Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blue Blue tei...

Poor Ah Boy has a BLUE Day last Monday. Apparently the blue season is spreading fast (like a deadly virus).. Today, Day Dreamer has not only a BLUE Day but BLUER Wedneday. Sbanboy facing Post Call BLUES. Since when everything seems so BLUE.. Let's BLUE together :P

Let's have BLUE Rice (The BLUE Nasi Kerabu with herbs and grated coconuts, crunchy bean sprouts, sliced cabbages, sliced long beans, ayam percik & salted egg).

Looking at the BLUE Sky while eating the BLUE rice. I guess I'm unlucky cos I didn't get to see the BLUE Moon, which is only visible once in a BLUE moon..

And... Lately, seems like everyone is obsessed with BLUE BLUE tei teh kor (Ah Ben lah, Angel lah, Ah May lah, Misti lah.. ) Too bad I dun have one, but don't worry.. I will curi Ah Ben's BLUE-BLUE tei teh kor picture to post here :P

Let's hum the BLUE song together ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ out of the BLUE & let's continue BLUE-ing... BLUE BLUE BLUE... LOL


may said...

oooh, "lamm fann"! I miss eating that, with coconut in gula melaka. blue blue tei is good. better than black black tei mah.... :P

Wennnn said...

wah how come u din take me eat tat ah?? i also blur blur day tat day when I met U.... hehhehehehe

just me said...

I love blue rice!

Kenny Ng said...

Nasi Kerabu!!! I like!!!

Will said...

reminds me of michael learns to rock... "you took me right, out of the blue..." bla bla bla... :P

a^ben said...

ai si!!!!! u go and expose so big summore!!!! sia suey si lang`

angel said...

*bring more pink paint*
*paint paint paint paint*

*helps L B to pinch a^ben first*

angel said...

I mean, pinch his butt... LOL!

rinnah said...

I'm a teensy weensy bit blue today! A pale washed out blue, that is. *tired*

Hmm, never had the guts to try blue rice before...

Chen said...

Trying to recall what other lamm or blue food available. The blue nyonya kuih.. The McD blue set meal (can't remember the name liao) :P
Mmmmmmm.... so little huh?

Black-black tei also okie mah, black has it's own character woh..
Kekkekekkee... (pssss... cos i like black mah :P )

LOL... Too many dishes/delicacies to savour in Penang liao :P I prefer kerabu mango than kerabu rice ;)

Kekekkee, I bought the nasi kerabu outside my working place in the early morning around 7:15 am. Sold out pretty fast :)

just me,
Hehehhe, I dun really fancy blue rice :) We dun have much food with blue colour.. Blue food has the unique and characteristic appearance :)

Simple American said...

If you want you can look at my blue blue eyes. Maybe cheer people up. Right? Can I make blue people happy, happy?

Chen said...

I like kerabu Mango !!
and kerabu phoenix claw !!
similar name but totally different taste.. LOL

sing song again ah?
lately ada pergi karaoke or not? ;)

ah ben,
kekekke.. now everyone talking about blue-blue tei teh kor mah..
of coz must show big-big lah..
tarak sia suey woh

Chen said...

oops.. u ter-paint my face liao..
now there's one big patch of pink paint on my forehead...
i'm not PINK PANTHER woh..

pinch Ah Ben's butt?
I can see Ah Ben's hiding under the table liao :P

I will took the remaining leftover pink paint brought by Angel & start painting at your place...
So, now we have a PINK RINNAH too !

BLUE rice won't bite woh..
try try try....
give it a try ;)

Looking at SA's BLUE BLUE EYES
can hypnotize ppl wan...
can make blue-blue ppl sleepy :P
just kidding lah..

Nice looking at blue eyes ;)
eye soothing :)

mistipurple said... blue my world is blue
*bring red to mix with blue*
*voila!!! purple chor!!!*

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

jiejie, how bout dat "lamm kuih" eat with kaya 1?


