Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a Blessed and Happy Easter

Behind all the hype and celebrations of Easter Sunday, let us not forget the reason why we celebrate this day... That Jesus Christ laid down His life for us on the Cross, His victory over death and His glorious Resurrection on the third day which also symbolizes the Eternal Life.

May The Lord's blessings be upon you and your loved ones this Easter!


angel said...

Happy Pink Pink Tei Easter!
(no blue blue tei, ok)

Come! Let's all go visit Ahmay @ her new home! :D

Wennnn said...

Happy easter.... Heheheheh

Jee said...

Happy Easter :)

Winn said...

happy easter!!!!!!!

wheres the bunny

Chen said...

very pink, no more blue liao :D
I have a "weather" report at the side column liao ;)

Yeah, let's hop over to Ah May's new home..
Bringing together lotsa Easter candies & choc eggs :D

Happy Easter to u & Jon :)
Cooking any nice dishes to celebrate Easter? ;)

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter, Winn Winn :)
Where's the bunny ah?
That bunny very notti.. dunno hop where liao :P

Will said...

easter bunny kena eaten by ahboy liao :P

L B said...

Happy Easter to you and your family including Ah Boy, and Sotong. May you have lots of rabbits, lots of eggs, lots of love, lots of kisses, lots of babies, lots of pinches, lots of kkkkkkkkk™, lots of lidis, lots of lormaikai, lots of DSLRs, lots of siew pai kuats..

eastcoastlife said...

Hi Dr Chen!
Blog-hopped from Dr Bernard Chan's site.

Like your posts - so interesting and farnee! hehe...

Happy Easter Holidays!

_butt said...

Happy Easter!!


mistipurple said...

Happy Easter Chen!!!!
angel pooted many eggs, i got collect a few for you!!!! :P

Chen said...

ah boy where got so ganas one?? :P

Wah... this is indeed a fabulous Easter greetings :D Sotong woke up for few minutes yesterday night and went back hibernating again in zzzz land :P

Wishing Ah Boy to have lotsa babies too.. Cute little BB min pins ;)
So adorable !! LOL

hi there, thanks for dropping by.
Glad u like my posts :)

Happy Easter holidays to u too :)

Chen said...

Happy Easter, butt..

i was talking about pinching ka ch'ng with Ben earlier on.. If i pinch your ka ch'ng, then it will sound like pinching butt's butt :P
(just kidding lah, don't piak me)


Happy Easter, Misti ;)

Wah.. Angel is so productive..
Thanks for collecting the eggs for me..
very thoughtful of u leh...
Summore the eggs are so colourful..
I like the gold egg & silver egg..
The purple egg looks nice also leh....

Kenny Ng said...

What is Easter day? Got Eater day or not? :P

Selba said...

Happy Easter!!!

Selamat Hari Paskah!!!

Got any eggs? I want rabbit chocolates!!! hehehehe

lynnx01 said...

Yay! Happy Easter to you too. Thanks for reminding us all the meaning of Easter.

kyh said...

Happy Easter!!!

*cracks one egg on Chen's head*


Monk[+]Icon said...

happy easter! egg egg tei...

Chen said...

Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ who has conquered death and this occurred on the third day after his death.

Everyday can be Eater Day, as long as we are not fasting ;)

Happy Easter to u too..

Oh.. It's known as Hari Paskah in Indonesia? I dunno about that :) I learn a new word today :)

Too bad I dun have any colorful eggs or rabbit chocs. If not, sure I will give some to u :)

Chen said...

We have to be thankful for the
blessings that we have received in His grace and mercy. Have a Blessed Easter :)

Happy Easter, kyh.

Wai wai..
Easter is not the season for u to misbehave :P

Happy Easter, Monkticon.
Egg egg tei?

may said...

Happy Easter to you, Doktor! I do love the sunsets at your place. I must learn how to take kengchau pix like yours...

mari mari! when you an angel come to visit, make sure you bring some "hoong kai dan" with you ok? *wink*

Kenny Ng said...

Ohh...soli ah, I'm not Christian so I dunno.

rinnah said...

Blessed Easter, chen (and ah boy)! You are right that this should be a day to remember our Lord. *hugs*

Winn said...

bunny hop into the wok liao! OMG!

day-dreamer said...

Happy Easter!!

Mana saya punya Easter Egg?

Chen said...

Happy Easter, May :)
Mmmm... one hour massage for 2 Lindt bunnies? can i request for 3 instead? :P

Kkkk.. Thanks :)
Actually that was pict of sunrise. Anyway, sunrise & sunset both looks similar ;)
I took those shots last Thursday in the early morning prior to going to work ;)

"hoong kai dan"?
Ahem.. red eggs is to celebrate newborn baby's full month, right?
unless if "accident" occur lah.. Kkkkkkk..

no problem :)
i know u dunno mah..
That's why u ask :)

Chen said...

Wishing u & your family a blessed Easter too :)

who cooked the poor bunny?
or Liu Kas the lengchai General as per SK? :P

day dreamer,
Happy Easter, DD :)
Your Easter Egg is still inside the fridge. U want it half boiled or boiled or fried or omelette or ? :P

mistipurple said...

i just realised that pic was taken from your house, after reading May and your comment!!!
so happies you so blessed can see such beautiful sight everyday!

Chen said...

Yes, that picture was taken from my living room :)

Remember the post (9.12.2006 whereby I took few scenery snapshots (in chronological order) from my living room last year? :P

day-dreamer said...

Half-boiled, boiled, fried and omelette all want... can? :D

Simple American said...

Very late Easter greetings to you Chen. Sorry my friend.

Yes. Let us remember everyday. :)

Chen said...

wah.. eat so many telur in one setting? Not sked of high cholesterol meh?

Happy Easter, SA :)