Thursday, November 23, 2006

蛋蛋 (旦旦 )Post

This is 蛋 蛋/旦旦 (aka egg or telur) post.. 旦 is close relative of 王八旦, 混旦 and 臭鸡旦. Today I will torture the 旦旦 by eating them...

I'm conducting a wu liao survey on how you eat torture your half-boiled eggs...
1. Slurp the egg white first and eat the yolk later (save the best for the last)?
2. Or sapu the egg yolk first?
3. Or beat & mix the egg yolk together with the egg white prior to makan?
4. Or mix it with soy sauce?
5. Or sprinkle a dash of pepper?
6. Or eat the half boiled egg together with toasted bread?
7. Or... u don't eat half-boiled eggs cos scared of Salmonella infection?

I cannot resist but to giggle each time I see this modified Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes...
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the king's horses and all the king's men,
Cannot put Humpty Dumpty back again.
Had scrambled eggs for breakfast again !!!
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angel said...

mix with soy sauce & pepper and drink it up! yippie! i love half boiled eggs!

2 biji, please!

Kenny Ng said...

Ahhhh.... lau nuar now... :P~~~

After eat play badminton damn powderful lor... :P

mistipurple said...

i love eggs, but found out they make me cough. not easy to find out, cos sometimes cough sometimes don't. so deducing it from all the usual suspects was quite a toughie, but i found out eventually! i still eat them though. but not so much.

L B said...

Love half boiled eggs, especially from the mamak's. Dunno why, but somehow when you don't have to boil them yourself, they taste better!!

Tried a new way the last time I was back in Malaysia, introduced by angchai:
Break the eggs over hot (warm) Roti Canai, and eat them together (with see yau, pepper, and the kuah)!! EXTRA YUMM!! Even the Cocka tried it too!

Chen said...

minum telur ah?
half-boiled eggs is much much nicer than hard-boiled eggs hoh? :P

i tot drinking raw eggs (mix with something else) will made u more "powderful"?
Yes? No? :P

mmmm.... interesting findings..
just wondering how u manage to find it out initially? ;)

I know there are people who are allergy to eggs..

half boiled egg with roti canai?
I think I read this before somewhere somewhere..
forget liao where i read it..
I never tried this ..
must try it out..
one of these days... :D

a^ben said...

cocka's dan dan?? hahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :X

may said...

mix the whole thing with soy sauce and a bit of pepper, sapu!! and yes, with roti canai, it's really good!

Monk[+]Icon said...

either u slurp it all in a go or u save the yolk for the last...i normally add lots of soya sauce and pepper kasi kaw kaw...

Pink Cotton said...


again.......... i m hungry and without breakfast :(

hmm how i eat it ho? i owes eat the whites first and then savour the yolk slowly...

hee leave the best for the last owes like that :P

eh..u ever been to kaya and toast d ?

zeroimpact said...

What a coincidence... I just had two just now...
Beaten and of coz... I don't take soy sauce... sprinkle pepper as you beat
Then just drink it

carcar said...

i supposed to meet my colleague 730am for breakfast, then i can snap some photo of dan dan too..

but i woke up late :P

i love half boil egg with soy sauce, pepper... follow by a cup of good and hot coffee... and some toast bread, with butter...


nice egg pic u have here! thanks!

Winn said...

i only eat half of the egg yolk....
if 2 biji then i eat 1 egg yolk
if 1 biji i eat half egg yolk

liucas get my other half......muahahah

liucas said...

mummy lied...she always sapu all

papercrazy said...

ahhhhhhhhh....I like this kind of soft boiled egg.....Can never get to this stage....mine was either too watery or too hard

Yeah, mix with soy sauce and pepper.....yummy

Anonymous said...


I either slurp the egg white first or mix the white and yolk together then eat it. But whichever option, soy sauce and pepper is a MUST. Hehe.

Psst! Is it true that eating half-boiled eggs will get Salmonella infection? Don't scare me leh...

sengkor said...

crack eggs, put soy sauce, dash of pepper, kacau kacau and sllluuurrrpppp.... sedap. *burp*

liucas said...

actually mummy not only sapu all.. she sapu my pedigree breakie as well.. *sob*sob*

Chen said...

YES !!!!!
cocka punya dan dan ...
dua biji :D
crack the eggs....

i must try out the half boiled dan dan with roti canai :D

sometimes I eat the yolk first, and sometimes I eat the yolk last..
but I will definitely add in soy sauce before sapu :)

pink cotton,
aiyoyo... apa pasal tarak makan bf?
wake up very late ah? :P
save the best for the last ah?
Sometimes I do that, sometimes I do the reverse..
ikut suka hati ;)

ever been to "kaya & toast"?
Is this "kaya & toast" a makan place or wat? :P
never been there woh..

