Tuesday, January 24, 2006

CNY cookies

I guess many are busy baking cakes, tarts or cookies lately since Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I am too lazy to made the cookies myself. Baking cakes and cookies are something very tedious.. Some people might enjoy doing it, but not me. So I take the easy way out --> buy from Supermarket :) Simple and easy :P

Kuih Bangkit - Ingredients : tapioca flour, sugar, coconut milk (santan) and egg. The ingredients sound simple but it's not easy to bake. The cookies are crispy but melt in the mouth once eaten :)

Peanut/Groundnut crunch.

More peanut/groundnut cookies.. Now I realise I bought too many peanut related products. (Not mentioning packets and packets of Ngan Yin Groundnuts (cap tangan or thumb up groundnuts) and garlic flavoured Supernut Groundnuts (my favourite). If not mistaken I bought more than 10 packets. :P Luckily there are no monkeys nearby my house, hahahha....


Jellyfish said...

1st to comment
jeng jeng jeng :P

manyak cookies
make sure reserve some when i come to penang.

friday nite got place to stay? :P
i'll come on fri to sat afternoon :P

Alicia said...

xD if there were monkeys around.. sure dey'll b ur open house visitors of all times

Cynthia said...

i like most of the CNY cookies.. but most of the time. i only had few bites.. and people serve me with soft drink, i ask for wate rinstead =) soft drink + cookies= i reckon is abit too much =)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wa, more CNY snacks. We're all gonna put on some weight these 2 weeks. :(

Gotta love CNY (and you guys, the laisee packets)!

Thanks for asking about Mark Chen. :D


Winn said...

i like the peanut one.. duno what they are called...Hmm!

Chen said...

a lot meh? No lah..
which friday night u r talking about? :D

open house for monkeys? :O
Thanks, but no... thanks :D
Prefer open house for dogs than for monkeys, hahahah...

I agree with u.
Most of my friends will request for plain water during CNY visitations..
Not good to drink so much carbonated sugary drinks :)

Furkids in HK,
sorry to hear that Mark is suffering from arthritis..
Hope his condition will improve when the weather turns warmer..

Just call them peanut cookies :D
I also have no idea what is the exact name..
anyway, who cares? :P
As long as boleh makan, can liao :D

The Yongs said...

Just lovin' your blog on CNY food/biscuits review... makes CNY even nearer for us here (5 days and counting)!! Hope you don't mind I put a link to your blog in mine! God bless!

Chen said...

the yongs,
Thanks :) So fast, now is Tuesday night.. 4 days plus...
Can start to count down soon :)

Sure, no problem :)

Gumboo said...

Thanks for sharing the photo!
It looks yummy and very interesting!!
Those CNY Cookies are not the same that we have in Hong Kong. I really want to try ar!!

Happy Chinese New year!!

Jellyfish said...

3rd Feb nite?

er... got angkuku cookies or not?

angkuku... angkuku...

dino said...

i dun like the kuih bangkit..
i just like the peanut cookies...

Chen said...

oh, just wondering what are the common CNY cookies in HK? :)
Pineapple tarts and love letters/egg rolls are some of the common ones over here ..
Happy Chinese New Year to u too

3rd Feb nite? Too bad, I'm not in town at that moment..
Going somewhere..

angkuku cookies? what is that?
I know angku kuih lah..
angkuku cookies? angkuku = baby ah or ????

Pass to me all your kuih bangkit then :P
Don't waste, hahaha...

tom said...

just a basic question. when does the chinese new year start?

Chen said...

Chinese New Year falls on the first day of the first month of the new year according to Chinese Lunar calendar, which is 29th January this year, so another 4 more days to go :)

Wilson said...

Hi Doc, i like ur photos bolder, what kind of software used? gong xi fa chai doc :)

Anonymous said...

fuiyo...that mouth-watering kuih bangkit...not easy to make.

and i agree with you chen. since we're not good at making cookies, let the expert do it. let their business run...hehe

Robin said...

