Monday, April 02, 2007

Blue Day ?

Too many things occupying my mind & bothering me at this moment..
What a Gloomy Day.
Very Sian..

p/s: This has nothing to do with Monday Blues.. Monday Blues only applicable to the poor & hungry Ah Boy.


Will said...

chup! :P

rinnah said...

So who is blue now? You or Ah Boy? *scratch head, confused*

Anyway, cheer up! *hugs both Chen and Ah Boy*

cynthia said...

monday is ALWAYS like so blue!

LB said...

*ran out of incense to burn, so will offer very warm hugs instead..* Cheer up, Doctor. All is not lost! I will secretly rescue Ah Boy, and Liucas from the evil clutches of Cocka!!

may said...

cheer up, Ah Boy! I feed you some grilled fish and chips, want? Chen can have some too, if she behaves... *grin*

Monday's all gone and away, whee!!

Selba said...

*pats ah boy on his head*

*pats chen on her shoulder*

Today is blue, tomorrow is green, the day after tomorrow is pink :D

Kenny Ng said...

Why all so down on Monday ha? To me everyday also same.

angel said...

*wears blue teh kor & teh sar*

♫ When I'm feeling blue..
All I have to do..
Is take a look at you... ♫

Redsponge said...

eee...this post is by ah boy or u?!!!

or ah boy already conquer ur blog?

Chen said...

chicken chop?
pork chop?
lamb chop? :D

too many things occupying my mind at this moment mah, that's why i feel sian loh.. On the other hand, ah boy feels blue cos he has been starving for the whole day (someone forgotten to feed him this morning before she left for work) :P

Thanks :)

Hehehe, might be we should eat Blue Rice on Monday while looking at the Blue Sky on a Blue Monday....

Chen said...

Thanks for the hugs..
Luckily u run out of incense liao..
I sked the incense smell leh..
*suffocating* :P

Ah Boy & Liucas will bite Cocka's butt (luckily just bite & not bite off) :P

wah.. ah boy so syiok geh?
gets to eat grilled fish & chips?
I also want leh..
(I behave mah, so can I have my share? :P)

Thanks for the pat :)
Ah Boy says Woof :)

Trying hard to imagine how's a Green Tuesday & a Pink Wednesday like...

Chen said...

not becos of Monday lah..
just that too many things occupying my mind loh ..
that's why sian...
nothing to do with Monday Blues leh..

singing blue-blue song with blue-blue teh kor & teh sar ah?
So blue liao...
Blue Blue Blue...
Brew Brew Brew...
Bulu Bulu Bulu...

red sponge,
We join venture mah for this post. I feel sian & he feels blue..
And the end result is this ocipala post loh :)

Monk[+]Icon said...

*sings* i'm blue da bu dee da bu dai da bu dee da bu dai eh...

Su Seong said...

hi chen,

this is s--n here. it took me a while to figure who you are, stupid of me. until the picture of your mini pinscher struck me! plus his name, ah boy! hope you are fine. still in UK but coming home soon, homesicklah! se--a is fine here, we read your forwards to us.
take care!

Chen said...

can encore or not? :D

su seong,
hi there !!
it's indeed a surprise to hear from u ..
so fast time flies...
It had been more than a year since u both went to UK.
I'm fine here.
Send my regards to se--a ;)
Hehhehe.. I really wonder how u manage to find my blog :P
I still remember the times we cracked jokes about our doggies inside OT ;)

Hope to meet up with both of u soon :) Take care.

Winn said...

liucas na na dei today

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wat happened, jiejie?

cheer up cheer up...

smile smile....=)

mistipurple said...

brings char siew for... er.... ah boy.
you've been a good gal too right? lol at how May put it!

Chen said...

apa pasal Liucas so napet woh? :P

woof n meow,
some personal stuffs & also work related issues loh..
Thanks :)
i'm okie, just that I feel tired ..

bring Char Siew for ah boy only ah?
how about me woh? :(
i want Baked Stuffed Lobster :P
Can i?

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

ooo...jiejie must rest more oh...

kat said...

Ya-lah.. when the head is too full, things always look blue. Go to sleep, and let the blues float away. Tomolo will be bright and yellow! :)

kyh said...

*pats ah boy*

U shud sek zhou mah... Gip him some siew yoke chee par! :P

But nvm... Now oredy Tuesday liao...

Simple American said...

Aww! Just gotta scwatch does widdle ears.

How you doing doc?

Alicia said...

so cute like nottiboi XD

ah nel said...

i hungry of ah boy...

L B said...

