Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saturday with Ben

AhMay wanted to have a look at Ah Ben's shocking hairstyle.. So this is it.. He no longer looks like lion, hahaha..

Ben Siu had sorethroat on Friday with super sexy voice on Friday night - but after some secret remedies (lorenges and ice cream), his voice improved much on Saturday morning.. So we continue on with our food parade on Saturday.

This is our late brunch for the day. Ding Bian Hu/ 鼎邊糊. Wow.. I didn't expect Ben to be so fluent in Foochow (cos mostly only those from Sibu or Sarikei speaks Foochow dialect. (Yours truly can speak foochow also although I'm not foochow)

After brunch, we went jalan-jalan for a while in Kuching Waterfront, snapping photos here and there, looking around in the souvenier shops and later we sat down for a drink at the riverside :)

Later in the late afternoon, we went for another round of food.. This is Sweet Noodle. *Ahem* The noodle is really sweet.. This is the first time I ate such noodle :P

Fruit Rojak. Quite similar to Penang Rojak, unlike the previous sweet Sarawak Rojak that I have many years back (the one that I used to have in the past tasted sweet).

Ais Kacang with Santan/Coconut Milk. I opted for santan instead of evaporated milk cos I never have ais kacang with santan before. :P

After food, we went for a brief walk in Satok Market. Hahaha, wanted to search for the Sago Worms but too bad, we can't find any. Bought lotsa local biscuits, cookies, kuih and local delicacies :P The weather was hot.. Sweating like mad :P We had iced Coconut juice mixed with sugar cane juice and bought few BBQ jagung with honey before heading back home :)


zeroimpact said...

So much food...
Waterfront... there got sell the tikar palembang yea
And the so called sampan like ride to the land beyond the river
Got ta pau or not doc
Hungry liao

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Food everywhere...and I'm salivating now, even after dinner :p The picture of the ais kacang is making me craving for one :D

Anyway, enjoy your trip! :)

angel said...

whoaaaa!! makan lagi!!

apa itu ding bian hu?? looks like koay teow cuk like dat...

carcar said...

ding bian hu is yummy! i think i must make a trip to sarawak again quick! so sad, can't find any in west msia...

ben is still the leng chai! and leng chai-er now :P


*i'm full... with two bowls of rice for dinner just now*

kakakakaka :D

may said...

haiya, no more shocking hair... nevermind, still as lengchai! hahahaha!

you have food (p)orgy there... we have food (p)orgy here... waaaa, imagine when we meet up, we sek until the cows come home liao!! waaaa!!

_butt said...

ding bian hu? Eh, I'm a foo-chow oso wor.. (my dad) but didnt knw got tis kinda dish geh..

Ais kacang!!! *sluurp*

Nice trip! ^^

miracle8 said...

Ben does it again! Everybody repeat after me.. "Ka Chng Ong Banzai!"

Chen said...

have been eating a lot for the past few days.. cham, cham :P

tikar palembang? we got see see look look at the tikar & the souveneir loh.. didn't buy :P

the sampan ride is called perahu tambang :)

tapao? tapao some biscuits and cookies back loh.. :D

food everywhere, cos we live to eat, not eat to live, hahaha :D

thanks :)

life is about makan-ing mah :) I have write a detailed post about ding bian hu in the past. It is basically a foochow specialties. Healthy dish.

The way of making it is unique. First of all, the thick rice flour paste is ladled slowly along the brim of the kuali, letting it form a sheet of thick rice pasta, with the broth simmers in the kuali. It is served hot together with 黑木耳/black fungus and 金針/golden needle with the brown cuttlefish and pepper in the broth.

Chen said...

I dunno whether ding bian hu is available in Sitiawan or not (since that is a foochow town :)

Hahha, Ben is always leng chai mah.. Hope he is not floating in the air now, hahahaa...

u haven't see him with his sexy sunglasses.. Very yau yeng woh :P

When we meet up time, might be it's time for us to fast..(cakap oni) hahhahha... cos eat too much liao. Hahaha..

aiyh? your dad is foochow? u can speak foochow or not? greet u with the most common foochow greet --> siak pah mui? Hahha..

okie okie, I will repeat after u :P
"Ka Chng Ong Banzai" LOL

Neo said...

I miss those Sarawak food so much... especially Ding Bian Hu, kampuan, and kompian.

You are so lucky... can on leave and go back to Kuching!

plink said...

K A C H N G O N G B A N Z A I ! ! ! !

Uik... What is sweet noodle ar?

IML said...

You sure did managed to sample as much food as possible before going back to Penang!!!

zeroimpact said...

Biscuit and cookies also can ah LOL
The perahu tambang is a bit the scary la... so close to the water
I think I also want to go makan like that...
Eat eat eat

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

food food my list of foods to make is growing longer...*scotch tapes another sheet of paper to current list*

lynnx01 said...

You speak foochow even though not a foochow. I am a foochow yet I can't speak. Such a disgrace. Hehe.

Pink Cotton said...

AHH..that ding bian hu ah..
never understand wat is so nice abt it..wahahha
sorry guys.. LOL

worst is ..i never know how to pronounce the name..wahahaha

Selba said...

*looking at the ais kacang pic*

* a glance to the rojak*

Eeeeiii... how come no kacang in the ais kacang, but there's kacang on the top of rojak??? kekekeke...

you both were really having a good time, weren't you? wish I can join!!! :D

Red Sponge said...

Hmmm personally...i also dont like din bian hu 'x'

ROJAK!!! nice not, doc? I have never try the rojak at waterfront...

_butt said...

Me kenot speak ler.. so paiseh.. *haha*

Siak pah mui means.. sek pau mei/eat already? *wild guess*

Correct me if im wrong.. :D

Chen said...

hehe, I ate kam puah two days ago, but I think I will eat it again tomorrow :) Mmmm... haven't eat kom pia yet.

The last time I go back home was 8 months ago liao :)

sweet noodle is something new that I tried on Saturday. Never have that before. Ben told me they mix sugar together with soy sauce, and the noodle is indeed sweet :D

yeah.. and I noticed they have a shop called Penang Authentic Food here too (the owner & cook is from Penang, but I won't go & eat there, hahaa... since I can eat Penang food all year long :P)

Chen said...

u are another one who hampalang sapu? :P I hope boiboi start eating regularly liao.. haven't talk to u for long time liao leh...

good to eat, eat & eat hoh? LOL

perahu tambang not scary lah... close to nature mah.. which is good. hahha..

might be another sheet of paper is not sufficient. U need more pieces of paper :P The list is growing, and growing ;)

Hah? u are foochow as well? ;) Yeah hoh.. I just remember u r from Sarikei too. Well, I grow up together with foochow speaking friends :) sure i can pick up the dialect loh.. that's how i pick up hokkien too.. :P My mother tongue is Xinhui cantonese dialect.

Chen said...

pink cotton,
hahha... cos I grow up eating that dishes :P That's why it's nostalgic

that's a foochow name leh.. that's why those who doesn't speak foochow might dunno how to pronounce the name.

ais kacang is just the name of the sweet concoction. hahaha.. it's known as ABC too (air or ais batu campur) ;) Different places have different ingredients :)

yeah, we indeed have good time ;)

red sponge,
hahah.. u have similar thinking with pink cotton :P

The rojak is nice, but we didnt have it in waterfront. Can't remember the name of the place we had rojak liao.. must ask ah ben again :D

pandai juga ni butt :)
your guess is correct :D

slurp! said...

moi grandpa from foochow ... but i no speak foochow one :(

is there alot of foochow cuisine in sarawak, kuching?

Kristopher said...

i c.... u go to RH Plaza's foochow coffee shop for that Dian Ban Hu... did u try the beef noddle? it is good also...

zeroimpact said...

Not hampalang la...
Almost hampalang LOL
Now go on diet a bit la...
Keep keep and wait to eat later with doc ma...

Chen said...

You can find ample foochow delicacies in Sarikei & Sibu but not so much in Kuching :) Chinese in Kuching are mainly Hokkien & Hakka whereby in Sibu & Sarikei are mainly Foochow.

I can't remember what place I go for that Ding Bian Hu :P Ah Ben brought me there :D Wanted to order kom piah as well but out of stock liao :P

not hampalang ah?
okielah, 98% sapu lah.. hahaha..

Ang Gu Gu said... the food..hiakZ..ais kacang..yum yum

L B said...

Ahem, and you were castigating me for flooding my Blog with Food pics?!!!! Hahahahaha./.. Can't wait for Sunday!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........

Kristopher said...

Doc, did u go to the Food Fair yet? that a must go.... if u wan to go, i can bring u dere if u wan? :)

Chen said...

ang gu gu,
super yum yum :)

u are my sifu :P

few more days to go.. :D

Kuching Food Fair ah?
haven't woh...
nice ah? u want to bring me there? so nice :P

u can get my contact number from Wilson or u drop me an email :P
I dunno how to contact u loh..

day-dreamer said...


Ice kacang!!!


KittyCat said...

Is ding bian hu 'der meng oo' in Foochow? That's what I hear my MIL say and I have to confess it doesn't sound appetising but your photo proves otherwise! Will check it out during CNY next year.

Btw, there was this wonderful 'goo bak mee' (Taiwan beef noodles) in Spring Garden coffee shop but the lady moved a couple of years ago. There's a new one there but it's not her. Do you (or your friends) know where she's gone? I really miss her and my 2nd fav food on my list!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »