Friday, November 03, 2006

My Ringtone

夕陽之歌 is my mobile phone default ringtone for the past 4 years (from Nokia 3315 to Nokia 6610i to my current Nokia N73, I’m still using the same default ringtone). Is this what we called as "长情"? 夕陽之歌 (Song of sunset) is the theme song of the movie 英雄本色III 夕陽之歌 (A Better Tomorrow III, released in 1989, by Chow Yuen Fatt, Tony Leung Kar Fai & Anita Mui). Pink Winnie said she dunno this song, but I think likely she had heard this song in the past. I promised her to post this song up and here it is.

夕陽之歌 by Anita Mui

夕陽之歌 , 英雄本色III (梅艷芳)

斜阳无限 无奈只一息间灿烂
随云霞渐散 逝去的光彩不复还
迟迟年月 难耐这一生的变幻
如浮云聚散 缠结这沧桑的倦颜
漫长路 骤觉光阴退减

曾遇上几多风雨翻 编织我交错梦幻
曾遇你真心的臂弯 伴我走过患难
奔波中 心灰意淡
一天想 想到归去但已晚

啊 天生孤单的我心暗淡
一天想 想到归去但已晚

There are 2 other similar songs (same music but with different lyrics by different singers).

千千阕歌 by Priscilla Chan/陈慧娴

千千阕歌 (陈慧娴)

徐徐回望 曾属於彼此的晚上
红红仍是你 赠我的心中艳阳
如流傻泪 祈望可体恤兼见谅
明晨离别你 路也许孤单得漫长

来日纵使千千阕歌 飘於远方我路上
来日纵使千千晚星 亮过今晚月亮

临行临别才 顿感哀伤的漂亮
原来全是你 令我的思忆漫长
何年何月才 又可今宵一样

This is the Chinese song 风中的承诺 by 李翊君.

风中的承诺 (李翊君)

昨夜的雨 惊醒我沉睡中的梦
迷惑的心 沾满着昨日的伤痛
冷冷的风 不再有往日的温柔
失去的爱 是否还能够再拥有
漫漫长路 谁能告诉我

曾经在雨中对我说 今生今世相守
曾经在风中对我说 永远不离开我

Same music but...
Different lyrics...
Different singers...
Different feel...
But all are sad songs
Which one is your favourite?


may said...

Mui Yim Fong!! ok ok, bad spelling, I should stick to Anita instead. used to love her songs, when she sings the low keys. sexayyyyyy.

I stick to the default *ring ring* tone on mine. not as imaginative... heheh!

zeroimpact said...

I still listen to her songs
Good good songs

_butt said...

The first time I heard the song was the one by Priscilla Chan, so I guess I'm used to listening her version as well.. :)

ahh.. very nostalgic..

papercrazy said...

Mandarin to me is just like tamil to all of us...sori

Yeah, though I have hundreds and hundreds of good ringtones in my handphone and despite the free ringtone downloads, I was and I am still using the same old default ringtone....

btw, how u put the music bar in hah?? Email me? Thanks!

L B said...

I love the song! but I cant bring myself to put ringtones on my phone... never have, never did, never will... WHY?... You analyse for me? FOC?

mistipurple said...

i like the Anita version. her voice very character. but music on the 3rd one abit nicer, though abit digitalised, but doctored quite well with reverb and all.
overall, i will still go with Anita's. she sings with so much feeling. even when see her on video, can feel her angst.
(heh. abit my line of work. sori so cheong hei)
(i ever judge on karaoke. haha)

Pinky_piglet said...

i know this song...nice to listen a strong feeling to listen this song...

angel said...

I like ALLLLLL... but if gotta choose one... wait ah, later i gib u answer becos i'm still listening to 'em ;) I'll nick the songs from your lifelogger account, bolehhhh??? :D TQ!

Oh, sad becos... Priscilla Chan's used to be my ex-liuliu bf's fav.

*sad thinking...*

Haa... no lah... berdrama oni... :P

Happy Flydayyy!!!
Hope the Lokter Gigi gib u lots lots of ais keyleng!!!

YD said...

*sniff sniff*

another "jing dian" song.

Chen said...

I think the spelling is correct kua?
she will always remain as the pop queen in my heart although she passed away for almost 3 years oledi :(

U still use the default "ring ring" as the ring tone? Very classic :D Since I'm using the cordless phone for my house phone, so the ring tone is no longer "ring ring" too :P But the ring tone for my workplace is still "ring ring" :D

Most of her songs are nice :)

Indeed nostalgics :)
These are the songs in the late 80's, the songs of the yester-years.

Chen said...

