Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Carcar

From the first comment in blogsphere,
to the first chat in messenger,
and the first meet up in KL;
Throughout all this while,
we have been sharing countless memorable moments...
Isn't it amazing how we have grown,
From being strangers to whom we are today?
Thanks for your beautiful friendship, Carcar.

I drew this green sotong specially for you... Hope u like it :)
Remember? Sotong Mind Thinks Alike TM

Happy Birthday, Carcar
Wishing U Many Happy Returns
And Not Forgetting All The Hugs & Kisses...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carcar! Muaks!

L B said...

It's carcar's birthday too? Hehehe, been waiting all year for this! Happy Happy Birthday CarCar BootBoot!! May you have many happy smiles and happy memories and happy experiences and happy bathrooms and happy happies! .. and many happy presents!

carcar said...

thanks cocka for all the wishes! muacks and kisses!

thanks lb for many many beautiful things too...but what is happy bathrooms?

thanks to chen my closest best friend... yes, we knew each other thru blog, then we chat, then we meet up...

we are now no longer stranger, but a fren who close to the heart.

still remember those countless night that u hear me cry... your prayer to me and my family when my mom need to undergo an operation... you console to me... comfort and adivce...listen without prejudice... always stay +ve, cheer me up.

thanks for being the wonderful wonderful fren to me.

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Carcar :)

let's sing happy birthday song to carcar..
*clear throat*
Happy birthday to Carcar
Happy birthday to Harhar
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Carcar Harhar Bootboot

I guess regarding the happy bathrooms, LB means your frequent visitation to the toilet for pangsai :P

One year plus ago, we are completely stranger, and now we are close friends :) Friends are really priceless treasure given from above :) Hope this year will be a happy & smooth year for u, and all the best in everything u do. And Happy Birthday once again :)

Kenny Ng said...

ohhh... happy birthday to carcar too...

a^ben said...

happy bday carcar mei nv~ hee hehehe :D

Monk[+]Icon said...

ya...happy gerori bday carcar! is carcar pronounce as CAR, CAR or CHAR, CHAR? gero~

ah nel said...

tat a fresh sotong n lokter when ur b'day i brought u sotong basi... :P birth day oso ler...

*3 month ago*

Simple American said...

What a sweet sentiment. And a cute sotong. :)

Anonymous said...



Selamat hari jadi kepada karkar!

Jok carcar sang yat fai lok!

Hee bang carcar seh jit kuai lok!

What else ah? That's all the languages I know leh...

Hope carcar gets this.

*BIG BIG HUG for carcar*

mistipurple said...

Carcar Happy Birthday!! hope you happy always!
Loctor, your sotong so cute!!!! cannot eat this one hor.

Mr.Goober said...


* gives birthday cake

carcar said...

hi Monk[+] name pronunce as car-trooper!!!~ how cool yaH!~~ hehe...

car-car... 'ka-ka'

got it?

Chen said...

hehhee... carcar is pronounced as car car,
not cha cha (as per bubur cha cha)
or cacar (as smallpox) :P

ah nel,
hah? your birthday falls on 3rd September

day dreamer,
LOL... i'm now busy counting how many languages & dialects u used :D

yeah loh.. this one cannot eat,
just as the fridge magnet...
i presume no one will mistaken this as edible sotong kua :P

mr goober,
can I curi one slice? ;)

Pink Cotton said...


ok habis sudah!

WAHAHAHa..give u sneak preview first was it??? 'x'

i oredi sing heppi bday for carcar when i went carolling there just now...WAHAHAH 'x'

Winn said...

happy beday femes carcar!

may said...

carcar lenglui, happy birthday!! hughugkisskiss!

Anonymous said...

Heirbee Birthday carcar!

dino said...

happt belated birthday to carcar...

*sorry, i just notice this post

ah boy said...

happy birthday, Carcar jiejie
any birthday cake to share with ah boy?