Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sotong Sister is in Town

Met up with my dear sotong sister, lenglui Maymay last Saturday. After driving merry-go-round (luckily just for a short while) in Seberang Jaya, I managed to find my way to her hotel in SJ. Hehehe, I'm hopeless with the roads outside Penang island. I kidnapped her to Penang island after going through a don't-know-how-long traffic jam on the Penang bridge.

Thanks a million, Ah May, for the nice pinkie Octopus. So cute, so chu-bee. Big round eyes. Adding another sotong to my expanding sotong collection. (Yeah !!!)

Ah Boy gets his pressie too (How nice). A equivalent chu bee beanie bone.. Ah Boy manja-ed and played with Maymay for quite some time.. But suddenly he misbehaved and ended up being punished. Today I pinjam-ed his bone to play for a while. Shhhh.. Don't tell him ;)

Mmmm... What's going on here??? Scratching? Tickling? Indecent Exposure?? The thing that caught my attention is the prominent bulging blood vessels on the hands. Hahaha, Can easily push in the 14 gauge (14G) big bore branula. How nice if all the patients have such prominent nice veins... Ooops... sorrylah.. Somehow I like to observe people's hand for veins. Hard to kick off this bad habit.

We went to Air Itam for Assam Laksa in the late evening but too bad, the stall was closed prematurely. Dunno why the stall closed so early that day. I felt guilty.... Should have left the house earlier instead :( I gotta tapao assam laksa for her liao if I go to KL in the future...

We went to the Hawker Centre in New Lane, off Macalister Road. This hawker centre is located next to the Sunway Hotel. The place was congested as the old chinese saying - People Mountain People Sea (人山人海). We sat next to the blue wall with free entertainment - endless Christmas songs from the CD shop next door. Thank God it didn't rain yesterday night. It was a warm night though with occasionally refreshing breeze.

Satay Babi or Pork Sate. *Non Halal* Not suitable for Liucas (Dunno why but Angel cakap punya), but definitely suitable for Ah Boy. Suitable and I cakap only, cos I didn't tapao back for him :P

Chee Cheong Fun with thick prawn paste & chilli paste. This stall sells one of the best Chee Cheong Fun in Penang.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun with tauhu pok, coagulated blood, cockles, bean sprout and bla bla bla. The modified version of Curry Mee.

Sinful Oh Chean or Fried Oyster Omelette. If eating this frequently, guarantee will get heart attack or ischaemic heart disease with blocked coronary blood vessels - be it single vessel disease or double vessel disease or triple vessel disease :P

Equally sinful Char Koay Kak. Another high calories dish... ladened with oil :P

The not so sinful Chendol.

The less sinful Ais Kachang with fruits and ice cream.

Wanted to order Fruit Rojak earlier on but at the end our stomach failed us.. We drove around the town to see-see look-look in the dark. Part of the town is congested with nearly static traffic jam (along the Upper Penang Street) coz of the Digi Street Blast. Finally we called it a day night after May managed to find a room.

I woke up around 6:30 am the next morning. Mmmm... Even though I only slept for 3 and half hours but surprisingly I didn't feel sleepy. Might be coz I didn't have to go to work today? Somehow we feel more energetic when we are not working. I managed to catch a glimpse of the sunrise before heading for breakfast later in the morning.

We had not-so-sinful dimsum (har kau, siew mai, lormaikai etc) at Leong Kee Tea Garden.

Time really flies. After dimsum, it's soon time to bid farewell.. Mmmm... Traffic jam in the early Sunday morning in Penang Bridge. As expected, an accident took place earlier on causing the massive traffic jam. After crawling like a turtle advancing my car inches by inches for almost 20 minutes, we drove past the accident venue. We kay poh and took a glimpse at the car number plate. If my memory didn't fail me, the number was 1859? Anyway, since both of us don't buy numbers, so just let it be..... Finally I managed to send May back safe & sound across the Penang Bridge without sesat. Nice meeting you, May :)

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Anonymous said...

First comment!

Anonymous said...

Wah... can't believe it leh!

Anonymous said...

*rubs eyes*

Really unbelievable! First and Second Comment also by me!


Is it time that I am going to strike 4D?

Anonymous said...

Wah... very happy leh!

Gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal also mine!


Since today is carcar's birthday, I dedicate the Silver medal to her.


may said...

OMG, EXPOSED!! So INDECENT, me scratching away at... errr... Ah Boy's tummy!! LOLOLOL!!

thank goodness you managed to find your way back to the Island, and a cool ferry ride too. I missed that, should've gone back to SJ that way instead of the crawling traffic on the bridge.

thank you so much for a lovely time, going around here and there, and for being my chauffeur. too bad about the assam laksa, but the rest of the yummy makan almost made up for it! next time... next time... there's always a next time!!

cheers & HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Erm... 言归正传。

Is it because the laksa was sold off (due to too good business) so it sau dong early? Otherwise it just means that Maymay got no hau fook. Hahahaha!

Wah... tempt me with so many pictures again... SATAY!! I WANT!! Long time no eat already!