You been T A G G E D! Yeeehah!! Chen ah, not ah boy..

yenchiew said...

poor ah boy...
pats teeny little head...
cheer up alright.. :)

papercrazy said...

ermmmmm....heard my vision came true last nite....LOL

I have another vision....

JL said...

aiyoo so ke lian...

*pats ah Boy

Cheer up ya :)

Chen said...

woof & meow,
i wanna rest too..
but cannot lah :(
likely tonight & tomorrow night have to sleep late again..

i miss my bed leh..
there is a high possibility i need to stay up late tonight & tomolo night :(
thinking of zzzz...
how nice :D

i feed him some tauhu instead...
and he enjoys it too :)

Kkkkk.. i also didnt eat siew yoke chee par, how to feed him with tat woh.. :P

Chen said...

ah boy giggles :D

how am i ah?
i'm tired leh...
and i miss my bed :(

i'm sure u will take more shots of notti boi when u balik kampung :)

ah nel,
might be ah boy will be hungry of ah nel too

Kkkkkkkk... at first i tot u wanna tag ah boy leh.. :P

Chen said...

he will be happy if he is given some yummy food :) Ah Boy says.."Can I have some? :P"

no good wan lah u :P
hope u dun have any other funny vision liao :P

ah boy dreaming of char siew..
*tummy growling*
a hungry dog is a sad dog.. :P
a well fed dog is a happy dog ;)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

hmmmm...jiejie fancy some massage?


Chen said...

woof & meow,
Of coz i want.. U haven't gimme shoulder massage for ages liao leh...

_butt said...

*helps chen to clog up the overflow thoughts*

*pray monday blues will stay away from ah boy with lots and lotsa foods*

today is tuesday. should be feeling better?



Pink Cotton said...

HAHAHAHA poor ah boy

*scratches ear*

ur mami no good wan hoh??? we don fren her ok ok ???

we go pang sai pan jio at her house ok ok ???? i mean YOU pangsai la...not me

mistipurple said...

lend you my blue tei teh kor.

Chen said...

TQ TQ...
ah boy feels better today cos I remembered to feed him this morning before i left to work :P

pink cotton,
Eeeeeeeee.. say bad things about me geh? :(

dun teach ah boy funny stuff or give ah boy funny ideas !!
else i made u mop my floor then u know !!

wah.. why everyone r so obsessed with blue blue tei teh kor lately? Kkkkkk...

Err.. supposed to wear tat or...
to put on the head ah?

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

den ar....jiejie make an appointment laa...keke...

Cocka Doodle said...

*sharpening skewer and touching pointy end...aiming it at Ah Boy's arse...* LOL

13th Panda said...

poor ah boy, this chen let u have monday blues (by letting u go hungry)


day-dreamer said...

Bluer Wednesday for me... :(

sbanboy said...

I am getting post call blues now ... hehe :D

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Feeling blue? Hope you don't feel blue anymore la.

Everytime I see Ah Boy's cute eyes I want to hug him so much. Cute leng jai!

Chen said...

woof2 n meow2,
wah.. need to make appointment wan ah? I know liao.. u must be busy with your hunny :P

put on gloves & lubricating gel..
aiming index finger at ayam's arse too.. --> doing per rectal digital exam :P

13th panda,
i give him food liao yesterday morning and this morning..
He only hungry on Monday niah :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
poor DD..
hope your blue Wednesday will go away soon, and tomorrow will be a red Thursday for u..
red colour Ong mah :)

kesian kesian..
wat a busy day & night for u..
had to stay up all night long..
must be feeling very tired & exhausted now..
hope u manage to get some rest this morning..

i'm not the one feeling blue :P
*pointing finger at ah boy - he is the one*
I'm just exhausted & tired...

Hehehe.. ah boy loves being hugged & loved..
and summore he is so smallllll :D

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

aiyo...yuen wong arr...wer got...i bz wid my assignment....


kat said...

Hey doc! Catch up with sleep aredy or not? Make sure you close the door and don't let AhBoy disturb you, ok? :)

mistipurple said...

sayangz loctor.
sayangz ahboy.

angel said...

*paints your blog pink*

Chen said...

woof & meow,
mana i tau woh..
u never talk to me for so long liao..
i tot u forgotten about me liao leh :P

not yet lah..
tonight have to stay up late too..
Hopefully can have peaceful zzz tomolo night liao :)

Thanks for sayang-ing us
*sayangz Misti back*

wah.. So pink !!
I tot I mistakenly entered Pink Cotton's blog just now leh...
thanks for the "pink" ;)

Simple American said...

*sneaks in a sleeping bag and air mattress for the good loctor*

Chen said...

so nice..........