Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blind Date

Cham.. Having bakar matahari sun burn now.. I'm getting darker now and my skin is peeling after one whole day out under the hot sun :P

Going for blind date tonight with Pink Cotton and Red Sponge, in less than 2 hours time. Excited ;)


angel said...

waaaa so sexciting!!! i oso wanttt!!!

may said...

pink cotton & red sponge, wooo!! so are you wearing something in that theme too? teehee!

_butt said...

Have a great one!! ^^

Winn said...

how how how? is pink cotton PINK ?

is red sponge RED???

i wannaknow :(

Winn said...

sorry ar..cant reply u in ym. kidna bz today..coz i slacked in the morning. was babysitting my niece so i slackslack and came late to work and gave some lame excuses..

lynnx01 said...

Gonna be an interesting date! Do blog about it. And oh yeah, notice that you never show photos of yourself. There's this issue in my family now requesting us not to simply put pics online. If so I am quite dead.. I put so many of my pics everywhere.. bleah..

day-dreamer said...

Have fun!!

*talk to self, tonight die with Econs*

zeroimpact said...

Wah got blind date...
Pinky pinky red red
So much fun...
Have fun!!!

Chen said...

I will have blind date with u soon too... hahahhaha :P

hahah... just now paiseh, I thought red sponge is pink cotton & vice versa, hahahah...

yeah, we have a great meet up just now :)

pink cotton,
pink cotton & red sponge both are sweet and pretty young gals :P Same colour as me woh.. Oops.. not really cos I'm darker.. LOL

babysitting ah? Hahahha.. no problem :P I will meet up with u very soon also... ;)

Chen said...

Yeah, it's an interesting "date". Will write about that later on.. Sleepy liao tonight :P I just came back home..

Yeah, I didn't put any photo of mine in blog except my baby photos :D Prefer to remain anonymous, hahahha... I can show u my picture in messenger etc but not here lah..

day dreamer,
all the best with your studies & Econs.. Don't fall asleep woh while reading ;)

I will have blind date with u too very soon.. Hahhaa :D

Pink Cotton said...

la la la ~~ pink pink pink~ :)

i did try to dress according to my nick lerr...pink shirt and pink bag and pink watch and err err..pink shoes 'x'!!!

oops i think i overdid the pink factor

Red Sponge said...

Erm...I am kinda rush last night, so totally forgot to put on a RED top.

KEKEKE...Doctor, it is ok for you to mixed up us...cos we memang plan to confuse you at first! 'x'!!!

and psst...I dun have nightmare last night. But before I fell asleep, the KAKI image APPEARED! LOL!!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Hahha, the ever pink gal :)
Nice meeting up with u yesterday night. I still remember your pink bag which u like to use to cover your face :P

red sponge,
kakaka, if u put on a red top, then i will definitely know tat is u liao.. LOL. Nice meeting up with u too :)

wah.. memang planned to confuse me ah? jahat loh u...

no nightmare yesterday night after seeing those pictures? aiks.. mission failed.. kakkaka.. Forget to include in cadaver pictures inside there..

zeroimpact said...

Wah... can't wait liao
Skips and hop

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

blind dates are the most interesting and can be the most fun!

lynnx01 said...

Dr Chenn, add me on msn? wonglynnxuan[at]hotmail.com

agus said...

Wah, you're having a blast meeting bloggers in kuching. And all the food! You'll be flying back to penang a little heavier later on doc. Hope they don't charge too much on excess baggage.

I'm still trying to burn my 3 kilos of holiday weight last july. Sigh* so much work*

Have fun though!

jonboy60 said...

hahaha... maybe post ur date pic here...

Chen said...

skip & hop together with boiboi..

yeah, it was indeed interesting & fun.. we have the "room" all by ourselves.. we laughed till the roof almost dropped down :P

wah.. u post your msn id openly here? :P I added u liao..

Chen said...

yeah, I will meet up with unker later on today :) Go back time 101% sure have to go on diet liao...

post their pictures up here? later my head kena "chopped off"..