Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Heavenly Breakie

I kinda miss the old days of having this for breakfast... dipping the yew char koay (油炸鬼) or yew tiao (油条) into the black hot coffee.. Heavenly (although I'm not a coffee person). Simple yet tasty.

I had this in Hatyai. The mini yew char koay (油炸鬼) /yew tiao (油条) & black coffee. This is the first time I see such a cute, fat yew char koay (like stunted growth, hahaha), cos all the while I only see the long version in Malaysia. Small sized things are always cute, don't you think so?


may said...

I want! I want! I want!!!

Dang... now you got me craving for yew char koay! oooh, and Bak Kut Teh!!

Winn said...

i want too i want too....!!!

i wan yau char koay with porridge!

and cereal:P liuliuliu!!

carcar said...

finally i found food post!

dare not go to the pet's post :(

*kopi ooh!!*

Chen said...

wah.. u are so fast.. let me do a thorough check up on u, see whether u have radar eyes or not :P

since no medal being awarded here, I award u with yew char koay + bak kut teh instead... with lotsa lotsa sinful fatty three layer pork or "fat-meat-fat" pork. Err, now u made me crave for BKT pulak ... :( Miss the KL BKT. BKT in Penang tak ada sedap...

i want three, i want three .. !!
yau char koay with porridge i know lah but with cereal? first time dengar woh.. learning new things everyday, which is good :D kekeke..

award u with yew char koay + porridge, kekkeke...

carcar takut the cute litty furry animals ah? oh, yeah ho.. carcar likes reptiles eg iguana.. Mmmmm.. do u like snakes or crocodiles or such?

award carcar with yew char koay + fruit rojak. Cham, now I feel like eating fruit rojak pulak.. Sendiri cari pasal..

YD said...

Doctor!!! i wanna cekik you oledi! hahaha... kidding... you just triggered my cravings for food again!

stay calm, stay calm.. one more month and a week to go....

slurp! said...

i had this at BKK. i must agree that it's certainly very cute looking :) will post up one of these days ...

Simple American said...

Love coffee. *slurp*

Dunking stuff. Okie! :)

L B said...

Size doesn't matter??!!... Choi! Of course it does!!..

Chen said...

better run away & hide somewhere before u get hold of me & cekik me again :P

breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.. stay calm :D

indeed very cute. First time I see such cutie :D

talking about drinks, I prefer tea more than coffee, but to eat together with yew char koay, black hot coffee is the best ;)

hahha, wat u talking about here ah?
*keluar tajuk oledi* LOL

YD said...

haha feels like giving labour pula...

i pengsan oledi, stop breathing liao. :-D

one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four, one thousand five. blow, blow. one thousand one, one thousand two...

L B said...

*sending smoke signals*

Chen said...

hahha, no lah.. giving labour is like this.. take deep breath in, take deep breath out, deep breath in, deep breath out :D But nowadays, with the wonder of epidural, labour can become painless... (provided done under expert hand). So,no worry.

Wai, don't stop breathing. I'm not free to do CPR at the moment. LOL

what is all those 1000+ figures? doing CPR ah? :P

searching hi & lo for the smoke signal booklet to interpret what message u sent here.. I must have thrown it away last time when I shift house.. Cham :(

may said...

waaaa, so many types of good food waiting for you here in KL lah, Doktor! BKT lah, yew char koay lah, my cakes and cookies lah...

faster faster come! we go BKT breakfast at Klang on Sunday morning!!

angel said...

Doc... thanks for the lovely liuliu (music) altho kenot hear wan, but can see. :D

I not an ew char kuey person... dunno why... prolly i find it too oily kua... but kopi-O, fuiyo, anytime man! LOL! liuliuliu!

Hmmm... i also pelik why winnliuliu makan yau char kuai with cereal wan... she really liuliu (pelik) lar...

BTW, i'm still stuck with my homework... charm loh... sei loh... liuliu...

Jee said...

Hmm actually I think the small version of yau-char-koay is ugly, much prefer the long one.. still it's the taste that matters right?

Would prefer to eat it with some porridge though..

Winn said...

LB..small yau char kuoy got small yau char koay's uniqueness ma....good for teabreak i think?
that reminds me, ss2 got this shop that serves only yauchar kuoy...quite nice

L B said...

Win, CHUP, you're on!! SS2.. OK!! Bring Liucas..

angel said...

soli doc...i forgots to thanks ahboys... tenkiu ahboys...

oiii, winnliuliu! u notchet sleeps at 3:43 yet??? *clapclap* ...heroes... :P

boo_licious said...

Awww, I love those small yau char kuays. Still remember I was so happy to find the stall in Hatyai. the SS2 yau char kuai shop is not nice though - blogged abt it long long ago. I want to find yummy char leong though.

Chen said...

ah may is tempting me...
struggling for a while (wanted to eat her cakes & cookies badly)...

I'll sure come to KL... soon.. but not now :P

glad u enjoy the silent music ;)
so, u r a coffee person. Ever heard of civet coffee? I don't think I dare to try that :D

winliuliu is very unique person.. that's why :D Aiyak, still stuck with homework ah?
*add oil*, *kar yew*
add oil only, don't play with oil, LOL

Hahaha, alright alright :)
different people different opinion. But as u mentioned, at the end it's the taste that matters.

Chen said...

yeah loh, good for tea break, good for coffee break, good for snack.. aiyak, basically good for everything

btw, u drink too much coffee liao till cannot sleep & still wandering around at this hour? i mean @ 3:53 am? "night ghost"? I'm dreaming leh at that hour :D

tapao some for me, okie? if u go there :D

tenkiu ahboy? apa pasal pulak? I forgotten liao, now I jadi blur blur pulak ... :P

angel, wah..u also not yet sleep at 4:23 am.. I know i know.. u too high from BD party.. BD hangover err?

I will eat this again if I go to Hatyai again in the future ;) delicious..

Alicia said...

hmm i'm not a fan of yew char koay hehe

Winn said...

i had a dream last nite. a weird one! but i paysay to tell (LB, not the basah type u dun think senget ok!!)

haha. then i woke up at 3am..lepak lepak. quite tired but cant seem to go back to dreamland..so i lepak at cyberspace..
mana tahu LB and angeliu oso niteowl!esp the devilic angeliu!..come out at nite n haunt ppl! haha

Chen said...

i know.. u r fan of nasi lemak with grilled tomato ;)

weird dream that u paiseh to tell?
Mmmmm... I'm curious..
but I won't force u to tell, kekeeke.. u can keep the little secret with u :D

yeah loh, so many night owl. But LB not consider as night owl lah.. since Italy different time zone leh.. So we have two owl-owl here, winnliu owl & angeliu owl :D

spinosum said...

Yeah! I used to eat this EVERY morning when I visited my aunt in Bangkok. There will be this old lady in her bike selling the "stunted" (or dwarf-like) "eeu char kuey" from house to house. And usually my family will "sapu" her whole basket.. .since it is so cheap mah! Really tasty taking it with hot black coffee!! ;)

Selba said...

hungry.....!!! ok, now gonna buy something for my lunch....

Cynthia said...

it was my old nanny favorite! =)

angeliu said...

Civet coffee? I hv not heard abt it b4 but with that kinda name, I don't think I'd like to try... BUT I did google it and, I quote, partially fermented by passing through the digestive system of a Sumatran Civet Cat. Unquote.


Ewwwwwwwww... so liuliu... Kopi Luwak pulak the name... liuliuliu!!!

But thanks the docchenliu for ajaring me something new todays...

Oh, btw, no hangover last nite... just that i was hopping to everyone's blog making my tenkiu speech... so chuan... but orgasmic none the less ;)

winnliuliu, cheh... i thot u becums owliu like angeliu liao... thot got owl partner... mana tau, liuliu wan... :P

Chen said...

sapu the whole basket? Wah…then the old lady must be very happy.. She can sell off all her yew char koay in such a short time :)

I know u definitely won’t have Turkish food for lunch, kekekek :D

now I kinda feel like eating it again… feel a bit hungry at the moment..

Here is another post regardingcivet coffee I get from one of the bloggers. Hehehe, keng or not the civet coffee? By the way, it’s expensive stuff & not easy to get..
But I definitely won’t dare to try..
Imaging eating or drinking the droppings of the civet?

Hopping blog till so late at night? I presume I can see the panda-eyed angeliu this morning :D
Cos she didn’t sleep yesterday night !!!
Btw, u habis tulis your chapter oledi or not? Almost deadline liao.. Hhaha, tonight no need to zzzz again :)

jonboy60 said...

looks tasty o... can post me some?

FH2O said...

I still take 'em but I spread kaya on before dipping in hot black kopi! yummmmm :)

day-dreamer said...

Last time when I was still a kid we used to buy yau char kuai in the morning to eat. If we leave it till later in the afternoon, it'll be hard (in the sense of hard to break). Then my mother would say if we kids have shaky tooth just place the yau char kuai at that tooth, bite and pull and the tooth will fall off. Hahahaha!

Chen said...

can I post the pictures to u instead?

woh, new way of eating yew char koay. Seems like u like kaya a lot. I remember u eat muffins with kaya as well.

day dreamer,
LOL can save $$$. No need to visit the dentist ;)