Chen said...

yeah.. I remember u don't eat soy sauce..
This is one of your weird points, right?
I still remember :D

tomolo make sure u wake up early & snap photo of dan dan :D
tonight must sleep early, okie?

toast bread with butter and kaya is nicer mah..
must add kaya next time :P
eat liao can become more kaya :)

TQ for your compliment :D

eat half the yolk?
u sure boh?
or u tipu I? :P

your mummy tipu ah?
She sapu all issit?
I'm better.. At times, I will give Ah Boy one whole half boiled egg :D
Ah Boy is more lucky than u hoh? :P

Chen said...

paper crazy,
i like the name --> soft boiled eggs :P
I use the "special apparatus" to make my half boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs...
The end result is good ;)

day dreamer,
I remember u love EGGS :D
There is a possibility of getting salmonella infection only lah..
The risk is there...
Who is the "unlucky" one I dunno loh..
I still eat half boiled eggs ;)

wait wait...
u crack the half boiled eggs or raw eggs? :P

why your mummy so tam chiak one?
pedigree breakie also she sapu?
She must be very hungry then...
Poor Winn Winn :P

Wait... I tot u don't eat pedigree food wan?
Then donate it to your mummy loh...
made her happy mah :D

_butt said...

hahaha! Usually I put soy sauce, slurp the egg white slowly until the yolk part.. yeah, save the best for last as they say.. :D

mistipurple said...

i thought it was some medicine that the doc coincidentally prescribed. he told me that's not one of the side effects. so i watched, then also puzzled cos sometimes cough continuous, then stop for few days, then start again. so i watched what i ate.

since i have been eating eggs like forever since young, it was hard to suspect the innocent egg!
somehow, luckily one day i thought, "can't be the egg!", then i watched the effects. VOILA!! the culprit; the egg!
but i still eat abit lah, only cannot continuously eg. 3-4 days, then i will start coughing early morning at break of dawn, then if don't break the cycle, it will carry on intermittently throughout the day. scary. lol.

mistipurple said...

eh? how come everybody like the yoke part huh? i prefer mixing them. yoke too yokey? lol

Chen said...

Another one who save the best for the last :D
I found out majority ppl here eat half boiled eggs this way hoh? :)

Are u allergy to products with eggs such as cakes, egg rolls, biscuits, French toast bla bla bla?
I presume nope? :P

Yoke more delicious mah..
Higher cholesterol mah…
U lupa liao meh high cholesterol food taste nicer?

lynnx01 said...

Mine is the combination of both
3. Or beat & mix the egg yolk together with the eat white prior to makan?
4. Or mix it with soy sauce?

When I was in kindergarten, my dad always made us take one soft boiled egg for breakfast. He says that would make us smart. Haha!

Pink Winnie said...

my answer- 4 n 3.. yummy...

Anonymous said...

'旦 is close relative of 王八旦....'


3,4,5 and sometimes 6, prease!

Teacher, teacher! What is Salmonella?

Kesian Humpty Dumpty

Chen said...

Hehhe... I didn't realise my typo error earlier on... type eat instead of egg. I guess u didn't notice it too? ;)

Egg is indeed nutritious :)

pink winnie,
soy sauce is a must when I eat half boiled egg.. or else tak sedap :D

hehehe.. u notice hoh the relative statement. Wonder how many members are there in the 旦 family :D

Salmonella tu... bad organism with nice name. Wonder if anyone name their child as Salmonella or not? Shigella is another nice germ name :D

Humpty Dumpty is delicious right? :P

Mr.Goober said...

beat the egg and yolk silly and slurp them in!!

padi_friends said...

stir the egg yolk and egg white with pepper and soysauce. Even mix is the best for me. :)

King's wife said...

I like scrapping the egg off the shell. Then add soya sauce n pepper, and eat finish fast fast! Cos I cant stand it cold.

order..order! 2 half boiled eggs, 1 set kaya toast, and teh ais pls!

Chen said...

mr goober,
beat them & made them giddy..
eat them before they realise what gonna happen hoh?

padi field,
i noticed almost everyone here will add soy sauce & pepper to the half boiled eggs ;) Previously I only add soy sauce to my share :)

slurp fast fast?
yeah.. cold liao not so nice oledi..

needs home delivery or not for your orders? :P

Joycelyn said...

wow....liu kou shui le...slurp.
for half-boiled eggs,i like to beat & mix the egg yolk together with egg white,then mix with soy sauce n a bit of pepper.
for half-fried eggs(mata kerbau),i will prefer to eat the egg white 1st then the yolk later.
i saw someone crack the half-boiled eggs into hot coffee or nescafe,and drink it...hmm..dont know how's its taste.

ah nel said...

eeee...ciken spem i no

Bernard said...

