Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sarawak : Tg Batu, Bintulu

Reminiscing my previous visit to Tanjung Batu, Bintulu in 2005. Such a contrast in the weather compared with my previous visit. Remembering the windy, rainy day with dark cloud & dim scenery.. And almost get caught in the heavy rain!! And breaking sandals...

Nice weather - excellent for photo shooting :)

o.O at the rocks (batu)... No wonder this place is called Tanjung Batu.

Cool breeze. A perfect retreat. Indeed syiok to 吹吹风 ..

Mmmm.. I saw smoke!! Something is on fire, from afar !!

Someone (Malaysia Liquefied Natural Gas Plant aka MLNG Plant) "playing with fire" !! LOL

Oops... 见鬼/See Ghost? (again?) hahahha

Mmm... I wonder what is this makcik doing.. Picking up something??

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may said...

didn't see any ghosts, but in an instant I actually thought of: she sell seashells by the seashore!! alamak!

_butt said...

so serene.. ahh.. sedap mata memandang.. haha :D

the makcik? tengah cuci baju kot. Kkkkkkkkkkk...

day-dreamer said...

Nice pics... pity there was a bit of pollution... :(

rinnah said...

Such beautiful pictures!

Chen said...

twist my tongue liao cos of the tongue twister..
cham cham cham..

*close eyes*
*in deep thought*

cuci baju ah?
Butt wanna sponsor her washing detergent or not? :P

day dreamer,
TQ :)
This is Bintulu mah..
"Pollution" is inevitable wan :(
(If you still remember your Geography :P )

This is the same place where I took pictures of kids playing with the deflated football ;)

nyonyapenang said...

wow...all these nice-nice pictures...can post to National Geographic liao.

a^ben said...

wow.. the pictures cantiks nye~ :D

L B said...

Bintulu reminded me of Benbulu!!! *wicked naughty grin* *OPEN TUPPERWARE*

Kenny Ng said...

Wah... part of it looks like the series LOST lor... so nice

FireHorse said...

These pictures are beautiful, I have never been to sarawak before, I intend to one day. Is it okay that I link you?

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Kkkkk.. terima kasih.
National Geographic? Wah…
Might be I will made them into postcards :P

Thank u thank u..
I just saw your YM msg this morning..
I tidur early yesterday night :P

Flying again next week…
Syioknya :P

Imagination runs wild…

Really see ghost again..

Chen said...

Wah.. everyone talking about LOST lately..
And I’m LOST..
Cos I dunno what is the series about..
tak pernah tengok mah :P
Totally LOST with LOST

Thanks :)

Thanks :)
Glad u intend to visit Sarawak some time in the future.
You will sure enjoy your visit there.
The scenery, the people and the food...

Sure, you are mostly welcomed, and thanks for linking me :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Stupendous! Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing these.

JoeC said...

Am thinking of an east m'sia trip in july, maybe to KK, any good suggestions abt what to do there? Food? Been to tawau last year on business did not have time to enjoy the site. Tkx, Cheers!

Winn said...

the makcik purposing squat there longer for u to take pic...

mistipurple said...

wahhh so nice the pics. sure or not you take wan? buy from postcard stand is it? *runs from reaching tentacles!!!!*

13th Panda said...

i like ur 2nd last photo

wat camera u r using?

ac said...

i think the makcik picking up sotong to piak u leh...ekekekeke

kyh said...

the tree one is nice!!!

where got ghosts? why i cant see one... :(

Chen said...

Thanks :)
Glad u enjoyed the picture :)

I’m not familiar with Sabah.
Only been to Sabah (KK) once (just for a short trip - 3 days 2 nights in October last year), staying in Promenade Hotel in town centre. I highly recommend this hotel if u planning to go to KK.

I have posted few posts regarding my short trip in KK in the Sabah category.
might be u can check out there to have a look :)

That makcik so pandai & so sporting ah? I sukak people lidat..

Chen said...

Say I buy from postcard stand pulak?? Hurt my feelings kaw kaw liao :(
*sob sob*

Kkkkkkk, u like the pictures ah?
I can print them out & made into postcards and send to u leh :P
Home made postcard ;)

13th panda,
Thanks :)
I’m using the old camera - Minolta Dimage Z2
Consider as "old" lah..
bought in 2004, only 4 MP with no image stabilizer..
but i like the camera :)

Aiseh.. Luckily she didn’t manage to pick up any sotong..
*cold sweat* :P

Thanks :)
Black tree with branches but no leaves are always being considered as something spooky mah..
That’s why :P

Doreen said...

like your 2nd last pic. very nice! you from Bintulu?

zeroimpact said...

When you want to bring me there leh
Very near Bintule town right
30 min I hear

Chen said...

Nope, my hometown is in Sarikei.
The land of sweet pineapple :)

I went to visit my sister & my brother in law as well as my 3 nephews in Bintulu.

I dunno when is my next visit there woh...
Anyway, u can follow Cocka..
LOL, since he flies there very frequently..
Few times a year :P

Yeah, it’s not far away from Bintulu town.
There’s a hotel nearby – ParkCity Everly Hotel Bintulu :)

mistipurple said...

kakakaka *quickly sayangz chenliu*
very nice lah, that's why i say you curi from postcard stand.
donwan trouble you send postcard lah. i curi from here and save on my computer can already! kkkk!!

Chen said...

The one i posted were resized to small size liao. if u want, i can send u the ori photo without watermark. Kkkkkkkk...

mistipurple said...

kkkkk! i curi-ed all already! except for the petroleum wan. donwan pollution. :P
they are cute size i don't mind. if one day i want to blow them up and put across my office wall, i will email you! LOL!!
(thanks for the sweet thots. i muacks you very much. moooooo.)

mistipurple said...

and i don't mind the watermark. it's an honor to have your signature on it. :)

Chen said...

wah.. so fast curi-ed all liao (all except one :P) ?
u indeed very cekap..

wah, u consider the watermark as signature ah?
next time i must put thumb print as watermark liao..
(since Ah Boy put paw print mah)
more special mah :P

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Do take more. I love your pictures.

Chen said...

Thanks :)
More pict on the way :)

Bernard said...

Tg Batu Beach! Is the zoo still open? :-)

The second photo... one of my favourite thinking places (*alone).

The first photo... got company liao (*ahem).