Chendol not sinful meh? Got santan oh... high cholesterol!

But sometimes I agree with the saying that goes, "nice/sinful food are not healthy food". Hahaha!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
counting how many comments u left here
no need to rub eyes lah..
u r the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th :P
Go go.. go buy 4D
if kena, don't forget to belanja me makan :D

Shhhh... don't tell Ah Boy I posted that photo up :P

Going back is easier cos there is big sign board.. Just follow either the highway or towards ferry terminal ;) I took 106 shots during the ferry ride. Really sakai.. LOL

thanks for accompanying me too over the past 2 days :D Next time by hook or by crook also must get the assam laksa :)

day dreamer again,
wah.. after leaving 4 comments, the 5th comment only 言归正传 ah? LOL
Dunno ah..
normally that assam laksa stall operates till late at night wan..

when is your next balik kampung trip? I presume u will be back during Christmas or New Year time? Since u have long weekends off :)

Chendol is sinful, but not so sinful in comparison with the char koay kak.. kakakka. Unhealthy food is nice food :)

Joycelyn said...

wow wow wow...chen,u always make liu kou shui leh....those nice food,yummy n your presents,i like it very much leh.
after seeing your present from carcar,i went shopping yesterday,i look around n see whether i can get any nice sotong toy,but sad to say tat i came back with empty hand.n today u show this cute sotong from maymay...hhmm...really get envy liow....commit sin liow(wanna covet your toy)....hahaha

L B said...

aisehneh! all that lormaikai!!! 75% walloped by may sumore!! LOL.. no wonder ah boy got naughty! Now I know why, or rather I see why!! *wash eyes*
Ok, when is my turn? 14th July 2007, ya? Don't do any anesthetics that day ok?

Cynthia said...

the only thing i like in the curry noodle is the coagulated BLOOOOD!!!

oh my! it is awesome!

Chen said...

hehehe.. u also like sotong toy ah?
Good :D
sotong or octopus toys are cute..
hard to find leh..
I look around few days ago but couldn't find too...

wah.. cannot covet my toys..
hiding all my sotong toys :D

dunno whether 75%
or issit 74.46%
or 76.38%

tat notti is not as what u thought lah.. kakkakak

14th July 2007
still long way to go leh.. :P

hehehe.. only if the coagulated blood is not overcooked ..
or else will be hard like rock :P

Anonymous said...

Wakakaka!!! Another shot of Ah boy's balls I can use. Muahahaha!!! *evil laughter*

ah nel said...

liucas owner s*nat him n let it wear songkok tat y...

Anonymous said...

day-dreamer become spammer liaoo!! WAKAKAKAZ!

The sotong is really chu bee!!

Wah, may got the full tour!

Winn said...


ahboy like maymay no like me...hurtttt

Chen said...

u r very interested in balls, huh? :D
when can we see ayam balls?
not refering to the bebola ayam, okie?

ah nel,
I tot Liucas is a free thinker?

Day dreamer is the new generation of spammer?
*put on alert mode*
Pressing the sotong head can produce sound wan..

ah boy likes u too mah :P

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... almost lost in Seb Jaya? There only 1 main road la also can lost? Never bring May to eat Laksa ah?

a^ben said...

wah` wah wah wah~ food food food~ heeheheheh

ah boy punya pose.. so bin tai geh` tsk tsk tsk

zeroimpact said...

Wah so much food in a day...
I can't remember when was the last time I had so much food and they look so nice
I want the satay babi
So yummy looking

Jackson said... many good food in one day? u r so lucky, sotong sister!!!

sengkor said...

confirmed ahboy no ED problem.

Selba said...

the sunrise pictures is beautiful!

What a great time you two had with all those food.. *drooling*

mistipurple said...

hehe. now perhaps we know why AhBoy kena scolding. lol!
am happy you and May had a good time. traffic jams scary though.
and that sotong is sooooo chu-beeee! *imagines a sea of them*

carcar said...

how many times u wanna post those food photo? again and again... aiyer...

dino said...

wah.. nice food again....!!!
*start drooling liao*

Chen said...

Hahhaha, I’m not talking about the main road
-> referring to the small erroads inside Seberang Jaya town.
If dunno the way, hard to find the places mah…

I brought May to the assam laksa place but by the time we reached there (around 6 pm or earlier), the stall stopped selling already..
No luck…

what pin tai pulak?
hahhaha, he is just a dog :P
If tat is a human, then different story..

Feel like cannot breath after eating all the food..
Luckily I didn’t have lunch earlier on that day.. :P
Or else sure stuffed with food.. hahhaha

I heard hard to find satay babi in KL cos the satay sellers are mostly Malay :)

Chen said...

Not perfect yet without the Penang Assam Laksa :D

if so young oledi have ED then cham loh.. :P

Thanks Selba.
Hehhehe.. You have nice food in Indonesia too…
different from what we have here in Malaysia :)

Ah Boy kena scolding has nothing to do with that lah..
Itu lain punya cerita :D
I hate traffic jam too..
Luckily this doesn’t occur frequently in Penang and it only occur in certain places…
Unless if there is MVA, then different story loh..
I wanna search for more sotong plush toys :P

aiyer.. u jealous ah? :P

Ipoh has tons of nice food too leh :P

_butt said...

