Friday, October 20, 2006


I chatted with DG a week ago..

DG : do u remember this song 在雨中?
Chen : Yes, I have the mp3.
DG : can fw to me ah?

I sent her the song via email and this is the reply she gave me "Not many ppl know about this song... 我们是不是老了?LOL!" Hahhaha.. We are indeed getting older day by day. But one thing for sure, we are no longer 十八 or 二十二 (18 nor 22 years old). This song (在雨中/In the Rain by 刘家昌/尤雅) is one of the popular songs in karaoke in the past :)

在雨中 (刘家昌/尤雅)

(女)在雨中 我送过你
(男)在夜里 我吻过你
(女)在春天 我拥有你
(男)在冬季 我离开你
(女)有相聚 也有分离
(女)有欢笑 也有哭泣
(合)不知谁能 谁能躲得过去



L B said...

Chup for Co Pte Ltd...
Chup for Agnes Chan
Chup fot The Wynners
Chup for Teresa Teng
Chup for Sandy Lam
Chup for Teresa Carpio
Chup for Na Ying
Chup for Shenza
Chup for Lucas..

may said...

cool old song. errr... ok ok, not old song, cool song from yesteryears... errrr... no no... cool song!! that's it!

Chen said...

wah... chup for agnes chan, wynners, Teresa Teng & bla bla bla too?
*adjusting my spect*

ah may,
aiyak..have u taken your lunch? :P

I presume this song can be categorized as old song ;)
Whatever songs that I listened to.. are old songs...
Blek :P

Pink Winnie said...

i know this song.. nice song.. mayb i was a kid that time kok.. ya.. many people like to sing this song..

See Fei said...

can we duet on this song? my fav too...

angel said...

eh? si mik kua lai?

listen tonite...

Chup for David Beckham's Jersey No. 7! ;)

Pink Cotton said...


22 n 18 is young ho?

wat about 23??

Chen said...

pink winnie,
wah.. u know this song too :)
Great :D
yesteryears songs are nice :D

duet in different nations?

在雨中 loh = In the Rain :P
I guess u know this song

pink cotton,
18 & 22 is young..
23 is not so young liao..

zeroimpact said...

Very nice...
So hard to find and more difficult when don't know mandarin
Very nice song there doc

L B said...

Wanna shake leg here a bit... Got any snacks ah? Dried sotong? Coconut candy? Kwa Chi? Hard boiled egg? Steak n Kidney pie? Roast Turkey? Tiramisu? Cendol?

Chen said...

That day after I posted the 在雨中 mp3 to DG, I play the song continuously for several times :)
Nice song hoh? :)

wah.. shake leg here :P

Let's see...
I have black pepper sotong snack,
Hershey's special dark choc, muruku, rempeyek, crackers, coffee candies.. Mmmmm... what else?

No lemang, no ketupat.. No Satay, No rendang..
how? Raya coming soon..

Kenny Ng said...

errr... never heard b4 :P

ah nel said... old ledi...sigh...52 yrs old...

Anonymous said...

hmmm... sounds very familiar... perhaps I saw this song post in some where else!

Chen said...

hehehhe.. i know u are more familiar with the rock bands :)

ah nel,
52 years old or the mirror image of 52, ie 25 years old? *cough*

This is one of the popular songs in the past :)

mistipurple said...

i like this song. brings back memories. *ahem*
thank liu for posting it.

sengkor said...

i so young also heard before. so, the song not that old lah..

Chen said...

glad misti likes the song :)
bring back memories?
sweet memories I presume? ;)

yeah hoh, sengkor still very young.
and sengkor is slightly younger than me.. So i'm still young too :P

since that is not an old song, hence that must be a "young" song liao :P

Daniel Yiek said...

Wow, KTV days!
Which website did u use for the ability to play songs in blog?

I know of

carcar said...

aiyah..something is wrong with blogspot last night (in SGP only) :P

my comment didn't go up :(

is ok, can still chup?

Chup for Liverpool! Chup for ManU!
Chup for Shumi! Chup for Alonso! ok chen if you cannot understand the above. Chup for fun only!

hey i know this song! who want to duet with me?

Winn said...

my mom's ' yum kor' . hahaha

Chen said...

I use Lifelogger to upload the mp3 songs :)

aiyak.. blogspot down in kiasu-land?
Cos of the Deepavali celebration?
Besides eating muruku, they makan your comment too? :P

wah wah Wah WAH..
drag in football & formula One too
keekkeke... can can,
semua pun boleh :D

if i duet with u, u wanna become 刘家昌 or 尤雅? :P Psssss... Seefei wanna duet this song too leh..

Lucas knows how to sing this song or not?
Might be I should teach Ah Boy this song too...
Next time they can duet.. kekkeke

Pinky_piglet said...

i know this song song o...hehehe...last two or three weeks ago, got sang this song with my papa at my house...concert for me and my papa that day...wahaha

YD said...


Anonymous said...

from the comments looks like many still knows the song... so we're not that old afterall LOL! wheee...
Thanks for the song again doc ;)

Chen said...

pinky piglet,
u sing this song together with your papa? So sweet :)

err.. what happened?

are u .. DG?

many youngsters know this song too
yeah yeah, we are still young :P

U are mostly welcomed :)

Red Sponge said...

hooo...i know this song...i am not 18 or 22 but not old too. *bleks*

Chen said...

red sponge,
So... in conclusion, those who knows this song are still in the "young" category :P

Anonymous said...

Why it shows "4 Comments" in this post??

Hmm... seldom see this doctor MIA for so long. :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
hah? 4 comments?
u r using FireFox?
on & off firefox a bit sot-sot..

I mana ada MIA woh..
I'm here all these while leh... :D
yr pc play a trick with u liao..
or your browser :P