Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hatyai, Thailand : Uninvited "Guests"

Should I name this post as Uninvited "Guests" or Encounter with the 3rd Kind or Paranormal Encounter ?

*This post is not for the fainted heart. Proceed at your own risk *

This happened during my recent trip to Hatyai. We were staying in one of the old hotel in Hatyai town area. On the second night of our stay, I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard my husband praying out aloud - rebuke the devils in the name of Jesus. I suspected he must have seen the spirits (This was not our first encounter). I closed my eyes and going back to sleep but then suddenly I felt something pulling me and then coming/lying on top of me. I want to move but I can't move my limbs. So I started praying out aloud. I can shout out but my voice was blurred and weak... I wanted to shout out aloud to alert my husband but since I failed, so I just continue praying quietly in my heart.. and the spirit left immediately.. (I know some people might relate this with "Sleep Paralysis"- (the sense of that one is unable to move or speak while falling asleep which is often accompanied by hypnagogic hallucinations) but I know this is not the case). I continued sleeping after that since it's late at night.

The next morning, when I woke up, my husband told me what he encountered the night before..Yesterday night, he heard someone tapping very loud on our window panes for quite sometime( from outside) after midnight. We were staying on the 6th floor in the hotel. He quickly said a prayer and the sound disappeared immediately. Within a short while, he then saw a figure (teenage girl) with long hair wearing blue T-shirt and black pants near the bathroom door standing still (facing behind us) looking at the luggages. We kept our bathroom light on (with dim light). He thought that was me initially but then when he turned his face toward me, he saw I was still sleeping on the bed. He can't see the figure clearly cos he was not wearing spectacles. He quickly say another prayer to rebuke the devils in Jesus' name and the spirit disappeared. This was the time when I woke up and heard him praying out aloud.

Then in a short while, he told me he saw me like "mumbling" at the bed (that was when I feel something was lying on top of me and I can't move - and I started to shout out aloud but my voice was blurred when I attempt to shout). He prayed as well at that moment, and the spirit left very fast.

When we put both our stories together, we get the whole picture.. Three uninvited guests that night. I do believe Hatyai is a very "dirty" town, and I'm not surprised there are so many spirits wandering around in town. We have no fear cos as Christians, we believe He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. Yeah, the spirits are everywhere. And hospital is one of the "dirty" place, cos so many mortality occurs.... There are endless 'ghost' stories in hospitals, and I have heard countless ghost stories from my senior nurses when I was on call in the hospital.


eileen said...

that was eeeireeee!!! It's 2am here and I'm alone.

I hardly stay in Hotel when i go to hatyai cos my aunt lives there. Haven't been there for 2 years now though. :(

Simple American said...

That is freaky. Glad you know how to pray them away. Without God it is impossible to take on a demon.

Winn said... geli!

if i were u i'll freaked out like no body biz too! i so scared of ghosts ok and yes i alway have encounters like sleep paralysis and i hate it. when i simple 'imagine things' at this, this will occur.

chen i cant remember but is this the first time u tell us ghost story?

ghost stories is always not my fav, i hate them but i guess those stories from your hospital must be real huh? tell la tell la.. i guess without the images and eerie backgound music, it wouldnt be that bad rite?

on another unrelated note, maybe u could continue the tag with ghostie plot?

Chen said...

sorry to scare u in the middle of the night :P

Yeah, this is not my first encounter :) I always remember the Bible verse James 4:7 "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you"

I have told 2 weird happening in the past, but that was almost a year ago already. If u r interested to have a look, u can take a peep at
1) Weird Happenings (1)
2) Weird Happenings (2).

Ghost stories from hospital ah..
I will tell later on loh..
Need to write few pages on that :P

Haha, I just write about that idea in your comment box before I read this.. Hahha, we have similar thoughts er? proceed the stories with cerita hantu :D kekekeke...

may said...

omg, hair raising! I'm glad I read this in the morning and not in the middle of the night. I've heard many stories about spirits, but lucky enough not to have encountered any myself, thank God!

Timber Rabbit said...

There's another effective way to repel spirits, or at least, not be terrified of them. Get drunk.

Last time I was in Hatyai we were all so sloshed and had the time of our lives. In a way we encountered them, via our "high spirits".

L B said...

Hantu Liuliu!!
Hair pun standing already! Can make movie or not? Can win Oscar!! Liuliuliu!!! LIU!! Waaaaa... At first I thought you already wrote Chapter #34!!! LIULIULIU!!! Brrrrliuliuliu!! Waaaa, suddenly, in just one stroke, you dispelled all my yearnings to go to Hatyai!!

angel said...

Scary liuuu!!

Which hotel was that??

I hate horror movies and anything ghostly because sked will liuliu in the pants...

Pink Cotton said...


i owes love to hear a creepy story anytime!! :)

if i were you, i would have moved out of the hotel immediately...wahahaha

Chen said...

so fast u wake up liao? I heard u sleep walking at 5:30 am in the early morning :P kekeke...

if reading this in the middle of the night, even more chi kek, right? ;) I know, i know.. actually I have written this post yesterday night liao, but I think better to post it only at day time, or else people might curse me later on, hahaha...

rebel via CH3CH2OH? hahaha...

hair stand liao good mah.. no need to buy gel. Can save some $$$ :D

when I post this time, I dunno about being tagged post #34 leh.. lazy to think about script, might be i just write abt cerita hantu for chapter 34. kong kuei ku

aiya, spirit is everywhere lah.. not only in Hatyai :P Just that u don't sense it at the moment only.. ;) Don't be terrified by them :)

Winn said...

okok liutor chen, i will wait 4 ur hospital liuliu story k:)

thx for the links.scary liuliu ok. tonite canot liu (sleep) liao:(

Chen said...

At YD hotel :)

My sister in law stay many times in that hotel liao but so far never encounter anything, but she stay at different floor - 2nd floor. I stayed at 6th floor :)

So, I presume u don't watch ghost movie or similar movie? ;)

pink cotton,
in the middle of the night, where to go woh.. haha, so, just continue & go back to sleep loh.. anyway, this is not the first time liao :P

hospital liu story will be up later on :P alamak, cham, i dowan to kena the LLS illenss.. choi :P

tonight kenot sleep ah? think of Lucas loh.. or think about the evil twin, Sacul :D

YD said...

eeerrrrr...... geli nya... ESPECIALLY the name of the hotel!

I have had the 鬼压床 experience before too, during my first year while staying in university hall of residence. Although my friend studying medicine analyze it as sleeping paralysis, I somehow felt otherwise cuz there was once even before I fall asleep and was very much wide awake, I felt it.

The experience during the first year was very scary for me cuz it happens in my own bedroom. Thinking back gave me a tremble. The Buddhist perspective of this matter is the wandering spirits begging for some "merits" (功德). So I did some chants and share the merits through 回向. After some time, the problem subsided and I felt more peaceful.

Faith, is one important thing to guide us when we are at our weakest time. It gives us the inner strength to go on.

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Eek! Really shouldn't have read but couldn't resist. =P

day-dreamer said...


I am so not surprised. A friend taught me to (believe it or not) just mumble "I come to stay a few nights only, won't disturb you" once entering a hotel room. No harm trying, IMHO.

sbanboy said...

Praise God that you guys are ok.

Chen said...

oops, I didn't realise your name is YD as well :P

Hehe, I have those similar experience several times in my hostel room in university time as well in the past, to the extend of happening every night, with instances I can feel my body being moved or floating in the air..

Hahha, curiosity kills the cat ? ;)

day dreamer,
Similar to examples like what guys used to mumble before they piss on the roadside?

Prayer always work :)

ivan said...

whoa.....thank God you prayed. i think most places in thailand are 'dirty'. Some of my friend's tend to feel very 'uncomfortable' when they're there

a^ben said...

Praise the Lord!!! lucky only "tek ur sin khoo" (press ur body).. if possessed then memang manyak susah lor```

what ghost stories?~?~?~?~? *interested* heee heee hee heee heee

Chen said...

We prayed everytime we entered a hotel room to cast out any spirits. I guess the spirits might have follow us back when we wander around the town the second day? I dunno...

Yeah, Praise the Lord.

ghost stories ah?
I will write my compilation later on :) Give me some time.. :D

L B said...

