Monday, January 23, 2006

Shots from Gurney Plaza

Today is our salary day.. We get our $$$ earlier this month so that poor people like me will have extra $$$ to buy things for CNY celebration. I really spent a lot this few days :( I can see a long queue in front of the ATM machine this morning at my workplace.. The desperate ones .. ;)

I went shopping in Sunshine Farlim this evening after work and bought some cookies, more lokam (CNY oranges), drinks, top up more Bak Kua/肉干(yeah, I just realised few days ago that I can get 10% discount of Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kua since I'm Sunshine Card members.. ).Rugi cos I didn't realise about that the last time when I bought the bak kuas from Bee Cheng Hiang (美珍香).. Bought so many things today.. Money flying away again...

These are some of the shots I took from Gurney Plaza last weekend. Gurney Plaza is packed with people on weekends... So, normally I either go there on weekdays or if I need to go on weekends, I will go early, before noon.

Plum Flowers or Plum Blossoms (梅花) is always associated with Chinese New Year. The blossoms will burst forth at the end of winter on a seemingly lifeless thin branch. It symbolises courage, hope and perseverance. Since we don't have the real natural plants over here in Malaysia, the 'fake' flower plays an important role :)

The Chinese Pavillion surrounded by Plum Blossoms and Red Lanterns.

Plum Blossoms with Red Lantern

More Red lanterns.


SHAWAND said...

你的照片拍得挺美的.我在昨天也在合您美真香买了些好吃的. 我也RUGI了. 收银员在前几位顾客有问起SUNSHINE CARD. 当时我还不以为然. 轮到我付钱时他竟然没问我. 结果就没了10% 打折.

SHAWAND said...


Sam I Am said...

"These spring blossoms are beautiful,

We are "Overcome by the beauty of spring's yet unopened buds,
winter's bare branches seem more forlorn," replied the rival, causing a quickly stifled ripple of giggles from the other concubines. The Emperor's favorite was very sensitive about her age.
How wonderful the pictures are
thank you Chen:)

Chen said...

Thanks :)
yeah, most Bee Cheng Hiang counters/outlets don't display the sign discount 10% in the cashier counter..
I only one of the small outlet near Sunshine Farlim display the sign.
Bak Kua is one of the hot item during CNY...
If buying a lot of Bak Kua, then 10% discount made a lot of differences :)

Oh..I didn't snap the photo of the plum blossoms in front of the entrance..

Sam I Am,
Thanks. You are indeed very knowledgeable :)

Pandabonium said...

The decorations and especially the plum blossoms are so beautiful. Thanks for those shots.

dino said...

i like the pics so much especially the 2nd, 3rd n 4th pic...
thanks for sharing...

happy cny and angpau pls... :p

Anonymous said...

money comes, money goes...
and i like the pictures. red certainly brings the good mood in me.

Robin said...

Oh dear, another Bak Kua addict?

agus said...

Plum blossoms are pretty aren't they? Love the 3rd and 4th pics.

FH2O said...

wah! Chinese New Year mood oledi! NICE! :)

Chen said...

Thanks :)

Gong Xi Fatt Chai
I will post up big virtual angpow for u soon :D

I agree; as long as don't overspent to the level of living in debts :)

addict once a year during CNY ;)
I like the hot chilly pork bak kua

yeah.. I wish I can see the real ones :)

I guess lots of people will start practising calling u unker liao..
CNY is just around the corner ;)

Jellyfish said...

finally blogged cny deco liao :P

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Indeed such wonderful and pretty pics!

Luckily you mentioned they were plum blossoms. At first sight I thought they were 'toe fa'.

Thanks for sharing the pics!

Chen said...

Take those photos one week ago liao..
But just posted them up :)

furkids in HK,
How's the CNY deco in HK?