Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Maymay

Y is the Magical Alphabet today...
Y Y tell me why is it so?
What's going on here?
Cos today is the Day...
Today is Maymay's Birthday...
Yes, You are the best
Yeah, You are missed..
Yoyoyo, You are forever our beloved Maymay..
Yessssss... Forever Young Young...
and not forgetting the Yum Yum & Lum Lum..
Yummy Yam Puff..
and Yay, the Yellow-Yellow tei egg tart
(or the kkkk Yellow-Yellow tei teh kor?)
Yummmmmmm Sengggggggg
Hug Hug & Muacks Muacks

Happy Birthday, my dear Maymay
Lotsa muacks & hugs & kisses & sayangz



p/s: And not forgetting, Happy Nurses Day too :P


L B said...

Hahah, I want CAKE!! Yellow Cake? Happy Birthday to AhMay!!!

a^ben said...

happy bday to ah may~!!!

itu blue blue tei blue berry cheesecake kar??? nyams~~ :D

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday AhMay!!!!
i want a slice too!!!

carcar said...

may, we all love u!~

cutiepie said...

we all LOVE you MaY MaY .. happy birthday!!!

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to AhMay! Wheeee!

may said...

so yellow-yellow tei, lol!! thank you thank you! waaa, must go chase other letters in the alphabet now!! YumYumSengSeng!

T H A N K Y O U H U G S !

and Happy Nurses Day!

may said...

were you trying to rap there with that "yoyoyo"?! teehee!

Chen said...

earlier on the yellow digi man
followed by the yellow banana LB
and now the yellow cake

Happy Birthday Maymay

Yeah, itu blue berry cake
pandainya u :P

Happy Birthday Maymay

Can, we all share-share
sharing is caring mah..

Happy Birthday Maymay

Monk[+]Icon said...

heppi bday maymay!!!! *gerori huggies and muakses*

Chen said...

Carcar, faiti faiti liao..
we all sayangz Maymay

Happy Birthday Maymay

so many people sayangz Ah May,
she sure insomnia kaw kaw tonight liao...

Happy Birthday Maymay

Tweeeet Tweeeeeeett..
Sing song
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Happy Birthday Maymay

Will said...

happy birthday-day to little miss may-may :D

Chen said...

yellow-yellow tei is good ;)
including the yellow banana :P

don't say so loud regarding the rap thingy lah..
paiseh mah..

Happy Birthday Maymay

Everyone is in birthday mood liao
let's shout out aloud together..

Happy Birthday Maymay :D

Let's sing the double syllabus birthday song..
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Happy Birthday Maymay

Helen said...

Good job on Y. :-)

Wennnn said...

Happy Birthday May.....

kyh said...

wah that cake is yummy ah!!! *curi a bite*

happy birthday maymay jie! yay yay yay! but it can be a sad thing for ladies too... :P

Jackson said...

what a creative way to wish ppl birthday!! Happy birthday ah may!

L B said...

YES, and don't forget the YEAST on the YELLOW YELLOW tei bits!

Doreen said...

Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY May! May I have a bite too? Just one bite enough lar, I'm not greedy. Hehehe

ah nel said...

hepi birthday maymay... ;)


*gone the sitoloberi* :D

Jemima said...

*starts singing*

"Happy Birthday to May,
Happy Birthday to May,
Happy Birthday to May....
Happy Birthday to May!"

My very 1st visit here, Chen.
Have a great weekend. :)

carcar said...

thanks for the prompt update here! it helps is to keep track and know where to run to. haha...


♥happy birthday maymay♥


Kenny Ng said...

Oh... Happy birthday to May

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Cake looks wonderful! :)

Samm said...

Geeeeeeee.....iwant cake now........


Chen said...

Thanks :)

Happy Birthday Maymay

Happy Birthday Maymay

U can take 3 bites ;)
Happy Birthday Maymay

Hehhee, Thanks to LB who came up with this brilliant idea :)

Happy Birthday Maymay

Chen said...

YEAST? censor, censor loh..
No yeast on this BIG day..

Happy Birthday Maymay

Hehhee, one bite enough meh?
U can take 2 or 3 bites ;)

Happy Birthday Maymay

ah nel,
LOLOL, now i know u heart sitoberi

Happy Birthday Maymay

Thanks for dropping by
& thanks for the birthday song :)
Hope u enjoyed your stay here :D

Happy Birthday Maymay

Chen said...

LOLOL.. lazy bum lah u :P
*MooMoo hugs*

Happy Birthday Maymay

*jeng jeng jeng*

Happy Birthday Maymay

Paris Beaverbanks,
And it's yummy too..
I ate on Maymay's behalf :P

Happy Birthday Maymay

Come come, have a bite ;)

Happy Birthday Maymay

Ah Boy said...

Woofy Woof Woof Birthday,
May jiejie :)
Ah Boy sayangz May jiejie

Winn said...

wah u are the first few who posted this first thing this morning
when i was still panicking..i oredi saw u chup urs oredi:P heheheh

happybday ahmayyyyyy........

_butt said...

happy birthday to may!! :D

*curied the cheesecake and cabut*

Chen said...

ah boy,
I know u sayang ah may lah..
u give her abalone but never give me i jeles liao leh...

Happy Birthday Maymay

And i was fighting with Ah Boy, who to post the post first..
Only one pc mah..
have to share with Ah Boy :D

Your I movie also very keng leh..
I also wanna watch ;)

Happy Birthday Maymay

Hehhehe, I let u take a bite lah..
Save the trouble of curi-ing then

Happy Birthday Maymay

kat said...

♥ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ♥

Y Y tell me Y.... every time I hear Anita's songs, I always think of you.. even though you didn't sing her songs!! Anita Chen... has a nice ring to it, don't you think?? LOL

angel said...

Happy Belated Birthday liao! Soli I forgot to come here this morning... too many blur2 liao :P

oceanskies79 said...

Happy Birthday to May. She is lucky to have friends like yourself.

Chen said...

LOL.. can't imagine u think of me when u hear that song :D I like that song too. That song was indeed a hit in the mid 80's. Gosh, that was more than 2 decades ago liao? :D

Anita Chen? LOL

Happy Birthday Maymay

Hahaha, too many sites to visit liao mah, interesting though to visit each blog & see what they come up with ;) 25 altogether.. :D

Happy Birthday Maymay

We were all totally strangers to each other initially, but get to know each other more via blogs and meet up subsequently. That's how our friendship develops :)

Happy Birthday Maymay

Winn said...

fight with ahboy!!!

WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!! siew sei ngo la!!! hahahaha

Chen said...

True mah..
At last i win :P

dun tell me u never fight with Liucas woh :P

zara's mama said...


May's day
Nurse's day
Mother's day all sama sama?

eastcoastlife said...

Last of the Alphabet Gang lor! And you got a Y! hehe... I want a slice of the cake too. share share mah!

Happy Birthday to May!

velverse said...

Yeay yeay.. it's may may's birthday and

You did a Yo Yo Yo... amazing job!
Nice post :D

Chen said...

zara's mama,
May's Birthday & Nurses Day is on the same day. Mama Day is just one day behind. So, can celebrate all together on shot ;)

Happy Birthday Maymay

Got head, must got tail wan also mah..Hahhahaa...
very chinglish, huh :P
Save the best for the last mah

Can, can..
Sharing is caring ;)

Happy Birthday Maymay

Thank u, thank u :)
Yours is perfect too :)
Very colourful,
Very creative,
and Very Leng ;)

Happy Birthday Maymay

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday May.

Lovely post. Any cake left? 0.0

Chen said...


The last piece entered Ah Boy's tummy liao..

Happy Birthday Maymay