Half-boiled egg.. my staple breakfast for a long long time. Haha. Until i got to "oats" age.

Taken plain... stirred, not shaken. Or smothered on toast.

Chen said...

half boiled egg into coffee?

Another new way of eating half boiled egg that I found out today is mixing it together with roti canai & the gravy :D I haven't try it out yet...

ah nel,
wah... siapa suruh u makan ciken spem woh? :D
Ciken egg tok lah, nok ciken spem.. Ini dua tarak sama :D

nowadays my staple breakfast (late breakfast) is a mug of cereal drinks :)

YD said...


Peace said...

Wow, such a nice yolk. I love to eat half-boiled eggs with pepper and little bit of dark/light soy sauce ( a drop or 2). I would eat the egg yolk first, without smashing or any mixing, I just love eating the whole watery yolk. It's so yummy. If cook sunny side up, I will not want to have the yolk fully cook. I love it half cook, the watery yolk. After I finish the yolk, I will 'drink' the white. Normally I will eat two eggs at a go.

When I was a child, my mother used to put an egg into milo. It's nice too. Sometimes, I even put an egg into instant oats and it taste so nice. I am salivating now, your picture of the eggs are so well taken, and it is just right.... you know, sometime we might have 'accident', either it is too cooked or the whites are not cooked, get what I mean? : )

mistipurple said...

i eat cakes, french toasts, everything that contains eggs. but generally i have poor health lah.
:( quite hard to avoid eggs contents stuff. don't know if bad health related to eggs. anyway, life goes on lah. can move cannot complain oredy. hugs kind Loctor!

Chen said...

hehe, so u mixed up the whole thing and didn't save the best (the yolk) for the last :P

I love the watery yolk too ;) I cooked the half boiled egg using a yellow coloured plastic thingy specially for cooking half boiled eggs (dunno what is it called). It is available in the market for more than 2 decades..

All I have to do is to pour the boiling hot water into that specific container and filled it up to the level marked (depending on how many eggs u put inside - max 4 eggs). Cover the lid and wait for the water to drip down via the sieve-like minute hole at the bottom into another holding container. The egg is ready to be served when the water has dripped dry into the other container. The half boiled eggs prepared till way is 100% perfect. It never failed. Simple & Easy ;)

poor health ah?
then misti must take care yourself more lah.. shouldn't sleep so late every night leh.. :)
hugs poor misti

liucas said...

i wan the chicken not the yolk

Chen said...

u can looked for Cocka then, the big gigantic ayam :D
kekke... or look out for katak..

Remember Sengkor's post about "if frogs taste like chicken" ???

L B said...

If only dogs lay eggs.......

Chen said...

so kesian...
u too hungry liao till wanna eat Telur Anjing? :P

ah nel said...

egg = spem + oven

Chen said...

ah nel,
wah.. ini equation manyak keng..
never know got such equation wan..
still wondering how spem + oven can equal to telur? I tot spem + oven = spem goreng or spem masak meh? LOL

Pink Winnie said...

ya lo. ya lo..hehe..

Jackson said...

i like to mix it with MILO~!

Chen said...

wonder how will the half boiled egg tasted like if we added in black vinegar :P

I heard there are people who eat or drink it this way but I have never try it out myself :)

Anonymous said...

My friend's mother makes superb Milo Egg! I love it! But I don't know how to make it...

Anonymous said...

Wow ... half boiled egg with soy sauce and pepper is WOW

Chen said...

day dreamer,
fast fast go learn...
so tat u can teach us :P
I wanna give Milo Egg a try too..
I tried your microwave round round tei egg method liao..
The first time the egg white explode a little bit...

it's a big big WOW...
not the ordinary Wow..
or small wow hoh? :D

Simple American said...

I slurp the yolk. Yummy.

Chen said...

I only like to eat half boiled egg yolks and not the hard boiled egg yolks. The watery yolk is so yummy... :D

Anonymous said...

Wah... u so geng geh? Normally only egg yolk explode wor...

So, how is the taste of the microwave 荷包蛋?

As for the Milo egg, I dunno when I can learn from my friend's mum. Because now seldom have chance to meet liao.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
dunno why ah..
the egg white explode instead of the egg yolk :P
I cooked twice, the second one didn't explode :D

The microwave 荷包蛋 taste nice,
and healthy too...
cos tarak oil :D

Anonymous said...

Hehehe... good good!

Keep it up!!

People are getting more and more health conscious nowadays, aren't they?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I still eat eggs on & off but I'm not an egg person :P