Friday, May 11, 2007

88888 Mania

Haven't play with numbers for long time liao. The last time I played with numbers was during the 38,888th (in August 2006) and Sengkor was the proud winner. How time flies...

This time, who will be the lucky one? The 88,888th visitor, who will 發發發發發 or 发发发发发. Really prosperous kaw kaw liao. So 8. What is the reward? Dunno yet. Shall wait & see. Might be I will ask Ah Boy for his thoughtful dog-ful opinion. ;)

At the moment, the visitor counter has hit the figure 88,803. The visitor counter is located at the far bottom of the page. Please scroll down till the bottom of the page to see what's your lucky number. Who knows, you might be the lucky one? Please take a screenshot of the page if you are the one ;)

p/s: I know Winn will prefer to become the 383838th visitor instead. Sampat mah.. Kkkkk..


The result is out. Misti is the lucky one. Congrats, Misti for being the 88,888th visitor :)


JoeC said...

Got prize wan ah, I wanna pink elephant sitting on a bicycle balancing on a ball rolling along a tight rope across the grand canyon. can? can? :) Cheers!

dino said...

when 888888, chen must give angpow.. :p

Will said...

so liu liu :P

may said...

yerrrr, how come I open page kenot see counter wan?! I demand a recount! LOLOL!!

rinnah said...

Can I keep on refreshing the page until I hit the lucky 88,888? I want my reward in $$$ ok? 88,888 cents pun boleh. Ekekekekeke!

Chen said...

Wah.. what sort of prize is that?
I will ask Ah Boy first :P

give angpow ah?
Easy job lah..
Give a red packet with without money inside, also consider as angpow, right?

or might be I draw a Sotong pict & put it inside there :P

u still liu-ing ah?
u outdated liao...

Chen said...

blame it on the Sotong's tentacle..
must be liao..
The naughty Sotong covering your eyes with it's tentacles :P
lidi lidi

keep on refreshing ah?
u so hardworking wan :P
that is called main ti(p)u liao :P

if i strike lottery then i will give out money lah.. But i didn't woh.. (Abuthen, I never buy lottery how to strike first prize leh)?

day-dreamer said...


Is it the prize of the 88888th visitor is get a Penang package from Chen, one whole day unlimited Penang ho chiak?? :P

day-dreamer said...

Ei... mine is the 8th comment leh!!

Got prize right?? :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,

u thinking of makan only..
Abuthen, many visit Penang just for the mouth watering food :P

Might be Ah Boy will donate some of his Pedigree Dog Food for the 88,888th visitor :P

Congrats kaw kaw for being the 8th to comment on this 8 post :P
The prize for being the 8th commenter is non other than...
a hug & lick from Ah Boy, the cute dog :P

mistipurple said...

888828 also nice number!! i got that! wheee!

mistipurple said...

added an extra 8 digit pulak! kkkkk

Chen said...

i also didn't realise u added in another 8 digit earlier on till u mentioned :P
u really wanna 8 huh?

88828 of course is a good number
very 8 also :P
tweet tweet

L B said...

No see ghost wan.... Sure fook fook fook fook till all ghosts lari cepat, bersih hadapan, belakang fook fook fook very fook...

Chen said...

wah.. sounds very cheem lidat
*scratch head,
*rub chin,
*look under table,
*kick ah boy,
trying to figure out what u mean

Oooooh.... i get it liao
So the Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....

mistipurple said...

lol at LB and Chen. i had to read slowly cos my melayu not stwong. then got it! lol. of cos LB's 'belakang' kept me highly distracted. kkkkk!!!

Will said...

88861 now... hahaha

*keep refreshing* :P

Will said...

i got 88868 and 088880 :P

Will said...

over 88888 liao... hahahaha

*spam spam* :P


Will said...

mana prize? :P

mistipurple said...

you wanna know why???? HAHAHHAHAHHAH!!!!!!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Aiyo... over 88888 liao... I want my counter in 00000 can ah? LOL

nyonyapenang said...

aiyah....gua masuk so lambat. i think i wait for 99999...KAW..KAW...KAW...KAW...KAW. lar

Chen said...

Still LOL at the so called "fook"

wah, I went out makan a while..
the number jump so fast liao?

rupa-rupanya u spamming here!!
u really very free, huh?
refresh so many times, finger not painful meh?

mana prize ah?
u r not the 88,888th visitor leh
somebody else is the lucky one ;)
so no prize for u :P

Chen said...

i know i know..
i received your email liao
i went out makan for a while niah..
came back time to number reached 88899 liao !

Congrats for being the 88888th woh
This year u surely fatt kaw kaw liao..
Kkkkkk, I will update the post with your screenshot.
Still thinking wat to give u :P

pssss... how many times u refresh the page ah?

Too bad. U r a bit late to grab the 88,888th figure ;)
Never mind loh, u can aim for the 100,000th instead ;)

nyonya pg,
99,999th ah?
so many kaw...
indeed very enuff huh?

not only that,
ah boy happy liao..
kaw = dog also mah :P

mistipurple said...

hhahahaa i happened to come in to check on your posting and comments and then i was 'shocked' terperanjat when i saw the big 88,888!!!! kkkkk!
*so happies*

Chen said...

Wah.. u r indeed lucky.
Hit the jackpot without refreshing several times

Will must be scratching his head liao, wondering why he missed the 88888.. :P

Tahniah, tahniah ;)
*pls check your email*

mistipurple said...

#CHEN: moooo.. thank you for bringing me so much luck and blessings! you brought a smile to my face. hhahaaha i still can't get over the 88,888!!!!
(i would like to thank God for this little surprise gift to brighten my day!) :)

Chen said...

more surprise on the way,
coming soon..
must discuss with Ah Boy first ;)

oops, I haven't reply your email yet :P

_butt said...

wow! so fatt! :D

Chen said...

i just noticed butt & fatt both have double tt..

Simple American said...

Congratulations to misti! And congratulations to you too Chen. :)

Chen said...

Hahhaha, thanks :)
Might be I should send Misti a cow ;)