Mandarin to u is like tamil ah?
aiyak, must give u mandarin tuition liao :P

Your same old default ringtone is the "ring ring" ringtone ? ;)

How I put the music bar?
I register in lifelogger & upload the mp3 to my site in lifelogger :) or u want a more detailed tutorial via email?

cos u love the default & nostalgic original ringtone with the nostalgic "ring ring" sound?
Remembering the good old times? ;)

a bit your line of work?
u ever judge on karaoke too?
wow... wonder what's your job :D
Now u put me in deep thought..
u let me forget about my toothache for a while :P kekkeke

Chen said...

pinky piglet,
These are nice songs :)

Sad ah.. Aiyoh.. reminds your of your good old times pulak :(
Sorrie.. Searching high & low for Kleenex for angeliu .. Err.. drama oni ah? Don't care lah.. continue searching for Kleenex :P

Sure, u can choose which song u like later :)

U wanna nick the song? Can, of course can. Why not? Angeliu punya request, must comply :D

Happy Flyday :)
Just come back from Dentist mia clinic. Cannot makan yet. Damn hungry :(

aiyak.. Another one sniff sniff here pulak. All these songs are classic hoh?

L B said...


Mr.Goober said...

seems like the first one has the best starting tune..

hehehe :P

a^ben said...

wah!!! i like all three version`

i also wan new hp leh!

Greenleaf said...

Just drop by to say hi... Btw, could I ask your opinion about N73? Good fon?

Chen said...

lagi blur

I like the first version the most too :)

u also want new handphone ah?
wait till u work & earn $$$ first loh..
or u can plead from your daddy mummy or might be can con someone to give u one :P

green leaf,
hi green leaf :)
so far I'm quite happy with it.
I like the large 2.4 inch (240x320 pixels) TFT color screen display.
The picture quality is good.
However sony erricson has better sound quality for mp3.

Pink Cotton said...



dono the title but i ever hear the song ...somewhere...
so i m not that young after all...YAY 'x'

carcar said...

come, we go karaoke, i sing you : 千千阕歌!!

then u can record my version, use it as your new ring tone, good idea or not?

Red Sponge said...

I like the second one better 'x'!

mistipurple said...

i forgot to tell liu i like this song very much.
my work, er.. revolves around music. i was asked to judge cos those people at that time cannot find anyone else to, hahaha. (and i come free!) (but i received a small pewter plate engraved for appreciation lah) :P

thinking of it now can laugh. brings back liuliu memories. i think your music here brings back memories for so many people!!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
i know u r not that young lah..
just like i'm not that old lah..
kakakkak :P

tell u something hoh, just now Ben Ben sang the three versions leh..
ish ish.. I forgot to record his singing :P

u wanna sing the song for me?
bagus bagus..
i wanna record :D

all those are late 80's songs :)
counting with my fingers...
mmmm.... the first time u listen to tat song was during your primary school time hoh?

u made me lagi scratch my head..
revolves around music...

mmmm.... sure u have lotsa interesting stories to share regarding your work :)

mistipurple said...

my work not as mysterious as liu might think lah. i will mention it one day probably.
Loctor not yet sleep yet ah? quick go zzz. eat soft food oredy boh? i oso went dentist 2 weeks back. pre-molar fillings came off. i am so scared of dentists. doctors not so scared as dentists. but boh pian. cannot don't go. not good for teeth. wait people think i got halitosis. gaakk.

angel said...

after listening to the 3 songs for 24,921x (ie. 8,307x per song), i hv concluded that Anita Mui's is the best in "general", due to her liuliu kam doung voice, she managed to bring out the 'sadness' very well.

But then, the 3rd version (by wat's her name??) i likesss the lyrics. Make my heart very liuliu...

Finally hor... i want tell u... i couldn't download the songs fr. your lifelogger account!!! *bawls*

Chen said...

Kkekeke... Most of the liuliu gang (me, angel, may & you) all like anita's version the most :D Your job is still mysterious leh as long as i dunno wat issit about.. summore related to music :D

I sleep late yesterday, might be to compensate for sleeping early the day before? LOL. I went zzz at 8 something the night before :) I ate broth yesterday night. I like porridge... *Slurp* :D

Dentists not scary lah.. There are cute and good looking dentists around too !! Hahahah

u listen so many times ah?
must salute u liao :P

I just told Misti, most of the liuliu gang liked Anita's version the most :D

I only know the chinese name of the third singer leh..李翊君. Dunno what is her english name.

U cannot download the songs ah? Don't worry. I can send u the mp3.

Pink Winnie said...

o.. i know this song.. i like the original 1.. sang by anita mui.. nice song nice song..

Chen said...

pink winnie,
Glad u like the song :)
There are several songs that we have listened to in the past, but just that we dunno the title or the name of the song :)

Pink Winnie said...

ya ya..