Chen said...

pandai lah u..
make the blue day become purple day

*let's play with paint*
*paint the town purple* :P

woof & meow,
Kekkeke, I know that kuih..
I haven't eat tat "blue + white" nyonya kuih for ages liao.. Can't remember when is the last time I ate it. Definitely it's few years back :)

L B said...

I like all your Blue Blue Tei pictures!! So pretty! So calming! So NICE!!! I sokong... not sotong!! Sokong!!
kkkkkkk™ Wanna pinch someone's butt... Feel like pinching someone's butt... A blue blue butt..

kyh said...

wah got blue rice one meh... first time see o.O

nasi kerabu is nice! but i like nasi ulam more!

now i'm wearing turqoise blue tee u know? ;)

Pink Cotton said...


post some smurfs!!!

u kno wat is smurf??hmmm...dono ur time got smurf or not 'x'

papercrazy said...


Blue face pakai ah?

JL said...

how bout blue blue tei mia movie =P

Monk[+]Icon said... wonder my blog oso blue kaler... i got blue syndrome too...

dino said...

The BLUE Nasi Kerabu look yummy...
Never see this in Ipoh before...

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

come come, jiejie...wen free, we go sapu "lamm kuih"...=P

you belanja...hehe

Chen said...

I like the BLUE BLUE sky too – very calming. For a while, I read that Sokong as Sotong..
blame it on the lack of sleep lately...Now I dream of my bed :(

Pinch pinch pinch..
Pinch tat someone’s butt..
He must be yelling now :P

U never see ah?
I presume u seldom eat Malay food then :P

Turquoise blue reminds me of Viagra..

pink cotton,
I know smurfs woh
Those BLUE little dwarfs mah..
I saw my brother watching mah last time… :P

Chen said...

BLUE face ah?
Kia si lang loh...
Reminds me of those things, u know?
Those things woh !!

*thinking of blue lipstick* --> giving the cyanosed appearance :P

I have some other blue things,
but not appropriate to post up here loh :P

itu BLUE BLUE tei movie sudah kena censored liao..
Cannot post up here cos this is a "U" post :P
Ah Boy & at times Liucas will read my blog mah.
Dowan to give bad influence to those underaged bloggers !!

Chen said...

Your blog is super BLUE
Very very BLUE...
no wonder BLUE syndrome lah :P
Must paint it with yellow paint to made it green liao..
Or with pink colored paint to made it purple?
Tat will surely cure the BLUE syndrome..

Ipoh mostly Chinese mah..
That’s why loh :P

woof & meow,
U ajak then u have to belanja loh..

Abuthen, I dun fancy that blue kuih lah.. And I seldom eat kuih too.
Kekkekke, nearby my place also got tat blue kuih leh :P

Selba said...

First I thought the nasi is NASI KERBAU!!! hahaha...

Then... nasi kerabu.. eh... is that nasi really blue color??? How do they make it blue??? any recipes?

kat said...

Lovely looking rice. Lovely looking sky. Blue teh kor... must wear then only can see nice or not..! :P
And such a lovely looking pikcher of blue AhBoy... just want to scoop him up and go to bed!! :D

papercrazy said...


the blue rice is called nasi kerabu hia??? I always call it lavendar rice...LOL

wat can be blue and not appropriate for public viewing??
hmmm...ah boy's blue birdie??

Monk[+]Icon said...

but favorite kaler is blue and black...and sometimes gold...gero~

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

cheh...but i bulum work yet mah...

can laa can laa...u dun makan lor..u belanja me can d...


Chen said...

Nasi Kerbau? hahhahhaha..
this name never come across my mind, and now u bring it up..
interesting :P
Kerabu become Kerbau

Yeah, it's blue colour..
The natural colouring from the blue flower used to cook the rice, not the artifcial colouring ;)

I dun have the recipe leh..

Thank u. Regarding the blue teh kor, must ask Ah Ben to demonstrate liao... Hahahaha :p

I guess Ah Boy is feeling blue again today cos I forgotten to feed him this morning (again !!!)
Poor Ah Boy :(

Chen said...

