's eye human's eye panoramic view of Miri City from atop Canada Hill

Too thirsty liao, that's why both of us can drink like camels & sapu 3 gigantic coconuts.

The "Fernleaf to-be" Fern

Plant with dual-coloured leaves. Red-red tei & Green-green tei..

And not forgetting the pathetic lonesome tree :(


Will said...

you didn't go and hang a shirt on the lonesome tree? ekekekekekeke

ehon said...

still reading medical posts!! :P very interesting ler! oh oh! i get to dissect a human too the other day. but he was huge! :P and im dissecting more humans next year when I study Body System. The muscles somewhat reminds me of beef. Don't ask me why.

I bet you have big biceps ler. Perform so many CPR! I 4 rounds CPR already half dead already. I prefer the 30-2 than the old 15-2 though.

Being a doctor sounds sad to me. Very kesian ler. Esp the on-call part. Wah lau.

mistipurple said...

the lonely tree has the fence for company... leaning on it alot.. :)

Chen said...

Ai Si, u wanna kena piak-ed ah?
I am not those Eat Full Nothing Do type of person :P

Hahahha, u have been reading for how many hours? :P
Those muscles are dark brown in colour, does it resemble beef? o.O

Performing too many CPR = bodyache, muscle ache & sores...
Nowadays I'm not as "strong" as the early days..

The on call part is not working for 24 hours but for 34 hours etc..
especially in the early years :)
And on call depends on luck too.
Sometimes can have sleepless night & no time to eat nor rest, and forget about zzz.

Hehehe, have u make up your mind?

Where's the fence ah?
I'm looking hard...
Those electric poles ah? :P

mistipurple said...

hahahhaa yes yes. working at this hour does things to the eyes.

mistipurple said...

laugh again, mana ada lean hor? wait electrocuted. i rephrase, the tree has electric poles around for company!!!

may said...

you mean those are statues? I thought they were Canadians! LOL!!

rinnah said...

Canada in Miri? Sounds like Paris or Athens in America. Kekekeke!

So visitors are allowed to look at the Grand Old Lady? Any tour?

Pink Cotton said...


another "EDUCATIONAL" trip horr hor????????


*cover mouth*

anyway, wat time ur flight 2moro? i throw red sponge on the airport floor for u again 'x'

a^ben said...

at 3 am you will see the 4 ah pek putih turning the thing leh~ kakakakakakakakkaka

day-dreamer said...

Wah... the name... so erm... *dunno how to say*

No lunch break nor tea break nor toilet break, got tau huey break?? :P

Chen said...

Walao.. Misti starting to "see things" liao..
I'm sked..
really "See Ghost" liao

Might be those are Canadians afterall...
Work day & night mah..
till become stones liao :P
Hehhee, becomes crapping session pulak

Yes, Canada is now in Miri ;)
very keng, huh? :D

of coz, that's what i'm doing..
Looking at the Grand Old Lady..
Self tour :)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
sikui, must piak u with sotong again
Chicken & Cow gang is better than Pig & Dog gang lah..

should be reaching around 11 sumthing at night kua.. If everything goes on well :)
Throw red sponge at airport floor ah? Wait till she read this

Ai si..
really See Ghost liao if lidat :P

day dreamer,
The name ah?
Very grand loh..
Grand Old Lady mah :D

tau huey break?
u think this is Phuah Chu Kang show meh? Kkkkkkkkkkkk...

_butt said...

No wonder la, when I saw the Grand Old Lady photo I tercari-cari where is the grand lady leh.. haha

angel said...

Waa waa waa... balik kampung again!

I dowan go Canada Hill, I wanna go CANADA!!! I wanna go see my Unker Lee kkkkk... Mooooooo!!!

nyonyapenang said...

what's the purpose of trimming the tree that way?

Cocka Doodle said...

You didnt try digging up your backyard in Sareikei ah? Maybe there also got oil? LOL

L B said...

