Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sabah : Mt Kinabalu (2)

Misty sceneries taken from the car on our way down from Mt Kinabalu back to Kinabalu Park... Thank God this is purely mist & not the deadly haze !!!

朦朦胧胧.... Seeing this, I quickly wind down the car window to enjoy the cool breeze. Syiok. Mmmm.. Misty reminds me of Misti :P

Finally, we were back to the "lowland" - The Kinabalu Park. Still windy (Sabah = The Land Below the Wind/Negeri Di Bawah Bayu. It's windy everywhere). Oh ya, ini pokok manyak comel. Lain daripada yang lain.

Nice or not? Must give face a bit.. Even though not nice also must say nice, okie?

How about this? Cantik? Boleh tahan saja? Err..Nice also, right? :P

This is the overall scene of the plant.. Is the plant ugly? Yes? No?? Whatever lah.. I took the previous two shots from this ugly looking plant.


may said...

but the mist is not purple wor... can we have purple mist? please? please?

carcar said...

hey i got green green tei post is up soon!

carcar said...

now not free to spam!

i also got ugly looking not plant, but my photo to show!

Chen said...

purple mist...
purple mist somehow reminds me of poisonous gas leh..

*cabut as fast as I can before Misti sees this... *

green green tei..
like the plant lidat ah?
green green tei :P
can eat or not your green green tei punya thing? :D

Thank God u r now not free to spam..
*wipe cold sweat*

cheh..your photo is not ugly lah..
mana boleh cincai cakap?
carcar punya photo where got ugly woh.. cantik mah.. cute mah..
tat's how the CCC come about..
Cute Carcar
Comel Carcar
Cantik Carcar

carcar said...

ok, i am back now. from shower!

carcar said...

hey the misti feeling is cool ya!

wind down carcar's window too...

maybe i can see mistipurple here. (maybe we are neighbour)

got to ask her first.

nyonyapenang said...

nice, nice, ya, ka liao pun nice. din see any snakes ar? last time gua terjumpa a baby python.

Chen said...

what shampoo carcar used when mandi?
car shampoo & car bath foam? :P

yeah.. misti is indeed cool
cool-cool tei
cold-cold tei
syiok-syiok tei

yeah hoh..
might be misti & u are neighbours !!
who knows !!!

ka liao pun nice ah?
thank u very much..
*big grin*

nope.. didn't see snakes..
didn't see worms either.. :P

Kenny Ng said...

The misty scene looks so breathtaking... my office area there also got on early morning, but it's very spooky here... haha.

Mr.Goober said...

nice, very nice.

any rewards now?? :P

a^ben said...

hahah` reminds me of misti dunno why` hahahah :D

a^ben said...

she still haven say why she got grand piano in the show room` and so many music stuff~

a^ben said...

dunno she got pamer in ISME or not hor that time

a^ben said...

maybe go see her~ hahahaha :X

angel said...

haha purple mist, where are liuuuu???

she must be busy mystifying Little Dot... :D that's why carcar say she can see purple mist...

the 'ugly' plant from near near reminds me of christmas tree!! yay!!! santa claus is coming to town!!!

L B said...

Somehow, mist reminds me of fog, and fog reminds me of The Fog, a John Carpenter Horror movie.. I am being morbid today. Wait till you see my next post.

mistipurple said...

lol, May, hehe. purple mist. would be nice too!

NOW I READ LOCTOR'S COMMENTS about purple mist = poisonous gas!!!!

*looks out for Carcar looking out of her window* my neck stretch long long...

AhBen, you io ka-chng too much lah. where got misti there? :P
*apa Ben cakap 'pamer in ISME'? scratch kutu head*
AhBen, i dealing in music lor, that's why surrounded by instruments mah. how come your blue blue tei teh kor no musical notes wan?

for a moment, i read LB say mist reminds him of a frog. *ribbit*

Angeliu, Loctor say purple mist = poisonous gas. better not see hor. better get Carcar wind down window. :P

Loctor, paiseh, i replying machiam my own blog. :P

mistipurple said...

