Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baby Sharks (Pups)

*Count count* Five Finless Baby Sharks, aka Pups. Kesian... Kecik-kecik dah kena tangkap, dan semua sirip (fins) kena potong pulak. But, err... I saw 2 weird looking baby sharks with flat facies in that group of five, aka The Famous Five (not Enid's Blyton's "The Famous Five" - Timmy, George, Anne, Dick & Julian though).
The weird looking HammerHead Pups (thanks to Rinnah for the name) with flat facies. o.O at the position of the eyes... Geli lah.. Wonder what sort of vision this pup had...

Now, I feel like holding his eyes pulak.. Don't you think it resembles bikes throttles from this angle? Kkkkkkk... And, Mmmm... and somehow it also reminds me of snail, the siput babi :P

This "normal looking" but finless baby shark lagi keng.. Half way eating, dah kena tangkap liao.. Take note of the little fish inside his mouth. Poor fellow :(

Message of the Day :
Poor Baby Sharks/Pups.
Say No to Shark Fins...


rinnah said...

The weird shark pups are hammerhead sharks. So poor thing... so young already caught and slaughtered...

may said...


those hammerhead sharks are the loveliest in its species. I stopped eating sharks fin after I took up scuba diving...

*cries summore*

a^ben said...

aiyooo so keh lian :(

Chen said...

Hammerhead sharks ah?
Thanks for the info.

Yeah loh, so cham..
kecik-kecik sudah kena tangkap :(
No time to enjoy their childhood or puphood pulak..

*cries together*
*wipe tears*
loveliest in the species ah?
they look weird-weird tei woh..

*Kleenex moment*

yeah loh..
cham cham cham...
kesian sungguh :(

_butt said...

omg.. I wana cry.. :(

support the sharks! ban shark's fin soup!

like may, I stopped eating sharks fin too. been a good few years now. :)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

aiyo...very yam kung leh..

but kinda cute oso wor...

day-dreamer said...

_butt, that day you didn't eat the sharks' fin soup meh??

But I seriously doubt if the restaurants ever given us real sharkfins... they look like our favourite tang hoon only...

mistipurple said...

i can imagine they throw some back to the sea after cutting off their fins. unless they happen to want to sell their meat too. humans are sometimes more cruel than animals.

Chen said...

*pat pat*
give Butt one box of Kleenex

Wah.. u stop eating shark fin for so long liao ah? Good gal :)

woof meow,
u ada makan shark fin or not? :P
cute, everything small, tiny or mini are cute. One good example is Min Pin ;)

day dreamer,
Likely kua :)
Oooh.. u eat shark fin :P

Normally the restaurant give very little shark fin niah.. Few mini threads niah... cos expensive :)

Chen said...

yeah, I have read about that too & saw the photos on the websites..
They throw back the poor sharks into the sea after harvesting their fins.
so kesian :(

Poor Sharks :(

kat said...

So actually who buys this baby sharks ah?? I heard indian shark curry is very good for confinement...

Thanks for stopping by, lokter. Really appreciate it!

L B said...

Reminded me of Shark Tales & Finding Nemo, the animated movies, which of course you didn't watch. Otherwise you would have known it was a Hammerhead Shark..

Chen said...

Glad to know that u r alright.

I didn't buy the baby sharks.
I totally have no idea how to cook it after all..
I just take photo niah..

Indian shark curry?
i dunno about that :)
The fishmonger summore very nice.
He saw me with my camera, and he asked me to snap photos of those baby sharks :)

kkkkkkk... paiseh, paiseh..
u r indeed clever :P
I gatai go & buy The Finding Nemo dvd ages ago but up to date, I still haven't watch it yet. I presume the dvd was coated with dust liao.. Dunno how many inches thick ;)

Wah, got HammerHead Shark in the animated movie ah? Then i must dig out the dvd & watch liao.. This reminds me I haven't watch The Car dvd yet. LOL

Really See Ghost liao :P

mistipurple said...

kkkk, loctor sama me. don't watch movies wan. keep them, happy to er.. get from unker joe sometimes, then after that, also don't see! hahahaha.

_butt said...

day-dreamer: no, I didn't (apart from the reason that I cannot take crabs).


and my family knows it too. usually when I attend any chinese dinner that serve shark's fin soup I will politely declined to have it. it wasn't easy at first.. what with relatives giving me that 'huh' look and said that I 'zhao pou' or whatever. eventually my close cousin offered to explain to them about my reasons. haha!

ah nel said...

*yummy on d shak pin soup*

*definately not the shak pin pish ball* said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

I support the Ban shark fin campaign.

p/s Chen. I feel nauseated liao

dino said...

poor baby sharks..

sengkor said...

baby sharks can be eaten ke meh..? taste like what one..? poor sharks..

*go and watch jaws dvd*

Kenny Ng said...

Should ban shark fins lor... Actually shark fins didn't give any benefit to us.

ac said...

******* to them stewpid fishermen..

when earth has exhausted and no more sharks, just see what happen to ecosystem.

poor poor lil pup sharks...

Chen said...

Misti very busy wan,
No time to eat even..
So I can understand why u dun watch movies :P

I have one big heaps of dvd that I bought over the past few years
tangan gatal mah…
but some I never watched..
in fact not some, but many.. :P
Some are old movies that I like,
That’s why I bought & keep ;)

Keep up the "good work"
Sharks & Pups sayangz u :)
And they wanna hug u too…

I really wonder what’s the feelings being hug by sharks???

