Saturday, January 06, 2007

tipu, not tiu...

Yesterday night, I had a "drug talk" with the infamous Crappy King, Sengkor who is down with URTI (=Upper Respiratory Tract Infection).

Chen: many medicine have the same appearance one
SK: how the nurse differentiate?
Chen: got name mah, on the bottle
SK: if not in the bottle of let say mixed up jor?
Chen: they are supposed to write the name of the medicine prescribed.
Chen: if mixed up, then cannot prescribe liao, dangerous.
SK: yalor, dunno y this one no name one. lazy nurse!
Chen: unless those med which has weird or unique shape
SK: like viagra
Chen: lol, everyone can recognise viagra
SK: i never see b4
Chen: tiu
Chen: tipu
Chen: sorrylah, type salah
Chen: i dint mean tiu, kekkekke, i wanna type tipu
SK: yer, doc so vulgar
SK: i sked
Chen: kekekee, say liao mah type salah

How crappy.. So sotong, So paiseh..

Next time must see what I typed before pressing the Enter key, especially when typing the word tipu - might end up typing tiu instead if I type too fast :P This is indeed another Sotong Day. Lately too much Sotong.. tipu become tiu lah, ter-copy & paste too many times earlier on today, and almost wanting to install Mac software into Windows etc etc etc... Hahhaha...


Anonymous said...

I also never see Viagra before, not in real life anyway, just in Spam..

Anonymous said...

LOLOL.. I just saw tiu!!

sengkor said...

i know u mean tiu one.. dr u veli the vulgar, i sked :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, I remember that CSI Scene. Install Mac into Windows...

Anonymous said...

So very the liu liu...

Chen said...

hahha.. those junk mails or spam folders :P
LOL.. how true :P

aiyak.. I tot u didn't notice tat word tim..
tot can escape :D

i mana ada vulgar woh?
*faint kaw kaw*

itu CSI cerita u can forget liao from today onwards :P

hope u won't change the name liu liu to *iu *iu instead in the future :P

carcar said...

deja vu!!

last night my fren said wanna intro me his fren from TI, i thought from TIU too, hahahah...

TI = Teluk Intan!


kyh said...

wat is TIU? noob*

i oso nvr seen viagra in real life b4... :P

Anonymous said...

yerrr... doc so vulgar... :P

Chen said...

faint kaw kaw reading your comment
can consider this as... joke of the day? LOL

wah.. say in capital letter summore?
means u r shouting the word?
if really dunno then no need to know wan :D
viagra see in picture can liao lah.. no need to see in real life wan :D

yerr.. Will so bad :(
I mana ada use vulgar woh in real life? :P

Anonymous said...

wah... lu sotong lah Doc. Sengkor's mata must be almost fall out when he saw that :P

Anonymous said...

Wait! Let CSI investigator Cocka analyse that conversation....

SK mentioned the word Viagra...
Doc straight away associate it with tiu...

Your honour,this is proven beyond reasonable doubt that Doc did have the intention to utter that vulgar word. Case closed. I find the defendant guilty as charged! LOL

Anonymous said...

*tsks at the doktor*

that should be LIU, not tee-yoo, ok?

Chen said...

itu sengkor already sick till blur blur liao..
and pening-pening liao..
might be he didn't notice immediately kua :D

faint again
lidat also can?
first u investigate at May's icon with that hilarious comment
(i laff till beh tahan), now u analyse here pulak :P
Errr... wat guilty pulak?
this is not court case, okie?

so paiseh.. wanna hide liao :D
okie okie

Anonymous said...

doctor` tsk tsk tsk tsk` xiang bu dao`
tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk~

Chen said...

cheh.. u mean xiang bu dao sengkor never see viagra ah?

Anonymous said...

Wah... doctor swearing ah?!

Omg... kyh dunno what is tiu ah?! He really little innocent boy leh...

angel said...

kakakaka!!! tiuuuuuuuu!!!

i'm so beginning to love this word! damn liu!

yenchiew said...

nice one.. ;)

Chen said...

LOL.. I mana ada swearing woh? :P
dunno tat kyh really dunno or pretending dunno wan.. kekkee

kakkaka... angel swearing here :P
wanna exchange the word liu with tiu ah? kakkaka...

yen chiew,
more appropriately is.. embarrassing wan :P

mistipurple said...

i see hints of substituting the word liu to tiu! supporting guilty members: Angeltiu and Chentiu!!!! seconded by Mistitiu!! *CABUT*

*came back* Klangtiu! how that sounds? Sengkortiu, Winntiu, Maytiu, Carcartiu... just testing just testing... *CABUT AGAIN*

Chen said...

*faint kaw kaw*
changing our nice name to tiu pulak..
cannot, cannot lah lidat...

running from hantutiu :D

Anonymous said...

I also think the kyh is kesi kesi one... :D

Anonymous said...

i also didnt see Viagra before. Nvm tiu and tipu almost the same, tak apa punya... doc can be vulgar also right? :p

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.. so the ti(p)u!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuah... never know u so ganas one... kekeke

Chen said...

hehehe... he tarak reply liao :P

sin ling,
I would be worried if u ever see a real viagra ;)
tiu & tipu almost the same?
indeed 后生可畏 :P

next time can substitute tat word with ti(p)u liao ah? kekkeke

fuah, like this consider as ganas liao meh? :P

kyh said...

i really dunno one leh... i m so innocent... :P

comon tell me la... i wanna know lor!

Jeryc said...

Now only I know Doc is so chor lor...:P

Chen said...

it's good if u really dunno
hahha, that's a swearing word, so u don't have to know the meaning :P

Hahhaa, long time no see liao...
how's the world treating u? :)
Aiseh, typo error also consider as chor loh meh? :P

King's wife said...

Don't worry, when I chat with him also, I always ter-tiu him!! lol!

Chen said...

hahahhaa..if lidat, must ti(p)u him more liao.. :D

Anonymous said...

I really don't believe kyh dunno what is "tiu"... Hard to believe...

Simple American said...

More fun to type fast. Be adventurous. Or I guess humsup. haha

Chen said...

I doubt so too..
But looks like he really dunno cos he go & open a new thread in forum asking for the meaning of tiu..

lesson of the day : must be more cautious liao when typing :P
But... whether remember or not remembering the lesson of the day, is another story..
I still type fast :P