Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Eggs (鸡蛋)

I know there are lots of egg lovers over here. Some people just like eggs, regardless how the eggs are cooked or served.. half boiled eggs, hard boiled egg, steamed eggs, fried eggs, scrambled egg, herbal eggs, omelette bla bla bla... I'm not an egg person by the way.

Eggs are very nutritious (eggs contain the highest quality source of protein, and almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed by humans, except Vitamin C) with many other usages. Everytime talking about egg, I can't resist thinking about the statement ~ using the rotten egg(s) to throw at people. And Chinese people use the word Egg or 蛋 quite frequently to scold people. Eg. Mr "Wong Eight Egg" (王八蛋) or 混蛋 or 臭鸡蛋 etc etc.. (Not me although I'm Chinese.. I don't use all these words :P) And my uni coursemates (guys) have a very unique word to scold people, that is 鸡蛋 (telur ayam) or 鸡蛋糕 (chicken egg cake); Using the word 鸡蛋 to scold people sounds more civilised compared to the four letter words :D (*Edit* Err... should I censor all these words? Since this is supposed to be a U post, not 18SX or 18 SG post).

This is what I have today ~ the delicious herbal eggs. Nope, I didn't eat all the eggs. The most I consume are 2 herbal eggs. Not more than that. And I don't consume eggs everyday.

And not forgetting to share with u all.. presenting, Mr Ghost Egg. I'm so amused when I see this on my frying pan. Don't u think this fried egg looks like.... hantu ????


Tibbar de Gniw said...

Yay! Me get first comment!!
Using 臭鸡蛋 to scold people sounds a bit childishy and very cute. =3

Cynthia said...

when i was little, me and my brothers were not allowed to say bad word, not even those with eggs - like "wang ba dan". If we said it, dad would stretch 2 muscle of his arms, and we all kena slapped. Now, we all grow up already, I hardly use the egg words in aus, but i picked up the F words.. very bad. anyway, I will put that in my new year revolution... =)

I love eggs... I love boiled eggs. Herbal eggs are yummie... I like centuried eggs too, especially with porridge, what else? oh yeah, the sweat eggs that they use with sushi rice.. yummie...

Sharl612 said...

I thought 鸡蛋糕 is a replacement for another vulgar words that also start with similar sound. *oophhs* didn't mean to say bad word here. hehe

Chen said...

Hahhaa.. nowadays I hardly see people using these words already.

Even though we don't use those words, but it's good to know or aware about it :)
I don't use those vulgar words :P
I hope I won't use it in the future as well..

Yeah, I forget about century egg..
The yummy and delicious 皮蛋.
Now I feel like eating 皮蛋粥or century egg porridge :P

oops... Is it so? I didn't realise about that :)
censor, censor....
This is a U category blog leh..
Not 18SG or 18SX blog..

Jellyfish said...

another crap post (i love it)

har????? which part look like hantu?
looked more like a yellow-one-eyed monster

Chen said...


the egg wear white clothing mah.. and both hands are up :D
like how hantu is always portrayed as..
so look like hantu loh..

Jellyfish said...


your imagination too damn good
kekekekekekekekekeke =)

Chen said...

Read your crap posts too much liao lah..
What to do? :D

Jellyfish said...

oh? my craps got so much influence one ar? :P:P

Chen said...

of course lah..
u are good also mah..
call the egg as yellow-one-eyed monster :D

Jellyfish said...

u say hantu... i look for hantu face lor...
but look here look there only can see the yellow yolk


Chen said...

Wah.. I hope u didn't really see the real hantu face leh..
supposed to be imagination only mah.. ;)

Jellyfish said...

hantu face saw a lot d...
those gwai lous and gwai pohs

Chen said...

lidat also can?
u really teruk lah.. :P

Jellyfish said...

den how come they are call 'gwai' one?

Chen said...

I dunno ah..
Dunno what's the origin also...

Jellyfish said...

bcos.. they look like hantu lor
white mar....

carcar said...

aik, food post :P
i love herbal egg (cha ye dan) and century egg!! yummy yummy!!

the hantu egg is very scarry leh! how you make it huh? *cabut*


i think a simple fry egg is delicious enough! with soy source and some pepper! *phew*

and egg mayo sandwich also good ne!

Winn said...

Cool. wats a nice dancing fried egg u have there.

looks like it's doing some gymnasium routine in the wok isnt it. hehee.

Robin said...

haha,, EGGs, how interesting?

fish fish said...

Cha Yue Dan!!! Wah~ looks so yummy there. I want!!! You made them?

By the way, my uni mates also like to use Ji Dan Gao when I was in UKM. Is it a common foul word in universities in M'sia? LOL

Chen said...

u start talking craps again :D

We live to eat, that's why there are no endings to food posts ;)
hantu egg ah?
It just happened by chance.
It spread nicely by itself on the cooking pan..

I prefer steamed egg cf fried egg :)

Woo.. From Ghost Egg to One Eyed Monster Egg, now to Dancing Fried Egg?
Nice also :)
Hahhaa.. luckily the egg didn't do summersault in the wok :D

Another egg lover?

Fish Fish,
I dunno how to made cha yue dan lah..
paiseh.. Bought from the shop. Rm 0.80 per piece or RM 3 for 4 eggs.

Hahha.. is it? Now only i know :)
Err.. u were from UKM as well?

Jellyfish said...

i try to cook hantu tonite

fish fish said...

Yap, I was in UKM. You too??

Chen said...

wah.. Hantu also u want to cook?
Wonder how u gonna catch ghost.. :D

fish fish,
yep, UKM but KL branch :)

izchan said...

she does like her food, does she not?

Chen said...

to me, I treasure everything I have (including food !!) :)
Someone has to work hard to produce those food... (from the farmer ... till how the foods end up on the table ready to be consumed)
Nothing comes easy.
So, I try my best not to waste food..

day-dreamer said...


I love egg ~ cooked in anyway!

Alicia said...

waaa i love cha tan...

fish fish said...

Chen, ask you one more question. Do you know Sim Wee Wee from Kuching? He was in UKM KL branch in the Medic Faculty as well. He was my tuition teacher. LOL

Chen said...

day dreamer,
another egg lover :D
have u eaten ostrich egg? The huge gigantic egg :P

The price here varies from RM 0.70 to Rm 0.90 per herbal egg.

Fish Fish,
Yep, I know him. He is my friend and one year my senior in uni. I visited him last CNY 2005. Oh? He was your tuition teacher? :D This is indeed a small world :)

day-dreamer said...

NO... ostrich eggs can eat one meh?

I've tried quail's eggs though. So small and cute!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Can.. I have seen people eating ostrich eggs.
But I never eat it before loh..
In one of the episodes in the previous Amazing Race, the contestants have to eat Ostrich Egg!
Man, the egg is huge !!! I guess it's equivalent to 20++ chicken eggs !!!

The smallest and cutest egg that I have seen is the house lizard eggs.
I remember during my primary school days, I used to dig out lizard eggs from the key holes.
They look exactly like the duck egg (white in colour) but mini in size :D
Too bad I dont have photos of that :(

fish fish said...

Chen, do you know in Japan, one Ostrich egg cost 10000yen (about RM330). Crazy huh~

What a small world. I know his whole family. :P Except his wife and children, can't remember their faces.

Chen said...

fish fish,
wow... so expensive??
Then better eat 20+ chicken egg then :P

it's indeed a small small world :)
He still looks the same after so many years.. (i know him since 1993)
Guess there will be more people in Kuching that we both know of, let's explore slowly how small is this world :)