Wednesday, March 08, 2006

China : Leshan Giant Buddha (乐山大佛)

We went to visit Leshan Giant Buddha(乐 山大佛)on our last day in China. It started raining before we reached the destination. Arrgh.. can't take clear picture cos of the rain. We went to the destination site by ferry (which costed us RMB 50 or 50 yuan per person) and viewed the Giant Buddha from our ferry. The ferry stopped near the feet of the Giant Buddha for few minutes (photo shooting session) before heading back to the harbour.

Leshan Giant Buddha (乐山大佛)is the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world. The 71 meters (230 feet) tall Buddha statue depicts a seated Maitreya Buddha with his hands resting on his knees. His shoulders are 28 metres wide. The height of the head is 15 meters with 1021 hairbraids. More than 100 people can sit between the Buddha feet. The stone sculpture faces Mount Emei, with the rivers flowing below his feet.

The carving of this massive statue started in 713 during the Tang dynasty and was only completed ninety years later, in 803. The Buddha is delicately sculptured with well designed hidden sewage system. After more than 1200 years, the Giant Buddha is still sitting there peacefully. The Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha has been listed as a UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site in 1996.

The photos were a bit blur cos of the rain.. Those who are interested can read more about Leshan Giant Buddha on this page.


Cynthia said...

OH!!! I want to go to this place!!!! G!! what a huge Buddha statue over there...

Chen said...

yeah.. very huge.. u can see how tiny are the human beings near his feet.. U can climb up using staircase as well.. but very tiring.. the staircase is located next to the Giant Buddha statue. If u see the picture carefully, u will be able to view the staircase on the last picture. Those white dots are human climbing up/down the staircase.

Robin said...

The climb down to see the buddha and then up to the temple is very interesting.

I did both the river and the walk the last time and the feeling is so much different.

Chen said...

I noticed the photo u posted on your blog on this :)

I guess it must be tiring walking all the way up the staircase - and furthermore the staircase is steep :)

Selba said...

WOW.... that Buddha is so HUGE!!! This is a definitely a must place to visit...

Doraemon said...

wow.. so big.. i only see this buddha stone in the tv, which is Feng Yun (storm rider). lol. i hope i have the chance to go there. :D

day-dreamer said...


I can feel peace and serenity...



Anonymous said...

i wonder how did they manage to build such a gigantic thing long time ago.

Chen said...

U can visit the Wolong Panda Breeding and Research Center near Chengdu & Jiuzhaigou as well if u planned to visit this place :)

Yeah, now I remember.. the scenes in Feng Yun or direct translation as "Wind Cloud" :P

Day Dreamer,
I know your SPM result will be released soon.. All the best :)

Yeah.. it is wonder how they built and construct all the magnificent building.. including the Great Wall and other majestic Church buildings in Europe.. I'm really amazed..

The Great Swifty said...

I know this will get me stoned, but when I first saw LESHAN, I thought I saw LESBIAN.

All jokes aside, the place does look pretty interesting.

Chen said...

The Great Swifty,
I nearly fall down from the chair when seeing u read LESHAN as LESBIAN ...
hahahha... time to change your spect? ;)

Too bad I don't have much time to explore the place further..

Sam I Am said...

That is is a very long time for Master Haitong,and the carving of this massive statue!WOW
YOU will have good luck forever!!!

Alicia said...

i wonder how long does it take to complete the statue.. :/

louyau said...

that leshan buddha ... is the one featured in storm rider?

FH2O said...

And all the while I was thinking how NICE it would be to kayak there to see the Buddha statue in the fog ... :)

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Wuching said...

u know what? when i first saw the title to this post i thot it was 'lesbian giant buddha'! lol! i better take a break from blogging!

PhotoCrazy said...

is this the only big statue they have?

miracle8 said...

Hi Dr Chen,
been reading your blog for a while (linked from Wilson's blog) but am leaving my mark for the first time. :)
I went to Chengdu last May, and your pics brought back many lovely memories for me. It was a pity I didn't go to JiuZaiGou, because it wasn't included in the tour and we would need to fork out additional RM900 per person (4 of us went) if we wanted to reschedule our flight from Chengdu to KL. Perhaps another time then.
You can read my posts on Chengdu at my article index list-
Have a nice day!

Chen said...

sam i am,
Wow, I guess u really enjoy reading and have very powerful knowledge :)

90 years :)
The carving of started in 713 during the Tang dynasty and completed in 803.

yeah, u are right :)
Some of the scenes for "The Storm Rider" or 風雲 is taken here :)

Unker is always thinking about kayaking :)

Chen said...

aiks.. u r not the first one who see wrongly.. :P
The Great Swifty did the same thing earlier on :D

This is a very huge statue.. One is more than enough :P

Thanks for leaving your footprint here :D, and thanks for the link. I will go through the posts slowly :) Yeah, it is such a pity u didn't go to Jiuzhaigou..

Matthias Ripp said...

Nice blog! How was your impression of this UNESCO World Heritage Site? State of Preservation, Visitor Management, etc.?

Chen said...

As I only see the Giant Buddha from the ferry and didn't really go down for a closer look, so I can't really comment on the State of Preservation. There are thousands of visitors visiting the place daily, on ferry. So far, the visitor management is satisfactory.

I read from your website u r studying on UNESCO Heritage Site.

I love Jiuzhaigou, China - the UNESCO listed Natural Heritage Site in 1992. I have posted several post with photos on that place in my February archive. This place is very clean, well managed and well preserved. No pollution despite thousands of visitors each day.

Chorwin said...

Seem like u like snapshoot ^_^
me too......

I am from penang.... nice to meet you.

Chen said...

Hi :) Nice to meet u too...
Yeah, I love photography :)