Can ta-pau all the foods there for me ah? :P

angel said...

kesian ah may... i oso want assam laksa! aiyah, hv to wait for 14th July 2007 ka??

Mr.Goober said...

thats a huge collection of food you had :P~~ slurp..yum..

you have a habit of watching veins?!?!?!?!?!

Chen said...

tapau all the food?
needs one lorry then..

yeah loh.. very kesian :(
no need to wait till 14th July lah..
that one too long liao..
we can have an earlier date :)

yes.. whenever i walk on the street or talk to people, it becomes a "natural response" for me to observe whether this person has any features of difficult intubation or potential difficult airway (eg. small chin, receeding chin, buck teeth, short neck, large goitre or any anatomical abnormalities etc). Following that, I will look at the hands, whether the veins are visible? for any difficult intravenous access for branula insertion. Hahha, if I get to meet up with you next time, don't feel suprised if I look at your hands or your chin/neck.

izchan said...

After showing us a penis ... you proceeded to show us food that reminds us of penis ... :(

Now what do you want me to do with my appetite?

King's wife said...

too bad about the assam laksa. But I"m sure the rest of the food made up for it. Yummy..

Wei, Ahmay, what did you do to Ahboy, make him terkangkang until liddat??

Anonymous said...

ah chen!!!!!!!

u always bring ur friend go eat eaT eAT EAT HO?????


Anonymous said...

wah seh!!! I see kennot tahan-ed. like this i must go penang and lokter must bring me kai kai jalan jalan cari makan sambil berkawan kawan ikut cari makan sakan....wahahahaha...gerori~

Chen said...

hahaha.. what is the food that reminds u of penis?
Just continue on eating.. ;)

I presume Ah May was scratching Ah Boy's tummy and neck and ear kua? :P

ah sponge... Penang is food haven mah.. Come here must go makan wan..
else defeat the purpose of visiting Penang :P

wah.. talk in rhymes pulak :)
hehee.. Bila nak mari Penang? ;)

nyonyapenang said...

last time i was at new lane, i saw this lady tapau RM5 roasted kay-khar-chooi. i asked her, "ho chiak ar?". she then told me her doggie suka chiak. but i suspect she is the bigger doggie lor.

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
wah? tapao RM 5 roasted kay-khar-chooi back home ??? I agree with u, likely she is the "bigger doggie"
anyway, I never makan kay khar chooi before.. feel geli, that's why I never eat :P

Simple American said...

So much food. *jaw drops*

So far away. *wipes drool and pouts*

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, you should have bought Kennysia birthday cake for Ah Boy. That Ah Boy really 人小鬼大 :)

Anonymous said...

What a good hostess you when ae you in a hosting mood again?

Anonymous said...

Dear Plink, long ago I was a spammer already. Just that I chose not to show off my skills. Hahahaha! :D But if you have the chance to visit my uni's for-students-only forum, you'll see what I did here in this blog is nothing! Hehehehe!!

Chen, X'mas or New Year maybe don't get to go back, not sure yet, coz maybe here got plans with friends. Hehe. Or my parents come visit me. :D

Chen said...

picking up the dropped jaw..
trying to put it back in place :P

hahahha.. kennysia's coconut is too "green" :D

just me,
hehehe, provided I'm free and not tired :P

day dreamer,
hehehe, DD, we once spammed Winn's post till the comments shoot up to 300++ :P

zeroimpact said...

Yes... cannot find at all
Even the non malays that sells also got no satay babi
Errrr... then you courier some here la

dino said...

although ipoh got tons of nice food, but char kuei teow in penang are different form ipoh 1..
and the chu cheong fan also different..

eve said...

eh i have the same no..habit like u..always looking at ppl's hand for big big veins...u anaest..understandable la..but me? la..i dun normally take blood fr the hands one..unless really kenot find any brachocephalic...fuiyoh..14G ar?...sai mm sai ar?...

ah boy said...

nice meeting u, may jiejie

Chen said...

courier satay babi?
hahahha.. what an idea..
i sked later i kena tangkap for sending haram things !!

i wanna eat ipoh ngah choy kai & ipoh hor fun :D

fetish pulak? kekekkeke
syiok mah using 14G branula..
big bore needle..
I guess if patient see the size of the needle, they will pengsan straight !!

ah boy,
manja-lah u :D

Anonymous said...

That's one I know, but my friends and I spammed the forum until 1000+ in one day's time!


Chen said...

mmmm... u all really sek pao mou yeah chou ah? kakkakak... spamming your university forum pulak.. Later kena black listed by uni then u know.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ah Boy was so adorable when he was 3mths old!!

Now he is so handsome at 3 years old!!! :D

Chen said...

hehhe, thanks :)
Your Baby is very cute & pretty too :)

ehon said...

sluurrrrpppp.. i shouldn't have fat hau go read old posts.. :(

Chen said...

hahaha, we can go makan if u happened to drop by Penang ;)