When I was younger, I used to have reoccurring 'Sleep Paralysis' moments often. And the most recent one was once here in this apartment where I am staying now. Very scary - when the whole body cannot seem to move, and you sense this massive total blackness crushing upon you. For years, I had put that down to 'evil spirits', but I read somewhere briefly that it was all about your senses being alert in certain parts of the body, but not all.. You concur, Doctor?

fred said...

ohh.. you see dead people... my gosh... even in hostel we have that third kind. ;) never seen one... but I hope I have my camera with me when the time come.. I'll blog about it, if I can lah ;)

Chen said...

well, although there's lengthy explanation about why this or that symptoms occured during sleep paralysis, but.. how true issit, I dunno :D

Well, I have experienced several times of "sleep paralysis" related experience in the past during my university days.. And during one of those experience, I can't move my body but then I can feel my body being lifted up slowly from my bed & floating high up in the sky.. what's the explanation for this? I dunno.. And I'm definitely not dreaming :D

haha, okie :) I have heard several ghost stories in hostel as well :)

slurp! said...

wah .. what a experience! which hotel huh? need to activate the "Paranormal Investigators" to research furthur. *kidding*. very glad both of you are fine.

chinese theories always uses ying-yang to explain. and if you been working in a ying place (hospital) for too long, you tends to "attract" these ying thing (spirits are considered ying)

one of the ways to absorb more yang is to place where there are many energtic & happy people. i consider sunday church service as one of the yang gathering places, so don't skip services too often :P

ok, just theories lah, no need to believe :)

angel said...

6th floor?? Liuuuu... The Omen...

Yeah, I NEVER watch horror movies, no thank you... Even if I did, I'd just be spending most of the time behind my jacket and keep asking/irritating the person nxt to me what's happening... LOL! Liu!

I always hear ppl experiencing Sleep Paralysis... *touchwood* thank god i hv not had this kinda experience...i think i'll be scared to death... *biting finger nails ala YM's emoticon*

Daniel Yiek said...

I was in a motel in California many years back. Suddenly at night something banged on the wall outside in the corridor and it travelled along the corridor. My friend was annoyed and opened the door and the noise stopped. He went back to sleep but I was still awake and the noise started again. By then, I was too tired to care...and slept.

carcar said...

by the way, are you stayed in the 'Lee .. Hotel' in Hatyai? that is an unclean place, no doubt it is a pretty good hotel. do you know the story bout why is this hotel became 'dirty'?

yeah, with God's we can have peace and protection!

bu pa bu pa!!

Alicia said...

waaaaaa scary laaaaa.. make me dun dare to go visit lol

Chen said...

The Initial of the name of the Hotel was YD :D I believe the spirits are everywhere, just that we cannot see them with our naked eyes :) And most of them are harmless..

wah.. u can link it with 6th floor even. I didn't think of that earlier on.. But the room I stay was definitely not Room 666 ;)

Never even watch one single horror movies or ghost movies? okie :D If u r scared, then better don't.. else u liuliu then susah :P
Many people has experienced sleep paralysis. You are one of the lucky one who didnt.. :)

This reminds me on & off I heard the sound from above the ceiling of my room previously in the middle of the night. I guess that was the sound of a troop of rats running accross on the ceiling .. True or not I dunno :D

Chen said...

No lah.. I stayed in another hotel.. The initial of the name is YD.
By the way, what's the story about Lee... Hotel? Tell us lah.. I want to listen :)

Take a stool & a pack of popcorn waiting for Carcar to tell stories.. :D

We have no fear cos God is with us.

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. NIV 1 John 4:4

Hehhe, my sister went there many times (staying in the same hotel, but different floors..) but never encountered anything :)

babe_kl said...


actually it doesnt matter which hotel, they are just everywhere. never encountered in hotels so far but hubby had sensed them. once his colik saw "one" standing next to him inside the lift and colik pulled him out. din tell him wat happened until they came back to KL. btw dat was b4 the Leslie incident in HK :p yeah it's dat hotel!

Chen said...

How true. They are indeed everywhere.. Just that we can't see them with our naked eyes :)

JL said...

Did the Pang Bros call you to make an offer for your story?

Thank God you're with your hubby then :)

Chen said...

Time really flies..

Didn't realise this event occured a year ago liao (in May last year). KFC (Keep Finger Crossed) hopefully history and such encounter won't repeat in the future :P