Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Chill Out & Relax

Met up with Wilson, Kristopher and wifey & their cute little baby as well as Fish Fish last Thursday night.. the same night after my exciting kayaking trip. This is a nice place to chill out & relax (and the name of this place is the combination of chill out & relax. I won't mention the name here since the taukeh neoh specifically mentioned she didn't want publicity of this place as she wants to keep it low profile ;) Guess who we met there? Gette. Wilson and I took the opportunity to "borrow" her famous yellow ducky for few photo shooting session. This is the famous yellow ducky in Kuching which appeared in several Kuchingites blogs. She brings the ducky together with her wherever she goes :)

We were the first batch of customers. The place was still closed when we first arrived (cos the owners were busy having their late dinner). Of course I won't let go the opportunity to snap few photos since the place was still empty. In less than half an hour time, the place was filled up..

This was indeed a nice place to hang out with friends. I will definitely come here again during my next trip back home. I know about this place from Unker few months back. Unker planned to have a meet up over there earlier on but the place was closed that night, so the meet up was cancelled.

Pink Cotton and Red Sponge, interested to have a meet up in this place during my next trip back home? ;) Of course can't leave out Moh Moh lah.. (pssss... Moh Moh = Ah Ben)

My drink for the night.. Dragon Heart (pure thick Red Dragon Fruit juice with no added sugar - definitely value for money).


a^ben said...


hiaw si` go wet with them` hahahah

*yao piku~*

zeroimpact said...

I wanna go I wanna go

may said...

I like that pink hand stir-er, so cute! can piak someone with it liao, hahahaha!

very nice place... cantik...

a^ben said...

may.. i think the stirer is .. purple` lols!!!

Chen said...

boh lu ane hiaw :P
I asked u to go also mah, but u busy tat nice cos having performance.. *nyek nyek*

now no more using io ka chng but changed to china version yao piku ? kakaka.. watever it is, still the same meaning :P LOL

boiboi wanna go ah? can can.. make sure boiboi is in Kuching as well when I go there next time loh.. ;)

tat hand stirer ah.. not only can use to piak orang but can use it to scratch scratch or aw pui chek as well.. multi purpose tool :D

I will definitely go back there again.. Wanna follow? :P

watever colour lah..
u been to tat place few times liao hoh? I remember u fighting with Felicity over there in the past.. The infamous drinking straw fight..

angel said...

waaa...nice place! i like!
but why the tauke neoh so weird wanna be "low profile" wan?? tan boh seng li, baru tau... oops! hope she's not reading this! LOL!

Winn said...

blah blah blah??

Chen said...

we guess the taukeh neo is loaded liao mah.. that's why she wants to keep the place low profile :)

This place was closed from Monday till Wednesday. Only open from Thursday till Sunday. U get what I mean? I guess they do the business out of interest and they don't really bother about earning $$$.

blah blah blah?
pili pala ocipala?

alamak, I go gila liao..
eat too much sotong, that's why loh.. *no eye see*

Simple American said...

I love the drink. The arm waving out is pretty cute. Just a decoration right? No Lilliputians swimming round in there?

Was that a bar or restaurant?

Man you getting around with all kinds of transportation.

Winn said...

blah blah blah is a chillout bar in kuching rite?

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

ok now I need to get me a blender...

Chen said...

The little hand stirer is waving asking u to come, come... hynotizing, right? ;)
can lick, can kiss, can slurp but no biting, please :P LOL

It's not restaurant, it's not bar as well... what should i call it? :) But it is definitely a nice place to hang out with friends.

Yeah.. hampalang use - air, river and road :)

i dunno ah :P
I'm not Kuching lang leh.. Sarikei mari. My family just shifted to Kuching one year plus ago ;)

The name of this place is Chill + Relax :P

Pass me a glass of whatever drinks u made, Tengkiu very much :D

dino said...

nice place... i wanna go...

L B said...

*simply chupping now*

sengkor said...

help! someone is drowning in that drink! throw in an onion ring!!

Red Sponge said...

dear doc, di mana letaknya chilax? hmmmm so low profile until i dunno its existence...hmmmmmmmm not bad ho that place...ok! i decided to go with pinkcotton first...who knows u bila balik! 'x' and u already been there once...waiseh...me ocipala! lol

Chen said...

mari mari... let's fly to Sarawak :D

LOL, nice hoh your stay in Ipoh..
makan so much nice food..

suddenly reminds me of carmistwinanplinktitokichen.. kkakakkaa..

wahahaha.. I like that..
if no onion ring, can throw in calamari ring as well to save the poor drowning person (he turn purple liao..) :P

red sponge,
it's hidden somewhere, somewhere.. kakakka... u know Pizza Junction in Jln Song. It's located next to Pizza Junction :)

Go & wiwi wetwet with Pink Cotton first loh.. She coming back tonight liao.. Now she is sitting (or sleeping & drooling saliva?) inside the flight fr KL to Kch. LOL

Pink Cotton said...


Chen said...

pink cotton,
good good :D

day-dreamer said...

Red dragonfruit drink? Looks nice... hmm... must give it a try when I come across it.


carcar said...

very nice and chill place ya! dragon heart is so colorful and special! i like the name of the drinks! and the purple!

i like i like!

moh moh!!

haha, ben ben moh moh!

ben moh ben moh!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
This one is pure fruit juice without added sugar :) Something nice and refreshing. This was the first time I drank dragon fruit juice too..

The other drinks on the menu also have nice name. I took a snapshot of the menu, I mean the names of the drinks too..

Moh moh.. mao mao.. cute hoh?
U know? Ah ben shares the same surname as Mao Tze Tung leh.. Is Mao Tze Tung his distant relative? I dunno liao.. Must interview him :P

Anonymous said...

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