Buy from supermarket not nice one lah.. must buy from those diehard aunty trying to make an extra money for the new year.

Save the economy and do an extra.

Chen said...

Gong Xi Fa cai.
I use Paintshop software :)

Hehhe.. yeah, let the expert do it :D
Every field has their own expert ;)

Too troublesome to look for those die-hard aunty production :D
I dunno where are they :P

Jacky said...

So many cookies. Make my mouth watering and stomach drumming.

Why don't have the Sarawak delicacies kom pian? I can't find kom pian in KL leh... any idea where can get? Kam puan got a few stalls I know, but are not as good as those we have back in S'wak.

Winn said...

i habis my tag dy :D

Jellyfish said...

angkuku is when u wanna make a baby laugh mar

Chen said...

I have written many posts on Sarawak delicacies previously, in my November and December archives..
I wrote about kom piah as well :)
U can go there and have a look if u r interested..

I know kom piahs are available in Sitiawan,
KL area I dunno..
I can get all these in Penang as well..

okei.. will go there look look see see later on :)

what is this angkuku cookies then?
make babies laugh cookies? ahhahah..

agus said...

Eh, isn't the second picture called kuih batang buruk?

Chen said...

that cookies no doubt look like batang buruk but it's not :)
this one is like layers of thin slices sweet peanut being rolled up..
I dunno what is the actual name...

KittyCat said...

Hi Chen,

I was surprised to read that kom piah is available in Penang? You mean the crusty ones that you pop into the oven?? (salivating...)Pls tell us where to get them?

As we're not going home to Kuching this year, having some for CNY would make hubby very, VERY happy =)

If only we can get Sundrop orange juice also...

KittyCat said...

Sorry...the kom piah photos made me forget my manners - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY!

Chen said...

Sorry, oops.. typing error on the previous comment..
I didn't notice about that.. guess I type too fast :P
should be "I can't get all these in Penang"
sorry for the typing mistake :)

Happy Chinese New Year to u & your family too :)

edina monsoon said...

A few years back, in a fit of assumed domestication, I roped my mum into my scheme of making kuih bangkit. We rang the grand aunty up in Penang and got the recipe off her. What followed was a lot of kneading and sweat. I now appreciate a good melt in your mouth kuih bangkit. Thanks for your blog. Perhaps this CNY will see me return to my psuedo domesticated self. A window into my true self? Pshawwww

sbanboy said...

I am hungry again ... hurray my last call tomorrow ... then I am off for CNY ... hehe

cooknengr said...

what's up Doc, I was once stopped at the US custom with a bag of Kueh Bangkit from my friend's mom, kinda difficult to explain a bag of powdery stuff.

dino said...

too bad, my house dun have kuih bangkit.. :p

Chen said...

Thanks for sharing your story..
making kuih bangkit is definitely not an easy task :)

home sweet home :)
I start on leave from tomorrow onwards, yeah :D

Wow, what an experience...
But the kuih bangkit has nice smell compared to those illegal drug stuff, right? ;)
or give them some to taste? :)
How u manage to settle it?

aiks, then buy some & give it to me, hahaha...

KittyCat said...

Chen - I'm devastated! Guess will have to wait for MIL to bring in the kom piah later when she comes over. It would have been really fascinating if it was available here! Cheers!!!

Chen said...

heheh.. sorry for the confusion :)
I hope it's available here as well, but.. there's no foochow or not many foochow ppl here..
Can get it in Sitiawan, but that is too far away though..
but still nearer if compared to flying to Sarawak :D

dino said...

u wan the kuih bangkit ah??
hmm.. can u wait for next year cny?? :P

Chen said...

I'm just joking only lah...
hahhaa... I can always get some from the supermarket or roadside stalls :D

Pandabonium said...

I'm getting fat just looking at them. Yuumy.

Chen said...

wow.. getting fat by just looking at the cookies?
that's dangerous ... :D