The name is supposedly nasi kerabu mah.. I think originate from Kelantan :)

ah boy's birdie mana ada warna blue woh???

Itu blue-blue thing punya cerita cannot talk in public lah..
come, come..
we discuss via messenger :P

I like black colour too
kam cheng
Kkekekkee... I prefer dark colours - including dark blue ;)

woof & meow,
u belum work but your hunny starts working already liao mah..
Suddenly.. I remembered something, that day he said wanna belanja me makan leh :P

day-dreamer said...

So blue~~

Lucky the blues had more or less gone (a bit) for me... haha...

Not-so-Blue Thursday... :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Luckily you didnt blog about period blues. Hahahahaha

mistipurple said...

lol at kokokai!!!
chen, wanna pluck his feather and paint blue? *blue paint ready*

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Not-So-Blue Thursday..
today will be No-Blue Friday then?

i consider myself lucky cos i dun suffer from PMS :P

u wanna made BLUE kokokai?
*excited to see the fur-less nekid AYAM BIRU*

kyh said...


ya i seldom eat malay food wan. cos all oso gulai and kari. sien!

this morning i finally got to taste the blue rice. very fragrant! nice!

Selba said...

What flower is it? I wanna try it! :D

Eh... btw, do you know the song...
with the words:

blue.. blue.. my heart is blue...
grey.. grey... my life is grey...

It's an oldies song, very nice and touchy...

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Yea wor yea wor....i heard dat too...

will ask him from d...anyway, jiejie, we go Fish n Co again?


dino said...

blue blue saturday, today need to work... :p

p/s: woof woof and meow meow, where is my 9 course meals???

Chen said...

Hehehe, finally u manage to find & tried the blue rice. It is available if u look out for it ;)

Have u tasted the Nasi Hujan Panas? Neh, the colourful rice :)

Errrr... Sorry lah, I dunno the name of the plant :P

U mean the old song "Love is blue"?
Yeah, i know about the song..
Can we consider that song a "colorful" song even though it's a sad song? ;)

Since the lyrics mentioned several colour - blue, grey, green, red, black etc :P
Indeed The Colorful Sad Song ;)

Chen said...

woof & meow,
Hhahhaa, he must be having amnesia again !! Kkakakkaa... since he asked me how to improve memory several days back :P

Fish & Co?
Can, of coz can..
I haven't go there for ages liao.. I think for more than a year already.. :P

pssssssss... Dino reminds me of the 9-course-dinner that "He" supposed to belanja us years back woh..
How, how? :P

Hope the evening is not so Blue then ;) And tomolo will be a colorful Sunday to u :)

*smack forehead*
I have totally forgotten about the "9-course-dinner" liao (Or issit "8-course"?) that woof & meow supposed to belanja us years back !! Thanks for reminding !!! LOL

Will said...

lately ah... no go wor... you no ajak also :P

_butt said...

eating blue rice under the blue sky.. sounds like you're having a picnic there hehe..

day dreamer bluer wednesday? must faster go pat over to her blog liao :P

Chen said...

of coz i won't ajak lah..
cos i dun go karaoke wan :P

sounds more like having a BLUE picnic leh.. LOL

I presume the BLUER Weds is over for Day Dreamer liao... Today, she should be having a RAINBOW Saturday liao ;)

Selba said...

Hahaha.. yes, I guess we can say it's a 'colorful" sad song :)

kyh said...

Colourful rice? O.O

Artificial colourings or natural colourings? Freaky~~~

Chen said...

Hehe, might be we can apply this principle into our daily lives. When we are down or sad, we can correlate it with the colors and life is not so bad after all.. LOL

I presume they use artificial colouring, but i'm not 100% sure about this. The color are not striking color, but just tinge of red, yellow, blue or green or something similar. I can't really remember the exact colour of the rice. So far, I have only eaten it twice.