Friday, March 10, 2006

Jellyfish Song

This Jellyfish song post is dedicated to my beloved dear KSL/契细佬 Jellyfish, as a present for his recent "retirement" from the weblog world. I found out recently there are quite a number of silly jellyfish songs available.

As the lyrics for this particular song (The Three Jellyfish) is too long (very space occupying), so I won't copy and paste write it down here. The lyrics is something like: 3 Jellyfish sit on the rock and somehow, each and everyone of them fall down from the rock.. and subsequently they climb up the rock again. Click here to have a look at the lyrics as well as listening to the song : Three Jellyfish. This song is a bit crappy.

Another cute one (Jellyfish Rock), from this website.

Jellyfish Rock
(to the tune of "Jingle Bell Rock")

Jellyfish, jellyfish, jellyfish swim.
Jellyfish float on jellyfish waves.
Jellyfish dance in their jellyfish way.
Watch them swish and sway.

Jellyfish, jellyfish, jellyfish glide,
Jellyfish go on jellyfish rides.
Jellies can wiggle, jellies can float,
They're like little boats.

Oh, a jelly's quite a creature,
It's got tentacles, too.
It starts glowing in the night sky,
Looking pretty for me and you.

Jellyfish, jellyfish, jellyfish swim.
Jellyfish float on jellyfish waves.
Jellyfish dance in their jellyfish way.
Watch them swish and sway.
Yeah.. Jellyfish rocks.. Jellyfish, Hope u come back soon :)

Cute Little Jellyfish (from Gotsu Aquarium)

Stunning Facts of the Day :
Jellyfish are more than 95% water and have no heart, bones, brain, and no real eyes. (p/s: Regarding the stunning facts, I'm refering to the real jellyfish, not our dear Jellyfish aka Kenneth)


FH2O said...

Another dedication to Jellyfish ... so all the best to you if you are reading this now!

I don't think doc is doing a very good job of cheering you up by mentioning that "Jellyfish are more than 95% water and have no heart, bones, brain, and no real eyes."!

Have a nice weekend!

Pandabonium said...

Jellyfish are graceful. I love the jellyfish tank at the Maui Ocean

Fair well Jellyfish - what ever you do.

Anonymous said...

wow, jellyfish must be so touched by your thoughtfulness.

ya, the 1st song is so crappy la..listen to it for awhile.

happy retirement jellyfish.

chen, thanks for taking the trouble to pass the msg to anna.


Chen said...

That one is the real fact about the real jellyfish, not regarding our dear Jellyfish :P I will edit the sentence to made it clear :)

The little Jellyfish at Maui Ocean Center are very cute... They look like toy.

All the best to our dear "Jellyfish"

I think Jellyfish shouldn't named it as retirement but instead give himself a break from the blogging world... Hope he will come back soon :)

Sorry for taking quite a while before pasing the message to Anna :) I tried looking for her earlier on but unable to get her. Luckily I manage to see her yesterday :)

She was surprised ...

agus said...

I am sad that he chose very early retirement. I hope he does make a come back. It's a question of when, I believe. Even more so if people continue to request for it. But, I sincerely wish him the best. For he's a jolly good photoblogger. I'll blog a tribute to him just when you think the wind has died down.

Chen said...

I just called him..
He doesn't retire completely...
He will come back on and off and as guest blogger :)

Joan Chew said...

sob sob!! i miss jellyfish too!~~~~


FH2O said...

I was just kidding lah to try to make jellyfish smile/laugh if he's reading it!

No reflection on you good doc chen! We know u meant well. I was the playful one (like 5 year old!).

Jellyfish are wonderful & mysterious sea creatures!

Chen said...

jellyfish will come back again..
as guest blogger..
so don't worry :)

i know lah :P

Jellyfish is something very unique.. I mean the real sea creature jellyfish..
I have written a post on Jellyfish several months back..
Guess u will enjoy reading it, especially on the 1001 uses of Jellyfish

louyau said...

I miss jelly fish already!

carcar said...

i am so touch...

i saw robin also blog about the resignation of jellyfish...and now here..

we all miss u --> jelly!

Chen said...

so fast u miss him liao?:D

let's sing jellyfish song together :D

Jellyfish said...

kekekeke.... i can take all the jokes one, no worries...

the crappy song suitable mar... if not too serious d

hey guys... *hug hug* even though i'll not blog solo, but i'll blog on n off as guest blogger one :)

i've some good reasons to do so, kinda not appropriate to reveal it here yet :)

Chen said...

oh... u only wants guys to hug u ah?
gals cannot ah?
scare later your gf angry leh :P

Jellyfish said...

joan n carcar.. *hug hug*

later chen thinks im gay :P

Chen said...

heheheh.. later people might say u "pok mong" leh..

*cabut fast fast*
p/s: just kidding lah :P

Alicia said...

hehehe ikan guest blogged at my site woo hooo!!!!

Chen said...

he told me he will be guest blogger there :)

got cat food, dog food, fly food and ant's drink .. made me pening initially but finally I know what is he talking about :)

Selba said...

yeah.. so sad that jellyfish no longer blogging... *sob*

I want to sing the jellyfish song... teach me, chen :)

whoaaa, real jellyfish don't have heart nor brain? tsk.. tsk.. tsk... am wondering why our jellyfish chose his nickname jellyfish? because am sure he has a brain and heart, hehehe...

miracle8 said...

Hi Dr Chen,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving comments! Glad u liked the pics, am looking foward to your pics from Dujiangyan as well :D

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

errr i am not really fond of the real jellyfish as i swim a lot in the sea (penang girl, what to do :) hahahaha. in fact has phobia...will always look out if the sea water has any jelly fish while swimming. my friends were stung before...not a pleasant experience, i can assure u.

but i am sure ur KSL here does not sting right? :)

when i 1st saw the initial "KSL", i thought it was my next door colleague hehehehe


Chen said...

ikan is still around..
He posted a post as guest blogger in Alicia's blog yesterday night..

Hahah.. regarding the jellyfish song, the first song u can hear the song online by clicking on the hyperlink ;)

why jellyfish choose this name? There is history why he did so :D He told me before ;)

I will post up more pict (there are still lots of it) soon :) U have a nice weekend too..

Yeah, there are lotsa Jellyfish in Penang.. I can see the jellyfish when I took the ferry abroad from Penang island to the mainland or vice versa.. There are always signboard on the beach mentioning "Beware of Jellyfish. Be cautious at all times" :) I see the signboard at the TBBH beach too..

KSL does not sting.. He talks :P He is the only jellyfish who wears spect ;)

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Jellyfish... You shouldn't have retired... I miss you. ^_^

sbanboy said...

I miss Jellyfish ... I sms him a couple of days back .. plan to meet up after my exams and hang out ... :) maybe drive to Penang leh ... hehe

Chen said...

Jellyfish will still continue blogging, as guest blogger :)

yeah, come up to Penang.
I called Jellyfish few nights ago asking him to come to Penang for vacation too :)