Monday, December 26, 2005

Sushi 寿司

This is what I have for lunch today.. Sushi (寿司) !! Included is the Jellyfish sushi/gunkanzushi (the one nearest in the picture), baby octopus (tako) sushi/nigirizushi, preserved squid (ika) sushi, salmon (sake) sushi, clam sushi, squid (ika) sushi, fish roe sushi etc etc.. Can't remember all the Japanese names :P .

, I finally eat u liao, after so long ... (p/s: seasoned jellyfish is nice to eat. Very delicious and yummy)


Jellyfish said...

finally can load this comment box liao...

aiyak.... particularly highlight jellyfish sushi pulak



day-dreamer said...

Hehehe... nice leh, the jellyfish sushi. Told you so (or didn't I??)! Everything you've featured are my favourites, except the salmon. :)

Chen said...

highlight to show u that jellyfish sushi is really available mah..
or else u thought I bluff u :D

day dreamer,
Err... u don't like salmon?
I always sapu the salmon or sake sashimi if I go for buffet :)
One of my favourites :D
Yummy and mouth watering dish..

sbanboy said...

I love sushi .... especially jellyfish sushi ... yummy .... wah it we tangkap "jellyfish" we can make lots of sushi ... kekekek :P

Chen said...

I estimate "jellyfish"'s body weight is 60+ kg..
So, we can really make lotsa jellyfish sushi.
*Grin* :D

Jellyfish said...

ok... which jellyfish u guys are toking about?

Chen said...

how many jellyfish tht u know of with body weight 60+ kg ?:D
*grin again*

Cynthia said...

really got jellyfish sushi one meh? ok, im going to town tmr... follow those guys (male) to do some shopping. I m going to check out some jellyfish sushi. =p

Dentist Down Under said...

Who cares abt the names just eat it :p

dino said...

thanks for sharing..
now, i only know that jellyfish sushi is available..

Robin said...

nice and yummy

carcar said...

day-dreamer, gimme five! i also don't eat salmon! haha...

i love jap food, other than raw food! haha...

thanks for sharing the picture! but i am fasting for this three day! two choices for me now, 1st ~ do not enter to any of your blog, neither jellyfish (the name already a food) 's blog ; 2nd, u guys don't post about food!

Wahaha! *cabut also*

May a 2006 a joyous and blessed year to ya! *hugs*

Jellyfish said...

eh? y fasting for 3 days?

Chen said...

Got picture as evidence.
Seeing is believing, right? ;)

dentist under table,
Very practical, huh? :)
Yeah.. Towards the end, the food will end up in the stomach..

try to eat jellyfish sushi next time :D

and healthy as well.

aiks... another one who don't eat salmon :(
Never mind, next time, u give all your salmon or sashimi to me.. I will gladly sapu all :D

Fasting ah? Too bad... :P

Winn said...


I dun eat salmon too. but that day i tried this salmon pizza in souled out. quite nice eh. they put raw salmons as toppingS!

izchan said...

sushi has never looked worst than that ... ewwww!!!!

I would have to go to Genki-Shushi now to wash away that image.

Chen said...

Aiks? How come so many people dun eat salmon??
Salmon Pizza with raw salmons as toppings?
This is something new to me :)

Huh? what's wrong with the sushi?:D

Sam I Am said...

that looks good.

day-dreamer said...

*high fives with carcar*

I sense a perasan jellyfish again.

I don't like the raw taste of salmon.

carcar said...

d-dreamer, we got new member join us liao! Winn, give us Ten!!


souled out? hmmm, long long time not goin there liao, next round i back i call u and we meet there ok?


Chen said...

sam i am,
so many sushi lovers..
Good :)

day dreamer,
ahhaha.. wonder how our jellyfish feels when he eats jellyfish :D
eat the same species woh..
must be sakit hati?

must wash your mind (with ?) and make u like raw salmon :D

Jellyfish said...

u bully carcar ar? :P

Chen said...

where got? I mana ada bully carcar?
I want to made her like raw salmon only lah..
raw salmon are nice and yummy

day-dreamer said...

Jellyfish tastes BETTER!! LOL.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
u mean the real jellyfish or the other perasan jellyfish ?:D

day-dreamer said...

Don't dare to answer this question lo... nanti you have to rescue me from the blender!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I thought we are the one who throw him inside the blender?
How come the other way round pulak? :D