Thursday, March 09, 2006


I guess those who study physics before will know this formula well, E = mc2 (This is the famous Albert Einstein formula). This is the last formula I learn in physics during my SPM time. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are my favourite subjects. (Chemistry is the subject I like the most). I prefered Chemistry and Physics over Biology but somehow I ended up in this field. Lately, I have been reading lots about physics.
E = mc2 (whereby E = energy, m = mass, c = speed of light)
I still remember my Form 6 physics teacher, Mr Wong telling us this joke. He told us that it's sad that after we studied physics for 2 years (Form 4 and Form 5) ~ all the things we learned were summarized with the last formula we learnt, E = mc2, whereby mc2 means 朦喳喳 /mon char char = "blur" in Cantonese. Hahahha... He is really a great joker, and we used to joke and mixed around together. More like friends than teacher and students. He was just few years older than us, I mean he was fresh university graduates during those days.
E = mc2 ( the revised version whereby mc2 = 朦喳喳 /mon char char or blur )
I can still remember this joke up to this day even though that was more than a decade ago.


Cynthia said...

im with you.. E=mc2..mong cha cha..=)

i studied too much physic..thats why I ended up in Curtin..sigh

carcar said...

my version of e=mc² also mong char char!


carcar said...

by the way, thanks for all the useful feature u have here in your blog. i love the babelfish translation tool very much! it helps me to read my japanese friend's blog easily! hehe...

thanks to all the modern technologies!

Chen said...

hahhaa... I guess u really like physics :D

seems like lotsa us prefer mc2 = mong cha cha :D

Glad u enjoy those features :)

Peace said...

This is a good one... haha... thanks for sharing this great formula : )

Faye-Mun said...

just dropped by =) Nice blog!

Anonymous said... be reminded again of physics....thats my least fav subject...until today im still mong cha cha where physics is concerned....hahahaha...don't know which formula to use during exam!

c anna lately?


Selba said...

Whoaaa.. chemistry is you favorite subject??? :O
I'm really bad in chemistry... and that's the main reason why I couldn't achieve my childhood dream to be a doctor :(

Robin said...

E = my carcar?

Alicia said...

:) i returned my physics knowledge to the teachers liao lar.. hehehhe

carcar said...


i heard someone mentioned my name?

*truly yours*

Chen said...

This is an easy way to remember formula as well :P

faye mun,
Thanks :)

hahhaa.. so, mc2 oops.. I mean mong cha cha is a great formula for u then :P (just kidding)

Yeah, I finally managed to meet Anna yesterday afternoon and gave her your contact number as well as email. Has she contacted u?

Chen said...

I used to like Chemistry a my secondary school days. Chemistry and Maths are top in my list.. Now I have "different" favourite subjects :)

hahhaa.. this is a new formula then :)
firstly, mc2 = Einstein formula
then, mc2 = mong cha cha
now, mc2 = my carcar :P

carcar must be "kembang" now :D

return all liao or still got little bit bit left behind? :P

I still remember the first few formulas we learnt were :
v = u + at
v² = u² + 2as etc

wow.. mc2 = my carcar :D
so nice :P

Anonymous said...

mong cha cha...he he i may end up dancing the cha cha....

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Yup... That's the way we use "mc2" in school...

Chen said...

later will become eating the dessert "bubur char char" pulak :P

great way to remember the formula, right? ;)

PhotoCrazy said...

Should have known this earlier. Wasted my years in it.. should have studied something else..

Chen said...

Well, well...
whatever it is...
whatever is over, is over..
that's why we called it the "past" ...
we can only look back & .. smiled

err.. what am I talking here? :D

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »