Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Night Fever

Yesterday night, I had great fun io ka chng meeting up with ah ben and miracle8. We waited for miracle8 inside Room Two-O-Five in Padungan. While waiting, I showed Ben my photos on my Palm TX (including my family photos, my cute doggy and the bloody operative field photos).

Hahaha, Ah Ben drew something inside my PDA as well.. Cute boh his drawing? ;)

We had a great time chi chatting while waiting for Miracle8 to arrive. The poor gal was busy with her work. We ordered drinks while waiting.. I had mocha while Ben had Iced Green Tea with Lime..but he was given something that looks similar to Iced Lemon Tea instead :P

Oyster with Salsa. Pssss.. tell u something... Ah Ben tak makan oyster. He told me the story how he struggle to swallow the raw oyster in the past :P

Miracle8's Lamb Shank

My BBQ squid with sambal. Didn't manage to take photo of Ben's BBQ beef cos yours truly was busy slurping oyster at that moment :P By the time I finish slurping, Ben was half way eating his food liao.. LOL

That was not the end yet..After hihi haha & making lotsa noise in Room 2-O-5 for almost 3 hours, we went for second round in Hui Sing Garden.. The last time I came here was way back in 1999 (went there together with my ex colleagues when I worked in Sarawak General Hospital in the past).

The delicious and mouth watering sinful Satay Babi aka Pork Satay.

White Lady? - Pineapple juice + Mango juice + evaporated milk + longan + pineapple cubes + whatever lah.. Hahahha... since i never tried this before, I gave that a try :) Miracle8 & Ben, thanks for the nice company and great food.


Pink Cotton said...


ok read ur post now 'x'

Pink Cotton said...

wau..the oyster looks so slurpingly nice ler!...

and erm erm ..y ben draw something that looks like *cough*sperm in your pda?

dino said...

i'm drooling when typing the message...
stomach crying for help d..

may said...

that lamb shank.... drooooooools!!

eh, mana gambar orang? hahaha! wanna see a-ben's shocking hair!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
u manyak cepat hari ini..
oyster is nice..
that's why i slurp it :P

aiyks.. look like sperm meh?
let me look look again :D

earlier on he drew sotong as well.. but then he deleted the pict :D

need to do CPR for your crying tummy :P feed dino's tummy little sotong :D

gambar orang dalam komputer loh.. :P
ah ben's hair long liao.. but tak macam lion's mane liao, cos thinner oledi...

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Thank god I went for my run today.....

agus said...

So you're meeting Francis some time this weekend? Oh the food list you have is simply outrageous! I wish I had time and resources to try all of them last time I was in kuching. Have fun!

lynnx01 said...

Oh the ice kacang place at Hui Sing? Miri's ice kacang cum rojak is better than Hui Sing's. That's probably the only nicer food that Miri has compared to Kuching. And oh yeah, did you hear about Sarawak Club gone in the fire? A bit out of topic, but gosh.. it's so sad! I remember my childhood days there, hanging out with friends, ordering club sandwich and ribena 7up, swimming and reading in the library there.

Jeeu Teck said...

Can you teach me how to cross out a word with a straght horizontal line? Cheers!

angel said...

O Y S T E R ! !
L A M B S H A N K ! !


so much food... winnliuliu mya tempat got food, here oso got food, lucky mine dun hv *LOL* :P

Chen said...

oops.. I should have gone for a run instead :P

I can't made it this coming weekend. Might be next week :)

yeah, the ice kachang place at Hui Shing. The place is damn packed with people even on weekdays. Can imagine how packed is the place on weekends :)

Yeah, I heard about the Sarawak Club on fire yesterday night while chit chatting with Ben & Miracle8. Saw the news on Sin Chew this morning as well.. sad huh :(

Chen said...

jeeu teck,
u open the tag with the alphabet s inside the < > and then close it with with the alphabet /s inside the < >. I can't type it out here cos these tags are not accepted in the comments. :)

don't pengsan woh..
today is flyday..
wake up wake up..
today is your 8th liuliu anniversary, right? :D

zeroimpact said...

I like... raw, with lemon...
Wah doc have so much fun and get to eat

dino said...

thanks chen..
i like sotong...

Wayne said...

Why you are called Dr. Chen?
Are you a doc? or just anotehr nick?

I never been to Room205. I've always wanted to go but erm... dunnno where.. SIGH!

King's wife said...

wow, pork satay...I want!

Selba said...

woooohooooo... *slurpssss*
nice food... good time.... ah... so nice!!! can I join, plzzzzzz...

miracle8 said...

Hi Dr Chen,
was lovely meeting you finally! I must apologise for making you guys wait so long... :P
Glad you enjoyed the food. Don't forget to sapu everything before you go back k?

Chen said...

zero impact,
boiboi also get to eat lotsa good food in KL mah.. And I know boiboi gets to travel around very frequently too... I've never been to Miri & Sabah leh. ;)

more sotong? ;)

Yes, I'm a doctor by profession. Room 205 is located in Padungan area but u need to look out for the place or else u will miss it :)

Chen said...

come come ;) So far I only found one stall selling pork satay in the past in Penang, but I haven't visit that stall for years... Dunno whether still available or closed down already :D

Hehee.. Jakarta is nearby Sarawak, right? You are mostly welcomed to join us :)

it's alright. You are busy with your work and all the last minute consultations that came in the way :) I had great time chatting with Ah Ben while waiting for your arrival. Thanks for the great companies and nice food ;)

Kristopher said...

WOW!!! so nice.... fattening ohhh.... :)

Winn said...

i dun like oyster too.

* hi - 5 with ben* ...
wah u really suka sotong arr......

first time i see big sotong steak on the menu!!!

usualy sotong only sits at the ala carte in the menu

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

that sotong looks good though....LOL

wenLi said...

the food in room 205 is great isn't it? haha..yumm...:P

13th Panda said...

Go room 205 must try banana bonkers ler..YUMMM..

day-dreamer said...


*drool* *drool*
*drool* *drool* *drool*
*drool* *drool* *drool* *drool*

Oops! Sorry... can only drool here.


carcar said...

wah!! sarawak have so many nice food!

the pork satay looks so dark, but i bet it must be very very very very good!

cant help i have to type so many very :P

i miss you leh.. i want to tell you a secret leh..

see u in YM if we can.

plink said...

*io ka chng*

Wakaka! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun!

Chen said...

go back time must go on diet liao :P

eee.. why u don't like oyster? :(

Kakakka.. I order sotong cos it's special mah.. Something different ;)

Yeah, the sambal tasted nice..

yeah, the food there is nice (but the drinks are so-so only) :P

Chen said...

13th panda,
banana bonkers ah? issit the one with the "warning sign" --> super large servings? :P

day dreamer,
cannot drool so much :P
later u become dehydrated then susah..LOL

yeah, the pork satay is nice..
so much food to eat, but my stomach has very small compartment only... hahah

i miss u too leh..
secret? o.O (open eyes big big)
hehee.. let's see whether I can see u in YM one of these days or not :P

joining in to io ka chng

this is how hols supposed to be, right? ;) hahahha

Jay said...

You "R" now an "Official Foodie"!!


_butt said...



*continue to drool*

Chen said...

official foodie?

put pan beneath butt's mouth to collect saliva :P