Monday, June 05, 2006

Penang Pet Fiesta : Dog

I went to Penang Pet Fiesta held in Gurney Plaza last Sunday afternoon (held for two days from 3 - 4th June 2006). Many dog owners bring their dogs to the fiesta. There are Dog Obedience Competition, Pets Competition, Fancy Dress Competition, Fashion Show etc. I have taken several pictures in the fiesta and mostly are dog photos. By the way, the dogs in the picture below are not for sale (except the last picture). They are their owners' beloved pets and were brought together to the fiesta. And not only that, some of them were brought inside Gurney Plaza for jalan-jalan.

Correct me if I named the dog wrongly.. cos I'm not expect in this field :P

The sad looking Boston Terrier. I guess the dog is upset cos of the shoes.. Imaging dog wearing shoes? ;)

Another sad looking Pug with the Germany singlet. Mmmm... but I guess all pugs have the sad looking appearance :D

The sweet looking Golden Retriever. Reminds me of Mark & Cream, the cute adorable Golden Retriever from HK.

Gigantic Bull Mastiff. Good to hug.. Mmmm...but imaging if this dog is running loose and wild on the road....

Hush Puppy !!! The adorable Basset Hound.

The Cocker Spaniel barking at the intruders, oops.. including myself who intrude his privacy (taking his photo).

Pomeranian the Pom Pom Dog. Reminds me of the Pom I saw in Hatyai, Thailand not long ago.

The elegant looking Alaskan Malamute. Panting cos of the hot weather?

I like this picture. The Shih Tsu being carried like a little baby :) Very sweet.

A pair of Poodles in blue coloured shirts & pants :)

These are touching photos. Two Basset Hounds meet up on the street (in the fiesta).They say hello to each other. Very fast they befriend each other & sayang each other ;)

Hug Hug. See? Dogs also know how to hug :) This is known as Dog Hug, not THHC hug :)

Last but not least...The cute adorable 5 weeks old little Miniature Pinscher aka Min Pin puppy.. (sold at the price of RM450 per pup). I spent quite sometime at this stall looking at the little cute min pin pup. So sweeeetttttttttttt........


Jellyfish said...

wah.... bermacam macam dogs.
whats a THHC hug? TCSS i know la =)

Simple American said...

So your weekend went to the dogs. keke ;)

Chen said...

got more leh.. tak sempat tangkap gambar oni :P
THHC hug = The Hug Hug Club hug :D
I know u r expect in TCSS lah (your field) :D

simple american,
Hehhee, a small portion of my Sunday went to the dogs, part of it, I do research, and another part of it, I did other things :)

Winn said...

min pin so Liuuuu! i like min pin too. i used to own a minpin named Jazz too. it's dark brown in coror..but it died ...

it jus so happened one day that it puked the yellowish thingy..n not long after it bit cabonara..i missed jazz:) i believe it is waiting for me at the rainbow bridge

min pins are brave doggies la. last time my jazz, tho almost dying and weak, still tried to 'protect' me by barking at my sibilings who pretended to hit me. i didnt know he was so sick when we played that trick on him. probably he died becoz of us....:p

Winn said...

LiuBee !!! continue our battle here.. hahaha..

OK OK i dont mind if u liu my expired chi-pie.then we can check in the hospital together so liuliu kan?

*ok ok next, now first you liu up ur skirt...*

faster liu ur skirt faster!..

Chen said...

sad story of jazz :(
I'm sure u lup him very muchie & miss him too...

btw, your siao illness come back again ah?
*red alert*

huh? btw, LiuBee wear skirt meh? LOL !!

L B said...

Kenot! My skirt stuck to my toes!! Eww! You wanna me what your expired pie?!! Hey, wait a minute.. in the Hospital, what liuliu lingo they speak in ah? Liuliulish? Or Liuliulian?

may said...

arf woof woof arf arf woof arf!

*wags tail*

Chen said...

I seriously thinks u need a big fat jab on your butt :P

I speak Hokkien, Chinese, English & Malay in hospital :) No Liu language there :P

huh? My dear May transform into a cute adorable little puppy? come come.. Let me bring u back home.
Ah Boy will have a new friend :D Btw, don't fight with me for the big pillow, okie? ;)

a^ben said...

aiyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so nice larh the pups` ai.. this chen.. evil evil evil` hahahah dahlah tau i k not keep dogs still wanna post so many cutie to tempt me` ai ai ai ai :P

Chen said...

I know u r very keng & have very strong will, so I'm sure u can stand the temptation :)

slurp! said...

nice shots!
is alaskan Malamute & Husky the same breed?

Winn said...

i posted a comment here jus now..lost dy???:(

i was saying...hmmm

oh ya i was asking chen to chop LB's toes away since his skirt stuck on his toes..
faster chop!

think ppl in hospital speak in MC lingo..MCMCMCMCMCMCMCMCMC?*lol*

angel said...

so cutes liu!!!


LOL @ winnliuliu's hospital lingo! winnliuliu...lei hai tak geh!! LOLOLIULIU!!

Thanks for the wishes BTW... Hv a nice day!

may said...

arf arf woof arf!!
*wags tail at AhBoy*
*drags own pillow*

whine whine whine arf arf!!!
*puppy dog stares*

Jellyfish said...

eh? yalo... tarak nampak ahboy wan....

but oso a good thing, later ahboy kena bully kekekeke

jonboy60 said...

wah alot of puppy... So many name also... wow! Easy to take care 1?

FH2O said...

I supposed the other pet animals would be on your ensuing posts ... ;)

Chen said...

I'm not sure. They looks alike :)

dunno ah.. I guess the message MIA while crossing the Penang Bridge? or someone like your message so much that they curi it without u knowing it? ;)

aiyah, cannot chop LB's toes off lah, later his sweetheart come after me with parang, then how leh?

I guess the more appropriate lingo for doc in hosp is NOMC, such as.. NOMCNOMCNOMCNOMCNOMCNOMC instead of MCMCMCMCMCMCMC.. LOL

Happy birthday, angel..
My birthday melody to u..
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Chen said...

Bringing May the Miniature Schnauzer
back home :P I will buy lotsa new toys for u. Ah Boy will sayang u lot, hehehe... I will let u sleep on my huge pillow for tonight (for tonight only) :D

cannot bring him there lah.. or else he will bark at every dogs :P
then everyone will look at me, hahaha..

Furry dogs are harder to take care, I presume?

I guess so.. but I didn't take many photos of other animals..

cooknengr said...

Whats up doc, boy boy should have won the Kenny Sia award :)

Chen said...

hahaha... he will take this as compliment :P

Daniel Yiek said...

It's cruel to put clothes & shoes on dogs becos dogs have natural fur to control temperature. Putting on additional insulation increases their panting to lose heat via their tongues. Doggone it.

Anonymous said...

sooooooo cute la...

Alicia said...

hehe the anonymous was me..

anyway u didn't bring ah boy ma?

Chen said...

I don't agree with putting shoes on dogs as well, but putting on clothing, depends. My dog likes to wear clothes. He gets very excited each time when I want to put on clothes for him, and he gets very upset when I removed the clothes ;) I guess he likes the warm feeling :)

cute cute doggies :D

I didn't.. cos Ah Boy likes to bark at other dogs. I scared if I bring him, he will bark at all the other dogs & we will become the center of attention. I dowan too many eyes looking at me. Paiseh lah :D

Selba said...

ouuuucccchhhhhhh... they are so darn cute!!!! especially the minipincher!!! i want.. i want.. i want!!!! 450 RM??? let me see my walet... counting.. 1..2...3.... uhmmmmm, chen... you buy one for you then ah boy for me, ok... ?! hahahaha

Chen said...

wah? want to take away ah boy from me? a very big "No-No" :D U can have the new little min pin pup, but definitely not my beloved little ah boy :P kekeke...

Thao said...

A lot of hairy small dogs, are there any whippets?

Chen said...

People generally like furry dogs :) I didn't notice any whippets over there.