Chen said...

ah nel,
I can hear sharks & pups crying liao..
Cos Ah Nel wanna eat them :(

Got shark fin fish ball wan meh?
wonder got abalone ball or not :P

Great, another supporter :)

*sob sob*

I really have no idea how they taste like woh..
Never eat baby sharks before mah..
Judging from their shape, I wonder if it tasted like eating "rubber" or not?

I won’t buy nor cook nor eat them lah. So kesian :(

papercrazy said...

I don't like to eat sharks fin....not nice....

I prefer fishmaw....

But but I like sharks meat like dat?

Chen said...

Eating shark fins is just like eating cartilage…
The shark fins is actually "tasteless"
But many still wants to savour the dish..
Poor sharks :(

Woh.. o.O
First time I see ac scolding ******
Really kesian those sharks..
Being victimized..

Fish maw ah?
Hehehe… the so called "pelampung" :P
According the grandma stories..
If u eat lotsa fish maw, u will have no difficulty to float in the water..

Wah.. o.O
u eat shark meat??
first time i hear ppl eating shark meat..
How does shark meat taste like ah?
o.O again...

mistipurple said...

shark meat got people eat wan. i ever see one stall sell the meat in a gelatine form, i mean, the meat inside, sama inside square pieces of agar agar liddat. i don't know how to eat them. they also sell the shark meat goreng-ed i think. or er.. just white white pieces not goreng-ed, dipped in vinegar and ginger or something liddat.

JoeC said...

Like eating hands and feets of someone lei. I dun go out of the way to order fin to eatla and have discouraged others lor telling them you wanna eat your own feet and hands ? hahaha, many was surprised and felt really sick :) Cheers!

eastcoastlife said...

aiyooo... so small already kena killed for its fins. tsk tsk tsk....

I do eat sharks fins soup every now and then at dinner functions. In China it is worse, all the banquets must have it or else the host will lose face.

I think if I swim in the sea, the sharks will smell me from afar and attack me wan!hehehe....

er... chen - What is Balik Pulau Durian?

Doreen said...

aiyoh, kasihan neh (-_-)....but dunno if I could say no to shark fin soup ler, so yum....emm....will try my best lah.

Winn said...

say no to shark say no to fin!!

i ate baby shark twice in my life leh..everytime i makan them i feel guilty...

now i eat fillet o fish only..

Winn said...

*imagines shark patty...*


Chen said...

I so suaku liao…
I dunno about all these :(
Proven I never eat shark meat loh.. :P

I presume u never tasted it before too?
Or have u?

What an analogy :)
But it’s true…
Cutting the fins off from the shark is similar as amputate the limbs…
Very cham..

Summore, there are fishermen who cut off the fins from the sharks,
and then release "the injured" finless sharks back to the sea or ocean…
Very kejam :(

mistipurple said...

that one time probably. becos other times i can't distinguish. but stink ray different look i suppose. kkkk.
that one time was the same stall selling the gelatine ones. i tried the white white un-goreng-ed one. small plate, i took about 3 cubes, then next day sore throat. kkk, maybe heaty. more likely not used to. and that was 20yrs ago liao. never after that already.

Chen said...

I know what u mean,
Eg, in wedding dinner..
If shark fin soup is not served and being substituted with some other ingredients..
The host will lost face..

But nowadays things are a bit different liao..
Especially for the younger generations..
The last few wedding dinners that I attended,
The shark fin soup was substituted with some other soup :)

Balik Pulau produces the best durian, the grade A+ durian.
Have a look at this website & read about the Balik Pulau durian..
U will know what is it about liao ;)

Abuthen, I have slowed down in eating durian for the past few years…

Chen said...

Actually hoh, the shark fin itself is tasteless...
The soup will still taste good even without the shark fin ;)
Really wan..

U ate the cute little ones before ah?
I always curious how they cook the poor little fella..
Curious only lah..
I dun have the heart to eat them

Shark patty?
*piak with sotong*

Stingray looks different..

20 years ago?
My goodness…
That was indeed ages ago liao :P
U can still remember what u eat ah?
Good lah u :P

slurp! said...

ooooooh so pitiful. no sharkfin for me unless wedding day, then no choice lor. i think can substitute with sharkfin melon wor, besides sharkfin are tasteless, merely adds texture to the soup.

p.s: btw, where is this place?

Winn said...

errr...with curry...heheheheheh

ah nel said...

i onli eat mama,papa,kong kong shak but not small shak pin coz no meat... ;)

soli its not shak pin pish ball but its shak meat pish ball coz the meat is cheap...

Chen said...

yeah, shark fin is tasteless.
The soup itself will taste nice with the appropriate ingredients, even without shark fin. The presence of shark fin is more for "show" :D

The photo was taken in Brunei.

baby sharks with curry?

ah nel,
shark fin memang tiada "meat" woh, regardless baby or mama papa kongkong. cos u only eat the fin mah, not the meat :P

_butt said...

hug by sharks? haha! wait I go hug them and see, then come back and tell you ya..

that is if I make it alive. gulp. :P

Chen said...

The first impression I get when imagining Butt being hugged by shark is.. a WET Butt, dribbling with sea water (cannot imagine a dry shark hugging her though)!!


Simple American said...

Hammerhead are very different kind of sharks too. Not vicous like some sharks if I recall right.

Never had shark fin soup before. And I am I okay if I never do.

Will the do anything with the rest of the shark or is it just a big waste?

Chen said...

I see. I dunno much about hammerhead shacks. Very unique & "weird" sharks. Must read more about the sharks liao :)

Some of them, they released the injured finless sharks back to the sea or ocean. Very cruel though.. :( Some will harvest the meat too..