Monday, June 05, 2006

Lin Dynasty Chapter 34

Kena conned by Ah Winn. This gal ah.. 7-morning-8-morning give me this big surprise on the beautiful Sunday morning.. Asking me to continue on with chapter 34 of the chainned story tag Lin Dysnasty. Here is the link to the earlier chapters for those who are interested to read the stories. I really dunno the head & tail of this story. Too many chapters, lazy to read. Hahaha, since she asked me to tell story, then I will just create my very own crap stoli loh (since I always kong ku (讲故) = tell stories :P) Sorry, please bear with me this time.. I wrote this piece of crap yesterday night. Syiok also writing horror story at midnight :P

This is what Ah Winn wrote in the last two paragraphs in Chapter 33. Sounds very chim...
“ My Phres-Phres…Yeah I’m glad we’re able to unite once again…” Her shoulder shivered as she teared “ I really do hope that this moment will last eternally, but I have to go…coz the fairy god mother’s spell has ended. Fate has brought us this far and I’m thankful for that…Goodbyes my love… will always be my dear phres phres”

*The show’s over; the clock is tolling midnight*
Carrot quickly pushed him away and ran down the alley as fast as she could, leaving only a broken glass slipper and a wounded Phrestomasi behind….....

Here's my humble contribution to Chapter 34 of Lin Dynasty..

Phrestomasi picked up the broken glass slipper and stunned for a short while, trying to digest Carrot’s word. (p/s: aiyak, who choose this name (Phrestomasi) manyak complicated, manyak susah type.. Why don't they choose any Tom, Dick or Harry? At least easier to type. Don't care, I shorten the name Phrestomasi to PTMS - easier to type lah. By the way, don’t mix up PTMS with PMS)… What came to his mind at that split of second was.... Cinderella story? Cannot be lah.. that only occured in fairy tales… not in real life..

So our dear PTMS put down the broken glass slipper and ran down the alley, trying to catch hold of Carrot. But manalah tau, ini Carrot although small size but can really run veli fast. Really.. don't look down on small-sized people. They can do wonders !! PTMS couldn’t catch any trace of her. However, he didn’t want to give up. He continued running & running.. (chuan leh.. running so fast for such a long distance..) & running ..

Then suddenly he realized he was on a very narrow and deserted road, far away from town with abandoned graveyards nearby. It was already very dark since it’s way past midnight.. and there were no light source since no lamp posts available on the deserted road. He can barely see his own fingers, only see shadows… The only light source available was the dim moonlight..

How sad.. mother nature had no pity on PTMS. She started teasing PTMS and it drizzled. And soon it started raining kucing & anjing. He stared blankly at the heavy raindrops showering the ground, thinking about his beloved sweet-sweet Carrot. "Where could she be at this moment???" Suddenly, his eyes were caught by a light rising from the ground in the nearby graveyard. He stopped for a while with palpitation (heart rate of more than 150 beats per second, his heart was indeed pounding in fear)… Suddenly he saw a white mist burst from the ground, forming into a white horse carrying a gigantic headless rider with blood all over the body.

PTMS got a shock out of his life and led out a loud scream. He ran as fast as he could as the horse leapt toward him at a full gallop. Suddenly he felt someone touching his shoulder (oops... my goodness… ) & what came to his mind at that moment was the headless figure or rider touching him.. He struggled as hard as he can... Yelling for help.. But who on earth will be there to help him at this hour ???

Suddenly he was woke up by the Kookookooooo sound (who else? By the ayam nearby). He rubbed his eyes & noticed he was sleeping on the floor, hugging a bolster with saliva dripping onthe floor.. He tried to recall back what had actually happened.. Was that just merely a dream? a nightmare? Where is his beloved Carrot????
Kakaka, sorry if I bored you. 我也不知道我在寫什麼... I also dunno what I am writing here. Put the blame to Winnie Mui Mui for tagging me if I bored you :P I pass the baton to the Angel (going to continue with liu liu story?). Btw, Happy Birthday in advance to Angel. Wish you many happy returns @ 060606. Will sing the BD song to u tonight at 12 MN :)

T & C for this tag : No limitation on the length of each chapter but the story must be continuos (got flow like dat) from the previous Chapters. Each author is given 72 hours to complete the chapter, or else will masuk forfeit list.


Winn said...


OK wat not bored at all la. seems like PTMS is doing a marathon in his dream! ..

i like the that u wrote it the Chen's way, & mixing it wit eng and's SO YOU! :D
Raining kuching & anjing eh? HAHAH

Good Liu Good Liu!! Thanks for forking up the time to continue this spelled chained story tag..

Angeliu the liuliu mui!!:..nyek nyek , ni chi ni zhong mm sei :p *HAHAHHA*

L B said...

Waaaa!!!!! So good storyteller too you! Wasted running around poking people's backside w/ syringes!! Liuliuliu!!! I see you tagged the angeliu too! Goodness me! What will happen to that kookookoookoookai now?!!

Chen said...

glad u enjoy the craps :P Very fei huh?

Rojak is good. I like rojak.. Rojak buah, rojak passembur, bahasa rojak.. everything to do with rojak I like.. Might be next time I will write rain "ah mao ah kao".. kkakkaa

telling stoli I can lah.. but not to the extend of TCSS yet :D

Wah, since when I run around poking ppl backside with syringes? u watch too much tv liao.. Or... must be "tong nin yem yen" - u kena before lidat previously issit? that's why u remember.. someone chasing after u with syringes when u r small time ;)

kookoookookai? inside somebody's tummy I presume? Chi Pie mah..

angeliu said...

LIU!!! &^%#$@!@!$%^&@!!!! LIU!!!

OMG! My nightmare is FINALLY here! I KNEW U would liu me when I saw that winnliuliu liu u!

Thank Q lah for liu-ing me with sucha big liuliu pressie! I'll forever liuliuliu it!

Yours liuliuly,

ps: Winnliuliu!! Your liu (fault) again! Liuuuu! *tickle u till u crack into 4 liuliu parts*

L B said...

TCSS?!! Is that another bad word? I am afraid of bad words. But isn't that what anestheticians do? Run around poking other people's backsides? Liu? Liu or not liu? No, no, I was referring to the kookookookai that will soon reappear in the angel's LIN DYNASTY!! Liu!

Kristopher said...

WAh... u really eng ahhh.... can wrote for so long...hehehehe

may said...

you mean this is still running?!! *pengsan*

Chen said...

wah.. scolding me pulak :P
(hide behind the opened umbrella)

Hhaha, who else to liu if I don't liu u.. Nope.. no liu-ing here :D u r the best candidate ;)
point finger to Winn --> all her fault :D

TQ for remembering me forever
feel honoured :)

TCSS is the abbrevation for cakap ayam nyanyi lagu in english = talk nonsense :)

Hahhaa, next time u come to Penang, u see whether I will chase after u with syringes or not? ;)

Oh.. u r referring to the kai in the new chapter? dunno what angeliu will do to the kai. I hope she won't cook the kai to make it into pak cham kai :P

Haha, writing is easylah, as long as I have the idea what to write :) Once u get used to it, the flow will come spontaneously :D I wrote this yesterday night before I sleep :)

Chen said...

kipas ah may..
don't pengsan here.. the floor is dirty :D

yeah loh.. still alive.
pointing finger to winn..
she passed that to me..

let me go back & read your entry. I saw your name & LB's name in the box earlier on for the earlier chapter. Tengok cerita apa kau orang tulis.. :D

L B said...

Ahhhh, say lah! Talk Chicken, Sell Song!!..
I already know you are well armed and can run well with those syringes at Winliuliu's ex-Shoutbox. Pity not it's not there anymore to use as proof.

Chen said...

Should be Talk Cock Sing Song, but that sounds crude, that's why I use TCSS :D Hahhaa...

Oooh.. yeah hoh, now I remember... :D
It started with Audrey & then Liu Boleh.. But now everything has.... gone with the wind :)

carcar said...

i'm so shocked! thought i went to a wrong site just now!

Lin Dynasty is here!

Winn said...

LOL Angeliu! so, this is a big pressie from chen eh?

Wah my liu ar? Chen and Angel manyak pandai thai-chi horrr.simply liuliu me :(

LiuBee, no need the shoutbox as proof, i can be ur witness..hehee...ok la i will put up the tagboard again..sigh lazeee la


L B said...

The Prosecution calls WinLiuLiu to take the stand.

Please raise your left foot, and repeat after me, " I will tell the liu, sing the liu, and nothing but the liu"..

No, you cannot use Lucas's foot!

Winn said...


*raise my left eyebrow and says :" I will tell the liu, sing the liu, and nothing but the liu"...

Now your turn,
*raise ur chi-pie, throw away your i-pod, tuck your shirt into your boxer, lick ur elbow, pee into your bamboo plant and stick out ur tongue and say :" i will cook the pie, eat the pie, and nothing but the pieee..."

you may adjourne to asylum now :)

L B said...

WinLiuLiu! liuliuliu!!
*raise you back my right chi-pie, throw my iPod into the ocean, tuck my boxers into my shirt, liu my elbow, p** into bamboo, and sticking out my liu*
"I will cook your pie, eat your pie, and nothing but your pieee..."
*joins you in the queue for the asyliu*
Now what? Got escape plan or not?

Chen said...

hehhee... don't worry.. not wrong channel lah. U r at the correct place :) But the story is told in a totally different way :P

paiseh to gip her this sort of bd pressie.. sar tai chi very good lah, healthy exercise. Must play more tai chi in the future :D How about organising a tai chi class?

want to become witness? I thought u start the thing one? U gip me the suggestion earlier on leh, u forget iao? :D I still remember.. Wooi..

taking your temperature.. are u alright?

Do I need to call Tanjung Rambutan? Seems like got two siao lang in da house :P Mmmm... just in case u both are out of control, i have im haloperidol with me, can cucuk you both (last resort) :P

Jellyfish said...

kepala pening liao cos post very long :D

Simple American said...

Wow! This story still being told. I don't recongnize any of the characters any more.

Chen said...

now u show improvement already..
last time u always fainted or pengsan, now u feel pening only..
very good :)

Keep it up :P

The character changed every now & then, according to the author :P I also dunno who are the original character :D

Jellyfish said...

ceh.... lidat oso can

Chen said...

hahaha, of course..
I'm very observant :P

zeroimpact said...

Wah the story is getting realli interesting liao...
Bravo bravo

Chen said...

Hahha, changes in storylines & changes in character. Totally deviated from the original story. I wonder what will be the "ending" of the Lin Dynasty :D

angel said...

Nah! Siap liao! Tenkiu for sucha "nice" pressie :P

Chen said...

good gurl :D
I read your story liao, very keng chau LOL