*piaks own head*
poisonous gas ask Carcar wind down window!!! ah yooo! quick quick i mean wind up!! *slaps own head to bed now*

Chen said...

spooky misty scene in your office area? Hope u didn't see anything spooky inside your office then... or do u? :P

thanks :P
the reward is...
u are very nice :)
mr goober is very nice :D

si kui ah ben..
want me to piak u again ah :P

u gotta pay a Misti a visit in Spore liao.. she has so many musical instruments in her showroom leh.. can play till u syiok :P

i don't think she has pamer in ISME leh tat time leh.. She was not in KL mah during that time.. :P

Chen said...

Misti busy playing musical instruments kua? :P
mystifying Little Dot?
tat sounds spooky... :P

yeah hoh.. itu pokok resemble Christmas tree leh..
yeah yeah yeah :D

mmmm... let me guess...
a little bird told me u gonna post something spooky soon? :P

misti syiok leh seeing mist or misty. Hahahha... thanks for replying the comments :P

ah ben went to KL to perform mah for ISME in KLCC few months back. I think he meant whether u have exhibition there or not that time.. I guess that is what he meant loh :P

a^ben said...

mistiliu in SG ah?? ai si` got one shop from sG came to pamer leh` i bought my shoulder rest from that stall` hahahaha!!!! not so chun kua` but i din so loi yan there larh` maybe misti curi tulang at sg` hahahah :X

Kenny Ng said...

My colleague did saw, I saw before nearby my office before... damn chi kek! LOL

mistipurple said...

Ah Ben, that shop not there oredy lah. we tore it down. picture was for keepsake, wanted to share with liu all. now look lagi different again, and different instruments oredy oso. lol
ps. i didn't go exhibit KL.
wah, your shoulder rest must be very the professional one hor?

carcar said...



wind down or wind up?

Monk[+]Icon said...

nice pictures..really missed the nature...*sniffs*

Chen said...

yeah.. although Misti from KiasuLand.. but she is not kiasu :P

all those chi kek stories were posted in your other blog?
I haven’t really go & explore or read the ghost stories there yet :P
One day.. :D

wanna see the new shop pict :D
must be more canggih hoh?

Wind down, then wind up.. then wind down again.. then wind up again..
viscious winding cycles :P

Thanks ;)
KL is surrounded by those high rise buildings…
Luckily Penang still has greens & beaches :)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

For a moment I thot there were pine trees in Mt kk park...

Pink Cotton said...

i m in ugly mood now n don wanto give u face




wanto beat me up???


*skip skip away*

Simple American said...

I have always liked conifers. Misti too. :)

Chen said...

hehehe.. pine tree is available higher up in Mt Kinabalu ;)

pink cotton,
wah... apa pasal ugly mood woh..
some one khek u again ah? :P
Cool down :D

why u think I wanna beat u up woh when u say not nice? :D
i'm very civilised wan,
i don't simply beat ppl wan..
the most I do is piak ppl only

reminds me of Christmas...
yeah, Christmas is just around the corner !!!
in 30++ days time ;)
yeah yeah..

carcar said...

tired of winding up and down of the window!

where is misti?

13th Panda said...

The misty roads a bit scary

Chen said...

aiks, your car no window regulator wan ah? needs to manually winding up & down the window? :P

misti is now busy playing with mist?

13th panda,
scary at day time but spooky at night time :P

Anonymous said...

Wah... if you didn't say it's mist I would have thought it is haze. Hehe.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
sian loh if that is haze..
remembering those hazy days hoh?
so sian...
haze will definitely "visit" us again next year... thanks to those irresponsible ppl :(

Anonymous said...

Yerr... don't make me think of those dreadful moments now. :(

Chen said...

day dreamer,
hopefully no more haze in the next few months...
*keep fingers crossed*

_butt said...

Eh, where got ugly.. nice!! fern fern like.. if it's tall enough then can be X-mas tree liao!! haha

I see heaven..

Chen said...

itu plant tarak ugly meh?
u very kind woh.. :D

Christmas ah?
reminds me of the pine trees I saw in Cameron Highlands. Might be I should dig out the photos I took few months back :)

U see heaven?
Mana woh.. :P

AhTak said...

I miss home already ....
I miss the mist...
I miss the weird tree ( pine i think )
I miss the wind too .....

Chen said...

home is always the best place :)
Sabah is indeed very windy..
now I understand why Sabah is called the Land below the winds..
It is Windy !!!!