Is this another 'Weird Thing' from your collection?! At first, I did wonder if I got to the wrong blog!! But then I realised it's so educational.. so maybe I am still at Chen's Blog! So many white ghosts!!!

ac said...

mmmm...i like coconuts :) *slurps*

nice ah? got what flavour inside ms. chen? :P here in ipoh got pandan infused coconut water...and its all inside the coconut ;)

Miri got Canada Hill, KL also got UK; not United Kingdom, but Ulu Kelang la...LOLz

Chen said...

Hahahaa, kena ti(p)u by the name again?
This Grand Old Lady is indeed grand, huh?
lain daripada yang lain..

Clear throat & sing song..
I believe I can fly...

I also wanna go Canada,
but expensive leh the trip...
must dong more $$$ into the piggy bank liao.
I have several relatives in Vancouver

Might be cos they itchy hands,
and wanna do "surgery" on the tree?

Chen said...

I rather dig out gold or diamond rather than oil in the backyard

This is categorized under "Weird Name" category

My blog is educational meh?
Laff & giggle kk under the table
Not rojak ah?

I yearned for coconut that day and sort of prayer answered..
Get to drink chilled coconut..
Summore the coconut water is so sweet & refreshing

No "special" flavour, just the original natural coconut flavour :)

Sarawak also got UK, Ulu Kapit !!

Winn said...

must cubit ah ben's ka chng when u go back

cutiepie said...

well, i must say that i am impressed by the Sarawak Gov.'s initiative.

mistipurple said...

have a good safe trip and see you back here.. asap. lol!

Jackson said...

what a cool name! Initially u r talking about a human!

Chen said...

How come u know my plan geh?
Must be Liucas lah..
Leak out the news..
Hopefully I get the chance to do so

I think they have "renamed" the Canada Hill, cos it is known as Bukit Tenaga in Malay. Well, I will still stick to the old name, Canada Hill :)

Thanks. I'm still working at the moment. Still many hours to go..

The name is very unique
I wonder who is the person who came up with that name :)

Doreen said...

Oh I've been there 2 years ago but didn't know it's called The Grand Old Lady. Hehehe. That lonely tree is quite a character! (^_^)

ehon said...

read for maybe 5 hours only lar. not much not much. :P

Plus, i was doing my grant application assignment, so i read during procrastination time lor. muahahaha. handed it up few mins ago!

yeah! i think it's the dark colour that reminds me of beef! :P

u went to tanjong for those coconuts har?!

Chen said...

Hehe, u learn something new today -> the name of the oil well
The site and the path next to the lonely tree is a jogging path.
I saw quite a number of people doing exercise and jogging there.

Nope, I have the coconuts in Canada Hill itself. There’s a stall selling coconut water next to the Miri Petroleum Science Museum.
RM 3 per coconut (and the coconut is huge !!)
Really worth the $$$ :)

slurp! said...

>> And not forgetting the pathetic
>> lonesome tree
OMG, the tree going to fall one day & block the path. why don't they remove the tree?

i fatal tree-crushing-women-to-death incident just happen in SG. so sad.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Nice panorama! I am enjoying these pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Chen said...

I dunno.. But likely no one will jog or walk along that path on rainy or stormy days. Likely it won't "injured" anyone.

Glad u enjoy the scenery :)

Simple American said...

That tree looks really spooky. *sips from 3rd coconut*

Canadian Hill is pretty interesting too. Gosh. Such hard work back then.

Chen said...

at least there's no white clothes that resembles white figurine or hantu hanging on the tree..

u love coconut too?

Simple American said...

Coconut is yummy. But a lot of hard work. haha

Chen said...

yeah, lotsa hard work unless u have the appropriate sharpened "tool"..
normally we will ask the coconut seller to chop & remove the husk to the thinnest layer with their sharp knives prior to buying back. Save lotsa trouble and minimise the hard work ;)