Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Balitong @ Siput Sedut

I have written two humorous posts on Clam/Baby Lala & Cockles/Kerang not long ago. Today I will continue with another shellfish post on Siput Sedut or Balitong. I'm unsure what is the English name for Balitong - is it Whelk?

Bought these Balitong from the Batu Lanchang afternoon market. Yeah, they were still alive and very active. Climbing all over the places like naughty kids.

This Balitong has Long Neck.. Looks like a Giraffe :P

Notice the two little antenna? This Balitong is busy looking around.. and sniffing with it's long nose..

Another naugthy Balitong trying to escape.. Climbing down from the bowl..

I can't imagine I cook and eat this cute little creature few hours later on :P

Don't u think this Balitong looked like riding scooter ?

Guess what happened to all these cute Balitong or Siput Sedut??? I guess u all know what is the final outcome, which will be revealed soon..

to be continued.....


carcar said...

carcar: balitong? oh no!
carcar: clam family
chen: :D
chen: why?
chen: i watched them playing around
chen: hahhaa
chen: so cute
chen: :D
chen: climbing around


again?! but they looks cute thou!too bad, you still eat them, no matter how cute they are! haha..

i had an experience of getting my mouth so sore and tired after 'sucking' the balitong out! hahaha....

Chen said...

wah.. this carcar so notti...
copy & paste our conversation :D

yeah, that's why I look back at the photo I took, I realised they are indeed very very cute :D Manyak Comel :P

Sore Mouth? U sedut one whole kilo of Balitong or more ah? :P

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

You are cruel.

But do share with us how you cook it, and how does it taste like :p I suppose you will have some new way of cooking it? :)

Pink Cotton said...

hahah...i din know these are called BALITONG.wat a cute family used to call it CHOOT2 cos u hv to make the choot2 sound to suck it out :D

owes feel so tired after eating this.altho i don like the taste so much but its FUN to suck it out :P

chen, u really love seafood ho??haha

Chen said...

yeah, I admit I'm cruel :P
But hard to resist good food :)
My cooking method is the normal method which most people used. I will write a post on that later :)

pink cotton,
Sarawakians call the siput sedut with different names. Over here, everyone call it as Balitong :)

Seafood is nice, right? Yeah, I love seafood :)

Selba said...

They look so cute and also pretty :) I guess since they have a cute and pretty look, then they also have a good taste, right? hahaha....

Look forward for the cooking part!

Sharl612 said...

As I scrolled down the page ... looking at the photos ... thinking you are going to chronicle how the live Balitong become food at the last picture ... suddenly ... no food photo!! Ophss!!:O You didn't happen to let them go eh? *lol*

may said...

"noooo! don't eat me! don't eat me! aaarrggghhhhh!"

LOL!! they're pretty, but I'm not a big snail person. hope they taste good to the eater after all that effort ;)

Cynthia said...

i like balitung stir fry with mild chicli powder..and SUCK!!!!


Chen said...

cute & pretty food = taste nice ??
Good equation :D

The cooking part will be out soon..
Haven't write the post yet.

Letting them go? No way :P What a waste if I let them go, hahhaha...

The living Balitong had no choice but become food at the end... But since they are so cute, I guess it is cruel to put the cook Balitong photo in the same post. So I separate it :D At least won't feel "pity" or "sakit hati" :)

They are yummy. Slurp :)

Nice leh.. I want to buy Balitong again this coming weekend :D

Anonymous said...

i like it stir friend with oyster sauce. masak lemak cili padi pun best juga.

Chen said...

masak lemak cili padi? Resipi ini I tak pernah try lagi :) Whatever cooked with chilli definitely sounds nice :)

Hasan Mubarak said...

They are sooo cute!!

izso said...

omg.. I will never eat another balitong ever again!

Alicia said...

sambal balitong!

Chen said...

yeah, there are many cute things around us. Even the tiny little bugs can be cute as well :)

are u sure? ;)

another balitong lover? great :)

carcar said...

i think hisap balitung can practice kissing skill!! muahahahahhahahaha....

nolah, i eat few only leh, maybe i am not good in this.


Kristopher said...

another cute shellfish species "cooked" by chen... just joking.... :)
Today i only know the true name "Balitong" cos i when i order them, i just point at them or by thier more famous name "chuk chuk"... :)

A Fellow Traveler said...

alamak chen, giraffe again....???hehehe


after the episode of sucking balitong, i suspect that something may not be right with the lung function coz i suck suck the balitong tak keluar tired leh...gave up....hungry...

ok, next time ask sugus to suck the balitong LOL :)

Chen said...

hisap balitung can practice kissing skill? This is a good one, hahhaa..

Not good in this?
then u should practise more, so that u can become a professional kisser ;)

haha... There are more cute photos of different species on the way.. I noticed the flower crabs are cute as well :D

I guess Sarawakians call the siput with different names? previously I just called them siput :D

long neck mah.. that's why giraffe :D

Can't suck out the flesh? the tail was not clipped or chopped off properly? or was there a hole in the shell?

Ask Sugus? Since when he becomes the Professional "Sucker" ? oops... ;)

Jacky said...

Haha, I want to practice kissing too :)

Chen said...

great, so many "professional sucker" oops.. I mean "professional kisser" here :D

miracle8 said...

so cute!!!! 不忍心吃罗

Chen said...

Don't care so much loh..
I know they are cute.. but..
我照吃 :D

Thao said...

You eat those, too? How do they taste? How do you prepare them? I don't think here in Belgium, there are these kinds

agus said...

Excellent shots doc! Just like what I sucked many weeks ago.

Chen said...

the taste is.. fantastic.. but we need to suck the flesh out :) I will write a post on the cooked Balitong in one or two days time ;)

Thanks :) We do remember, u are the professional "sucker" - I mean the professional "siput sucker" ;) Sucking the siput is indeed fun :P

a^ben said...

Aisi!!! it didnt look that way when it was cooked` hahah.

hard to suck? suck the tail of the shell first, then suck the head again. special eating skill.. wouldnt get sore mouth liaw.. hahah~ :P

Chen said...

hahaha, when they were cooked, they looked totally different - nice dishes awaiting for us to savour :)

what u mentioned is correct. If at first, the fresh is hard to suck.. Can always try to suck the tail part till the "intestine" is sucked out, then suck the head again. Most of the time this works :) This special technique "sucking both the head & the tail" means 有頭有尾.. hahaha, or "got head, got tail" :P

Robin said...

Intestine.. wow..

got sh*t inside?

Chen said...

intestine woh..
what u expect leh?
of course got loh.. hahha..

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken the English word for "balitong" is "Cerithidea" Check it out at Wikipedia at However, I could not find photos matching the balitongs that we usually eat